Ecommerce clients: confrontation, persuasion and shocking

16 June 2016

If you work in ecommerce I bet you  have definitely faced a situation when you were ready to put a bullet in your head after a meeting with your client? In most cases a client is a person with no programming background – someone who requires super cool functionality within unreal timeframes and preferably for free. Or “ok, we are ready to pay 50$ for that but twice faster, please”.

If you manage to explain and persuade a person that “his requirement list” is something that needs at least 4 weeks of work and has a fixed price – than congrats, you are good in what you are doing…or just lucky.

We prepared a funny infographic on types of clients that tend to break your logic and short tips how to get on your own way but not to lose them.

infographics on types of ecommerce clients

Alina Kulpinska

Alina Kulpinska

Marketing manager and content writer of eLogic. In constant search of creative and innovative ideas for company's development.