Magento SAP Integration Services

SAP is a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that streamlines various organizational departments.

Integrating SAP and Magento enhances a unified approach to business management in areas like CRM, financial management, service management, and more.

Magento SAP integration

Optimizing Business Operations and Boosting Sales

The integration works for Magento 2 to SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One, and SAP S/4HANA connections. It enables data sync for automation and enhanced efficiency.

  • SAP S/4HANA: For large enterprises, delivering real-time integrated operations.
  • SAP Business ByDesign: Designed for midsize businesses, connecting all functions.
  • SAP Business One: Tailored for small to lower midsize businesses, simplifying management beyond spreadsheets.
Magento SAP integration

What Business Goals Does It Achieve?

Magento SAP integration can be a game-changer for your business.

Here`s how.

Streamlined Operations

Automated order, inventory, and product updates reduce errors and save time.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer data synchronization enables personalization, improving service and marketing.

Accurate Inventory Management

Real-time inventory updates prevent over-selling and backorders, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Reduced Operational Costs

Automation and data accuracy reduce manual entry, errors, and associated costs, ensuring a reliable e-commerce environment.


Magento 2 Integration with SAP can accommodate business growth and handle increased data volumes and transaction loads efficiently.

Features You Can Access With Magento SAP Integration

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

“Elogic has left a considerable mark on our business. We’re grateful for the seamless, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience you’ve provided. Thank you!”

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Data on products, inventory, pricing, and orders can be synchronized in real time between Magento 2 and SAP, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Data Analytics

Integrated data can be analyzed to gain insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and product performance, facilitating better decision-making.

Efficient Order Processing

The integration streamlines order processing, reducing manual intervention and errors. Orders placed on the e-commerce platform can be seamlessly transferred to SAP for fulfillment.

Inventory Management

Accurate and up-to-date inventory information ensures that customers see the correct product availability, reducing the risk of overselling or backorders.

Improved Supply Chain Managemen

SAP’s supply chain capabilities enhance control over procurement, production, and distribution processes. This leads to cost savings and more efficient order fulfillment.

Competitive Advantage

Integration yields a competitive edge through efficiency, enhanced customer experience, data-driven decisions, cost reduction, and scalability.

Magento SAP Integration Options

There are three SAP Magento integration options. Here`s the display of them

Option 1

Use a Pre-Built Connector

Choose a Pre-built Connector: Numerous software vendors offer pre-built connectors or extensions tailored for seamless Magento and SAP integration. Select a reputable connector that aligns with your specific Magento version and SAP system requirements.

Installation and Configuration: Follow the connector’s documentation and instructions diligently to install and configure it correctly. Pay close attention to details and settings to ensure a successful integration that enhances your business operations.

Option 2

Middleware Solutions

Middleware solutions can be a cost-effective option for integrating Magento and SAP, but it’s essential to consider ongoing middleware costs.

Middleware platforms like Elogic can effectively bridge the gap between Magento and SAP. 

They provide connectors and tools specifically designed for integrating diverse applications. 

While these solutions can initially be cost-effective, it’s crucial to factor in ongoing middleware expenses when evaluating your integration strategy.

Option 3

Custom Magento SAP Integration

If your integration requirements are unique or highly customized, it’s advisable to pursue a custom integration approach. 

In this case, you should consider hiring experienced developers or a development team well-versed in both Magento and SAP. 

Both Magento and SAP offer APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable data transfer between the two platforms. Skilled developers can leverage these APIs to develop scripts or applications that synchronize data effectively. 

Which Option to Select?

It’s about selecting the optimal ready-made “box” solution and fine-tuning it to match your unique requirements.

Paul Okhrem​

Paul Okhrem​

Founder & CEO

Limited Coding Knowledge: If you lack coding expertise, we recommend opting for the Pre-Built Connector solution.

Developer Skills: If you’re a developer, creating a custom extension for Magento 2 SAP integration using APIs is a viable option.

Customization Expertise: Our team possesses the knowledge and skills to cater to your specific requirements. We excel in customization, aligning solutions seamlessly with your business operations.

Verified Magento Partner: We take pride in our status as a Magento partner, underscoring our hands-on expertise in delivering exceptional integration solutions.

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Your Magento and SAP project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!.

Paul Okhrem

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Why Clients Choose Us?

End-To-End Responsibility

End-To-End Responsibility

An assigned project manager will oversee your project throughout its lifecycle, from gathering requirements and task creation to development, result delivery, and post-integration support. You can monitor progress and make scope adjustments.
Deliver Projects Much Faster

Deliver Projects Much Faster

Our use of a pre-built, stable Import/Export solution for SAP Magento 2 integration allows us to deliver projects much faster than competitors. We also have a proven plan to address current business challenges.

Free Post-Release Support

Free Post-Release Support

We offer 2 months of complimentary support following the release. Throughout this timeframe, a dedicated manager will be available to address any inquiries you have about the new functionality and assist you in maximizing its benefits.


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Jacob Jones

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Your Magento and SAP project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Expertise in integrations.

Our team boasts vast experience with these solutions, guaranteeing our ability to customize them to meet your precise needs.

Data is safeguarded through regular automated backups, redundant storage, and point-in-time recovery capabilities.

We follow a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, regularly test procedures, and validate data integrity to ensure robust backup and recovery in the integrated setup.

Yes, the integrated system is flexible and can adapt to evolving reporting and analytics requirements. It allows for customized reports, real-time data access, scalability, and integration with advanced analytics tools to meet your changing business needs.

Yes, the integrated setup is designed to scale and adapt to changes in your business and industry. It offers the flexibility to accommodate growth, evolving business processes, and shifting industry trends. Whether you need to add new features, expand to additional locations, or incorporate emerging technologies, the integrated setup can be adjusted to meet your evolving requirements.

Absolutely. The integration can be customized to align with your unique business processes and specific needs. We understand that every business has its own requirements, and our integration solutions are designed to be adaptable. By tailoring the integration to your specific workflows, you can optimize efficiency and achieve seamless data flow between systems, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization.

Data synchronization between Magento and SAP is orchestrated through integration middleware, which ensures real-time data mapping, synchronization, and error handling. Batch processes handle non-real-time updates, while robust security measures and scalability are in place to maintain data integrity and accommodate business growth.

The duration of the integration process varies based on factors such as complexity, customization, and data volume. A standard integration may take several weeks to a few months, while more complex projects can extend to several months or longer. The timeline is determined by specific project requirements and is best discussed with your integration team or provider.


Amsale, an offline fashion brand, successfully implemented Magento-SAP integration. They enjoyed real-time inventory updates, efficient order processing, improved customer experiences, reduced errors, scalability, and enhanced analytics. This integration enabled them to adapt to growth and remain competitive.

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