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Official dealer of “Volkswagen” in Ukraine



The main task was to create a website which would worthily present the world car industry giant on Ukrainian market. We needed to highlight the qualitative goods and high performance of the services offered by the company. The design had to correspond general image of Volkswagen that is why we did not apply any extraordinary decisions or creative solutions.


We created a smart UX-designed website with informative content and simple menu. All prices and car availability are automatically updated what makes users aware of the latest news. What is more, 3D configurator was developed in order to make it possible for the visitors to view the car from different dimensions. Since the expertise of the company is not limited with car sales only, accessories web store was added to the website. Also social network integration was implemented to increase the number of potential clients.

Client's Benefits

Visitors now have a chance to use a simple website with actual updates and news. It is easy to find the necessary information, item or service due to usable structure of the resource. What is more, loyalty program integration has created all conditions for a successful purchase what encourages customers to make choice in favor of Volkswagen.