09 June 2016

E-commerce strategy

TIM SA is the biggest electro-technical goods distributor in Poland. The company has 25 years of experience on the market and it’s been on GPW stock market for nearly 17 years. Their target audience are clients from the construction business area. For the last few years, TIM SA’s strategy has depended on construction businesses and
the new opportunities there. That was one of the reasons they invested in Rotopino SA, Polish biggest e-store selling tools (narzędzia.pl). With an expanding product range and new product categories, TIM SA is trying to reach other market segments. At this moment, TIM has over 30.000 products in Warehouses.


To accomplish our goals associated with diversification of trade markets, we are implementing customer service strategy in many different sales channels. Customers, apart from the support of 30 Departments and Trade Offices, have been also able to shop fully online in a high-class internet store since August 2013. An extra customer support for both online and offline sales is provided by Contact Center.

Michal Gembicki

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Alina Kulpinska

Alina Kulpinska

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