What is project about:

Dampfi.ch is an online vape shop in Switzerland with 2 physical stores.

In this particular case Magento is a core of business and also used as a main data storage, poss-terminal, which is connected with the cash-desks in physical stores at the same time. This integration allowed us to speed up the logistics, sales processes and therefore increase the revenue dramatically.

What customer needed:

Customer came with a set of tasks for logistics, data storage and marketing for his business. According to the specific payment methods in Switzerland, dampfi.ch had to become more user friendly, get automatized work of order preparation, shipping and payment, add sales and suppliers analytics, add modern marketing tools to the on-line platform.


What we did:

First main task was to migration the whole product and customers database from Magento1 to Magento 2. Magento 2 has more out of box options and is mush faster.
After migration we customized the Multi-source inventory module, which enables stock management in multiple locations so that merchants can properly reflect their physical inventory in Magento according to the needs of this particular business.
Next logical step was to integrate different payment modules such as:
Postfinanz bank Switzerland module.
Open invoice - developed a new payment method module for ISR. Like any other country Switzerland has some special legal requirement . One of Swiss legal banking requirement is to print ISR Payment Slip from sales Invoice. ISR Payment Slip : In-payment Slip with Reference Number (ISR) Payment Slip is a service which facilitates customer to pay Invoice in Swiss Franc or in Euro in simple manner.

Due to special swiss payment methods such as open invoice we created solvency module from scratch and integrated it with Intrum Credit decision, using API. This module checks customer's reliability, amount of existing credits, arrears Intrum data base. Providing external check - we send a request to Intrum and get the credit level, that helps to meet the decision about availability of the open invoice payment method.

Installed Dunning reminder module - reminder for those who chose the ISR payment method and did not pay the bill.

Created a shipping module fully from scratch. Due to complicated geography of suppliers this module is used for some particular items' attributes. It divides orders for several different inventory storages, even if a customer makes an order for items which are situated in different countries. Different shipping companies get real-time orders already divided in back-end.

One of the biggest steps - ERP system integration, which provides reports for all shippings, suppliers, order preparation. Logistic is fully automatized - warehouse team gets an overall list of products and a list of orders for every customer, dividing the process into 2 steps, avoiding mistakes and reducing the time expences.

Storage analytics and Transfer helper modules analyzes optimal amount of goods on different storages.

We applied reward points, which depend on the money spent at the website. This increases customers loyalty and LTV.
One more customization - gift cards. You can buy them for any amount and they can be virtual and physical.
To make the website user friendly we also added a help desk module for clients communications.
And a store pick up module used for information about physical stores is also integrated to make a user experience as comfortable as possible.


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