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At Elogic, you can hire dedicated Magento developers to launch an online store, improve your site performance, migrate to Magento 2, develop a custom Magento theme, or support your website on an ongoing basis.

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Our Magento ecommerce development experts have worked with B2C and B2B merchants all over the world helping them migrate to Magento 2, optimize website performance, develop custom modules, and growing their businesses as a result.

We focus not only on the flawless technical implementation of your requirements but also ensure high security and scalability, so your solutions are ready for your business growth.

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Roller Rabbit

USA | Apparel & Fashion
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Watches of Mayfair

UK | Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Hire a dedicated Magento developer or a team dedicated fully to your website

Get narrowly specialized experts dedicated entirely to your project without overhead costs and administrative hassle. We provide a large pool of resources to choose from, quick hiring procedures, and flexible contracts, so you won’t need to spend much time and efforts to get expert help.

You can hire a Magento developer on every project stage — our specialists are well aware of all peculiarities of the development process from the very planning to launch and scaling of your store. Get all of your technical needs covered by experts.

Trim down administration and salary costs
Choose from 50+ Magento certified developers
Communicate with your developers directly
Get full support for your online store
Hire either short-term or long-term
Start your project in 7 days or less

Delegate any task to our experienced Magento programmers for hire

Magento is a complex platform. Setting the app up, customizing, and tweaking it requires in-depth technical knowledge and large expertise. We pay special attention to performance optimization and ensuring a great user experience, so you can get the most from your marketing efforts.

We've built dozens of ecommerce websites with Magento addressing all kinds of technical hardships. From website set up and optimization to Magento 2 migration – our experienced programmers are able to solve any problem.

Hire Magento programmer for custom store development

Customize your store or give it a complete makeover. We provide Magento theme developers to customize the frontend and tweak the backend — our programmers are able to help businesses of any size.

Hand over the performance optimization to specialist

Pages taking too long to load and affect your business? Our expert Magento developers can fix that. We'll audit your website to find the bottlenecks in performance and create a roadmap for speeding up your website. We strive to ensure the best customer experience, so our goal is to make the site load in 2 seconds or less.

Hire Magento expert for Magento 1 to 2 migration

Hire a Magento software developer to migrate your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 — we’ve performed over 20 successful migrations, and know exactly what to do to make the process efficient. We implement migration in five steps: migrate data, themes, and extensions, optimize custom code and run QA tests to ensure everything works as expected.

Develop a custom extension

Build custom functionality for your website. Our Magento plugin developer can help you integrate with a payment provider, a third-party marketplace, or any other service. We build all types of extensions that help you work better.
And, in case you need to migrate from Magento 1 to 2 and there’s no extension you need for an upgraded version, we may create a custom one.

Dedicated Magento developers for support and maintenance

Get a support team to address all your technical issues. We provide bug fixes, security audits, performance optimization, third-party integrations, new feature development, and system updates so your website performs the best it can.
Our specialists dealt with all cases that may arise in the process of creating, transforming, scaling, and migrating the store, so they are the perfect fit for your store support and maintenance.

How to hire Magento web developers from Elogic

We combine straightforward approaches with attention to detail, so you get not only Magento experts that have relevant expertise but sharpened processes that empower your store development process.
Book a consultation
No matter what tools (Google Meet, Slack, Zoom etc.) we’ll use to talk, our Magento consultants will identify your exact business needs and unveil the details of our recruitment process. Also, we provide you with CVs of professionals with relevant experience and set up the next meeting.
Talk about details with our Magento expert
Our engineer will discuss your requirements, analyze them, and provide you with the most efficient ways to bring your solution to life in a fast and convenient manner. You can also provide our expert with a test assignment to make sure you’re a good fit for each other. After we agree on the solution's foundation, we start preparing a proposal.
Agree on details and hire a certified Magento developer
After clarifications (if needed), we sign the SLA and provide you with a Magento developer or a team within 14 days (depending on the tech stack needed and our current workload). In case you hire a dedicated team, our business analysts will develop a project proposal that includes milestones and detailed data on resources and timelines. Scaling the team up or down also will take up to 14 days.
Get your store built
We bring a predictable and clear development process with transparent and timely reporting. Usually, we use Atlassian software (Jira, Confluence) and apply Agile methodologies but can also work within other systems if it’s more convenient for you. You always have a dedicated manager and can contact our engineers to discuss project details.
Deploy to production, maintenance, and optimization
We never leave our partners halfway, and help you not only get your Magento store fully functional on AWS servers, but drive you through all optimization and maintenance processes arising when your store grows, gets more customers, and needs to scale.

How do we recruit?

We strive to provide our clients with experts who can empower their Magento development right away. So, hard skills are not the only things that matter.
Initial interview and English language test
We make sure that the Magento developers we hire have experience with cases and challenges relevant to our clients. Also, there is a mandatory check of English language proficiency.
Technical interview
We check our candidate’s programming language knowledge, evaluate the framework proficiency, and check how well the engineer is aware of algorithms.
Test assignment
We provide Magento developers with a test task that allows us to identify how well the engineer will deal with real-life challenges. If executed well, a test task is an entry ticket on our board.

Why choose Elogic for your Magento development

Choosing the Magento development team that will create your e-commerce store is about finding the perfect balance between over a dozen of parameters.
What you get In-house team Freelance developers
Time to hire engineers1-2 weeks4-12 weeks1-12 weeks
How fast you can start the project1-2 weeks2-12 weeks1-12 weeks
Training and benefits spendsNo$10k - $25kNo
Team scaling timeup to 1 week4-16 weeks1-12 weeks
Pricing (weekly average)1.5 X2x1x
Delivery team backup to developersYesPossibleNo
Full dedication to your projectYesYesNo
Project failure risksVery lowLowHigh
Quality guaranteeYesYesYes
Tools and setupYesPossibleUndefined
Agile developmentYesPossibleNo
Turnover negative impactNoPossibleYes
Training programsYesPossibleNo
Project termination expensesNoYesNo
Developer’s capacity (per week)40 hours40 hoursUndefined

Take advantage of flexible cooperation models

Here at Elogic, we focus on maximizing cost-efficiency and the value you get. So, you can choose from part-time, and full-time hiring to meet your needs best.
Dedicated developer
We provide you with a dedicated developer focused entirely on your Magento project. Our engineers bring a combo of technical and business expertise at their full 160-hour/month capacity.
Defined development plan
Easy task management
100% commitment to your busines goals
Instant fixes when needed
Time & Material
With hourly-based billing, you can maximize the value you get, especially if you need more flexibility in terms of scheduling. In this case, a Magento engineer is assigned to 1-3 projects on a part-time basis.
Full control over the project
Requirement-based progress
Enhanced durability to requirements change
Transparent and predictable development

Meet one of our Magento experts

Senior Certified Magento Commerce Developer/PHP Developer
Experience: 8 years

Ivan worked on one of the world’s-first Magento Enterprise builds and obtained exceptional expertise in Magento 2 code migrations and complex integrations.

  • Helped a USA fashion retailer conduct integration with Flow.io, which included covering work with massive data sets as wells introducing age verification and automation mechanisms
  • Empowered a Fortune 100 retailer with an extended reports system, wholesale ERP and payment gateway integration, and conducted a codebase migration for the B2C store version.
Major Projects
  • Magento 2 performance and security audit, integrations with ERP and age verification tools, and development of custom GraphQl APIs for a network of 30+ online stores across Europe.
  • Store integration with a large e-commerce system for international sales, which included product data import and export, external checkout and payment services integration, and price calculations automation for multiple currencies.
  • As a Magento 2 Tech Lead, Ivan conducted a product information management system integration, that included custom product data import module development, customizing product data indexing with ElasticSearch, and integration with AWS storage.
  • For a Fortune 100 retail company, Ivan developed a custom checkout for the B2B store, covered the product with unit tests, and conducted Magento 1 to Magento 2 codebase migration for a B2C store version.
Hard Skills
  • Experience as a Magento and PHP developer — 8 years
  • Programming languages: PHP and JavaScript
  • Extensive experience within both Magento 1 and Magento 2
  • Solid knowledge of PHP frameworks: Symphony2, Yii, Zend
  • Expert knowledge of WordPress, PhoneGap, MySQL, and REST API
  • Strong command of KnockoutJS and Zend Framework
  • Experience in conduction security and performance audits
  • Strong background in developing complex custom solutions and within large projects
  • Expertise in valid and cross-browser coding using CSS3/HTML5
  • Experience with jQuery (both web and mobile), AJAX, and LAMP environment
Soft Skills
  • Brings expert knowledge in a structured, easy-to-understand manner
  • Has sharp presentation skills and knows well how to translate tech terms into business language
  • Focuses on business value rather than engineering, and brings them together
  • May take the senior engineer or leadership role and provide mentoring
  • Brings extensive experience in tasks prioritization and works well within a multitasking environment
Development methodologies
  • Agile methodologies — Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT security
  • Magento certifications

Why hire ecommerce developers at Elogic?

We have an excellent in-house team of experienced Magento 2 experts, who are proficient in PHP, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, and responsive web development. We assign a dedicated account manager to every project, so everything we do is clear and transparent for both sides.We have an excellent in-house team of experienced Magento 2 experts, who are proficient in PHP, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, and responsive web development. We assign a dedicated account manager to every project, so everything we do is clear and transparent for both sides.
10 years of experience
We have been building projects for more than 10 years now, dealt with all Magento 1 and 2 ins and outs, and know exactly what we can and cannot do.
Direct communication
You will communicate directly with your Magento developers via Skype, Slack or other tools you find useful.
Flexible hiring plans
You can hire us full-time or part-time. We accept monthly and hourly payments.
Certified Magento development agency
Elogic is a certified Magento Solutions Partner with 50+ certified professional developers in-house.

What our clients say

They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

Wes Gleeson

Managing Director, Yellowblue

Their combination of technical expertise and communication skills were valuable. They are wizards in developing Magento platforms. Their skillset made the project successful for us.

Kyle Dason

VP of E-Commerce, Fashion Marketplace

The team's general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

Elliot Thomas

Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

Tell us about Your Project

If you would like to discuss a project or have a question, please fill in the form and we’ll get right back to you.

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions which are not included in this list, please contact us. We'll provide you with all the necessary information within one work day.

How can I hire a Magento certified developer from your company?

After receiving your request to hire Magento developers, we'll provide you with CVs of our available developers that have relevant experience, worked with similar projects, and might help yours.

You can either accept the candidate right away or review their resume and send your test assignment. The hiring process ends once you approve the candidate based on the results of the test task.

Do you have certified Magento developers for hire in your team?

Of course! Check our certifications and qualifications on the website.

How long does the hiring process take?

It takes about 2 weeks to hire a Magento developer at our company.

What is your Magento eCommerce development expertise?

We built, transformed, and improved digital stores for 10+ years, and helped 50+ clients in niches from fashion to healthcare. Thus, our Magento developers bring extensive cross-domain expertise that covers both the very initial stages of development and post-release maintenance.

How can I choose the Magento developers of my choice?

When you hire Magento developers from Elogic, you are provided with experts that have relevant expertise with your niche as well as tech stack (for instance, extensions) — we pay special attention to identifying your needs properly. Thus, you can choose Magento developers that will empower your project in the most efficient manner.

How much does it cost to hire a Magento ecommerce developer?

The hourly rate for our developers can be anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour depending on the developer’s expertise, company’s location, and the project timeline.

Get a quote from a Magento development company about a specific developer’s hourly rates.

What time zone are you located in?

We work in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone, which is quite comfortable for project management.

When helping our clients, let’s say, from the USA, we can run the work on the store 24/7 — our expert works the full day in the EST time zone, and you have enough time to review the work and provide feedback if there’s a need.

What is the hourly rate at your company?

The hourly rate of our developers depends on their seniority as well as on your project complexity. Request a quote, so we can talk about your project in details and provide more specific information on the hourly rate.

Who pays for sick leaves, days off, holidays?

Usually, we divide the responsibilities: Elogic pays for sick leaves and vacations, while the customer compensates the developer’s days off and national holidays.

What are the benefits of hiring dedicated Magento developers?

Besides the versatile expertise and sharpen skills, you can take advantage of higher flexibility and cost-efficiency (scale the team up or down rapidly when it’s needed). It’s also wise to hire Magento developers from a company that has proven expertise in delivering projects in your niche.

Does Magento require coding?

Despite the basic Magento utilization does not require coding, it’s much more efficient in terms of time and resources to engage Magento developers that have knowledge in PHP and can bring tailored solutions with custom extensions and integrations. With our dedicated Magento developers, your business can take advantage of such solutions.

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