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Helping Amsale, an offline fashion brand, go online by creating a fully-functional online store on Magento

Apparel & Fashion

Amsale used an online catalog to demonstrate wedding dresses to customers

Amsale Inc. is one of the world’s top luxury bridal houses in the United States, selling fashionable gowns, couture evening wear clothes, wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses, and cocktail dresses.

The company was founded by the fashion designer Amsale Aberra and her husband Neil Brown. Their brand started as a result of Amsale’s failed attempts to find the right dress for her own wedding.

The business that Amsale and her husband started was a originally brick-and-mortar store, but they used an online catalog with no sales functionality to show their dresses to customers. Eventually, they decided to hire a design agency to build an ecommerce website.

“I believe that true style knows no place or time – more than an aesthetic, STYLE is a way of living” Designer Amsale Aberra

They needed a fully functional ecommerce website to start selling online

Ecommerce development from scratch
Since Amsale acted primarily as a brick-and-mortar store, an ecommerce website gave them the opportunity to showcase their products to customers globally. The business started to build better relationships with customers by answering the most common queries, solving their issues regarding products, and sending emails with tips, deals, and offers.
Appointment scheduling
Usually, customers who want to buy a wedding dress need to make an appointment for a fitting. Online booking functionality gives a fast and easy alternative to time-consuming phone scheduling. Amsale needed to enable their customers to find the nearest physical store and select the best time for a fitting appointment.
Amsale learned about us from the Digital Marauders design agency with whom we worked together on the Marimekko project. The design studio recommended us as a tech partner to Amsale Aberra and offered to cooperate on the Amsale project.
After the discussion, we decided to collaborate.

Refreshed design. Fully customizable product catalog. Appointment scheduling. Mobile optimization.

  • Implement new design
  • Redesign product catalog
  • Add appointment scheduling (by integrating – BridalLive)
  • Integrate Zoho CRM
  • Optimize the website for mobile devices
  • Refreshed design
  • Fully customizable product catalog
  • Appointment scheduling

It was a nice experience working side-by-side with Amsale on their project

The development process lasted for about two months and involved a project manager, QA specialist, and front-end and back-end developers. In the beginning, we communicated with the client through their design agency. But once we had direct contact with our client, our collaboration became much more productive.

Months: of work
Back-end development
Front-end development
UX design implementation
Website mobile optimization
BridalLive integration for appointment scheduling

Amsale started selling their dresses online

Building a website allowed Amsale to create a new ecommerce business. Now they sell their fashionable gowns online, attract more customers, and have increased brand awareness. The online store also made it much more convenient for customers to buy dresses and schedule appointments for fittings. In the first month after launching the new website, Amsale was flooded with over 130 fitting appointments.

Looking to start selling online?

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