Magento Oracle ERP Integration

Have you ever wondered how Magento ERP integration could transform your business? Imagine your online store’s operations run seamlessly, like a finely-tuned machine.

Manage inventory, orders, and customer relationships with ease!

Magento Oracle integration page

Smooth and Secure Checkout Experience

A primary benefit of connecting Magento 2 with Oracle ERP system is the ability to streamline order management processes.

With this connection, you can easily sync inventory levels, order statuses, and shipping information between both platforms, managing all parts of your order fulfillment in one place.

This removes the need for manual data entry and lowers the risk of errors.

Magento Oracle integration page

What Business Goals Does It Achieve?

Oracle Magento integration can be a game-changer for your business.

Here is how.

Data Redundancy Elimination

Efficiently remove redundancy and duplication of data.

Automatic New Order Sync​

Automatically synchronize newly placed orders.

Real-Time and Secure Transfer

Ensure real-time data transfer with robust security measures in place.

Automated Data Exchange

Enable seamless, automatic data exchange between Magento and Oracle ERP.

Bi-Directional Update Synchronization

Facilitate two-way synchronization of all updates between systems.

Features You Will Be Able to Access With Magento 2 Oracle Integration

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

“Elogic has left a considerable mark on our business. We’re grateful for the seamless, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience you’ve provided. Thank you!”

Increased Efficiency

Oracle-Magento automate essential business processes, reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors, and saving time.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Provides valuable insights into business performance, enabling informed decision-making based on data for better planning and growth.

Improved Inventory Management

Provides real-time visibility into stock levels, enabling better purchasing decisions and preventing stock-related issues.


Adapts to the growing needs of your Magento store, ensuring effective management and continuous improvement of operations.

Enhanced Customer Service

Offers a complete view of customer data and order history, facilitating personalized and efficient customer service.

Cost Savings

Reduces operational costs by automating tasks and enhancing resource allocation and efficiency, resulting in financial benefits.

Magento Orale Integration Options

There are three options to integrate Oracle to Magento. Here is the display of them:

Economical Yet Restrictive

Option 1

Pre-built Connectors for Efficiency

Choose pre-built connectors when your integration aligns with their capabilities, ideal for standard needs.

How They Operate: Select a pre-built connector designed for Magento and Oracle, offering established features and configurations.

Benefits of Pre-built Connectors: Save time and costs with ready-made solutions, user-friendly interfaces, and established functionality.

Considerations: They may have limited customization options and require compatibility checks with your systems.

Balanced and Customizable


Option 2

Custom Development

Custom development is ideal when you have unique integration requirements that pre-built connectors can’t meet, allowing tailored solutions.

Creating Custom Integration: In custom development, experts build scripts or middleware from scratch to connect Magento and Oracle, offering full control.

Benefits of Customization: Custom development fits specific business processes, provides control over development, and allows flexibility for evolving needs.

Considerations: Custom development may take longer and be more costly upfront, requiring technical expertise in Magento and Oracle integration.

Simple But With Pitfalls

Option 3

Middleware for Versatile Integration

Middleware solutions bridge Magento and Oracle without extensive custom work, suitable for various integration needs.

How Middleware Operates: The third-party platforms act as intermediaries, offering configurable connectors and tools.

Benefits of Middleware: Versatility allows integration with diverse systems, ease of configuration with graphical interfaces, and scalability to handle growth.

Considerations: Middleware often involves subscription costs and, while less complex than custom development, still requires integration expertise.

Which Option to Select?

It’s about selecting the optimal ready-made “box” solution and fine-tuning it to match your unique requirements.
Paul Okhrem​

Paul Okhrem​

Founder & CEO

To make the right choice, start by conducting a thorough assessment of your integration requirements.

Consider factors such as the complexity of data exchange, need for customization, budget constraints, and available technical resources.

Additionally, consult with Elogic integration experts to select the best approach for your specific case.

Customization Proficiency: Our team possesses the knowledge and skills to cater to your specific needs, aligning solutions seamlessly with your business operations.

Recognized Magento Partnership: Our status as a valued Magento partner underscores our practical expertise in delivering excellent integration solutions.

Get Started With Integration Experts!

Your Magento and Oracle project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

Paul Okhrem

Elogic – Expert in Delivering Integration Solutions

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Why Clients Choose Us?

End-To-End Responsibility

End-To-End Responsibility

An assigned project manager will oversee your project throughout its lifecycle, from gathering requirements and task creation to development, result delivery, and post-integration support. You can monitor progress and make scope adjustments.
Deliver Projects Much Faster

Deliver Projects Much Faster

Our use of a pre-built, stable Import/Export solution for Oracle Magento 2 integration allows us to deliver projects much faster than competitors. We also have a proven plan to address current business challenges.

Free Post-Release Support

Free Post-Release Support

We offer 2 months of complimentary support following the release. Throughout this timeframe, a dedicated manager will be available to address any inquiries you have about the new functionality and assist you in maximizing its benefits.


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Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones

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Your Magento and Oracle project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Expertise in integrations.

Our team boasts vast experience with these solutions, guaranteeing our ability to customize them to meet your precise needs.

Integration enables real-time data exchange, streamlining order management, inventory updates, and customer data synchronization. It enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and provides a seamless shopping experience.

Yes, integration can benefit businesses of all sizes. It’s essential for small businesses seeking growth and efficiency and equally valuable for large enterprises managing complex operations.

Challenges can include differences in data formats, structures, and naming conventions. Mapping and transformation processes may be required to ensure seamless data exchange.

Integration can synchronize various data points, including product details, inventory levels, pricing, customer information, order history, shipping data, and payment information.

Elogic implements secure authentication methods such as OAuth, API keys, or tokens. Encryption (e.g., SSL/TLS). That allows us to control access and firewalls to protect your data at rest.

Data mapping involves aligning data fields from Oracle and Magento to ensure they match during integration. This process can be achieved using middleware solutions, custom scripts, or pre-built connectors that define how data is transferred and transformed.

Yes, real-time data synchronization is possible. To achieve this, integration solutions need to provide mechanisms for immediate data updates between Oracle and Magento, which may include frequent API calls, event-driven triggers, and efficient data handling to reduce latency. Network stability and performance are also critical for real-time synchronization.

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