Magento 2 HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is a robust CRM and marketing tool for precise customer tracking and segmentation. It offers powerful Inbound Marketing software for attracting, converting, and closing deals.

If not using it yet, start now!

Sync Magento with HubSpot to enhance marketing precision.

Magento HubSpot integration

Smooth and Secure Checkout Experience

Integrating Magento with HubSpot streamlines your online sales strategy by attracting new customers and boosting repeat sales.

This connection seamlessly transfers crucial customer data, including order details, recent activity, browser preferences, abandoned carts, lifetime statistics, and average order values.

HubSpot integration with Magento maximizes the potential of both platforms, resulting in enhanced sales and customer engagement.

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What Business Goals Does It Achieve?

Magento HubSpot integration can be a game-changer for your business.

Here is how.

Recoup Lost Revenue

Effortlessly reclaim potentially lost sales by implementing strategic abandoned cart recovery tactics, ensuring a boost in your conversion rates.

Tailored User Experiences

Elevate customer interactions by crafting personalized journeys, resulting in increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Boost Upselling and Cross-Selling

Capitalize on opportunities to suggest complementary products and upgrades, ultimately driving up the average order value and revenue.

Laser-Sharp Customer Targeting

Precisely segment your audience to ensure your messages reach the right people at opportune moments, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

Effortless Workflow Optimization

Streamline your business operations by automating repetitive tasks and workflows, saving time and resources while ensuring a  customer journey.

Features You Will Be Able to Access With Magento HubSpot CRM Integration

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

“Elogic has left a considerable mark on our business. We’re grateful for the seamless, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience you’ve provided. Thank you!”

Customer Data Synchronization

Seamlessly sync customer information for accurate and up-to-date records.

Automated Workflows

Create automated workflows to streamline tasks and enhance efficiency.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimize your sales funnel with data-driven decisions and strategies.

Order Tracking and Management

Efficiently manage and track orders within a unified system.

Lead Generation

Generate and nurture leads effectively with integrated tools and data.

Customer Support Enhancements

Access customer data and history for improved support interactions.

Personalized Marketing

Craft personalized campaigns using customer insights for enhanced engagement.

Targeted Marketing

Precision targeting of specific customer segments for higher conversion rates.

Reporting and Analytics

Utilize comprehensive reporting and analytics for informed decisions.

Magento HubSpot Integration Options

There are three HubSpot CRM Magento integration options. Here is the display of them:

Economical Yet Restrictive

Option 1

Middleware or Integration Platforms

How They Operate: Both Magento and HubSpot Marketplaces provide sturdy connectors designed to streamline the integration of Magento with HubSpot CRM. Moreover, third-party vendors offer automated workflows, making this choice ideal for small businesses aiming for a seamless synchronization experience.

Benefits: Opting for direct integration presents an economical solution. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize potential challenges related to scalability and flexibility as your retail operations grow and evolve.

Considerations: Opting for direct integration may necessitate substantial system adjustments to accommodate changing management systems, potentially impacting long-term adaptability. Ensuring compatibility with both of your platforms remains a vital factor to consider when choosing your integration approach.

Balanced and Customizable


Option 2

Choose a connector and fine-tune it

How They Operate: Adopt a versatile strategy by merging various integration techniques, tailoring the solution to align with your precise use case. For instance, employ both pre-built connector and API integration

  • Utilize the most fitting connector to integrate HubSpot CRM and Magento.
  • Continue with customizing the integration to align with your specific demands.

Benefits of Combined Method: The fusion of connectors and customization presents a budget-friendly solution, furnishing comprehensive functionality tailored to your distinct business requisites.

Considerations: Throughout the customization endeavor, prioritize compatibility with your existing systems to guarantee a smooth and efficient integration process.

Robust but Expensive

Option 3

Custom Magento HubSpot Integration

How They Operate: Implementing a Full Custom Magento 2 Integration entails the development of a completely tailored integration solution, built from scratch, eliminating the reliance on pre-existing connectors. This approach is optimal for intricate or heavily customized integration needs.

Benefits of Custom Integration: Custom Integration empowers you with precise control over design and performance, culminating in a personalized solution that seamlessly harmonizes with your business operations.

Considerations: This entails coding to establish a direct link between HubSpot and Magento. Custom development offers total control but may necessitate a greater investment of time and resources.

Which Option to Select?

It’s about selecting the optimal ready-made “box” solution and fine-tuning it to match your unique requirements.
Paul Okhrem​

Paul Okhrem​

Founder & CEO

For an Informed Decision: Initiate your decision-making process with a thorough evaluation of your integration needs. Consider factors such as the complexity of data exchange, customization demands, budget constraints, and the availability of technical resources. Additionally, seek guidance from Elogic integration specialists to determine the most appropriate approach for your specific circumstances.

Amid the Array of Choices: Customization stands out as a distinct advantage. It grants you the ability to finely tune the integration to perfectly match your requirements, ensuring seamless alignment with your business operations. This tailored approach not only assures functionality but also optimization for your business’s triumphant journey.

Expert Customization: Our team boasts the proficiency required to craft solutions meticulously tailored to your unique demands, guaranteeing flawless alignment with your business processes.

A Recognized Magento Partnership: Our esteemed status as an official Magento partner underscores our extensive experience in consistently delivering exceptional integration solutions.

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Your Magento and HubSpot project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

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Why Clients Choose Us?

End-To-End Responsibility

End-To-End Responsibility

An assigned project manager will oversee your project throughout its lifecycle, from gathering requirements and task creation to development, result delivery, and post-integration support. You can monitor progress and make scope adjustments.
Deliver Projects Much Faster

Deliver Projects Much Faster

Our use of a pre-built, stable Import/Export solution for HubSpot Magento 2 integration allows us to deliver projects much faster than competitors. We also have a proven plan to address current business challenges.

Free Post-Release Support

Free Post-Release Support

We offer 2 months of complimentary support following the release. Throughout this timeframe, a dedicated manager will be available to address any inquiries you have about the new functionality and assist you in maximizing its benefits.


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Jacob Jones

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Your Magento and HubSpot project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Expertise in integrations.

Our team boasts vast experience with these solutions, guaranteeing our ability to customize them to meet your precise needs.

You can explore middleware or integration platforms, select a connector for customization, or opt for a custom Magento 2 integration to meet unique needs. Consider factors like requirements, technical capabilities, and budget when choosing.
Consult with Elogic experts for valuable guidance.

Yes, integration allows for customer segmentation based on e-commerce data within HubSpot CRM, empowering businesses to create targeted marketing lists for email campaigns and promotions.

The integration includes security measures such as encryption and access controls to protect customer data. It also maintains compliance with privacy regulations, such as GDPR, to safeguard sensitive information.

Integration is designed to be extensible, accommodating customizations and extensions to meet unique business needs. This flexibility ensures that the integration aligns with specific workflows and processes.
Feel free to ask Elogic integration specialists for more details.

Integration centralizes customer feedback and reviews from Magento and other channels within HubSpot CRM, allowing businesses to monitor and respond to customer feedback effectively, enhancing reputation management.

Certainly, we’ve successfully integrated HubSpot CRM with Magento for various clients, including Whola. Through this integration, we achieved remarkable results, including optimizing the performance of the Australian marketplace by 5x, ensuring page loading speed of less than 3 seconds, and providing ongoing support for the Whola Magento website. These improvements have significantly contributed to Whola’s profitability and success.

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