Why Investing in Ecommerce UI/UX Design Is Vital

Fierce competition in today’s ecommerce arena simply forbids poor or neglected web design. Even a high-quality user experience isn’t always enough to hit the spot in the market. A stand-out solution must not only appeal to aesthetics but smoothly tie up all the content, features, and interactions.
This harmony can be achieved only through a dedicated approach to UI/UX web design, which gives you the following benefits.

Walk in their shoes

The best user experience is the most intuitive. You have to walk the path designed for your audience a thousand times — the fewer stumbles – the higher the conversion rate.

Enhancing brand loyalty

A well-crafted UI/UX fosters a deeper emotional connection with the brand that can turn first-time users into loyal customers, ensuring long-term engagement and repeat business.

User-centric narrative arc

Think of design as a storytelling device. Instead of a linear plot, the user’s journey is bent into an “arc” with inciting incident, tension rising to the climax, and then falling to resolution.

Boosting conversion rates

Smooth UI/UX lets the user slide down the funnel avoiding obstacles like a checkout process with too many steps or myopic recommendation algorithm.

Sharpening competitive edge

Pre-symbolic brand communication gains an invaluable position in the user’s perception. It gives you the chance to be the one they choose.

Stepping up customer satisfaction

Your NPS, CSAT, and other indices grow dramatically with a well-integrated, smoothly-performing UI/UX.

UI/UX Design Projects We Completed

Over 500 happy clients have already leveraged the Elogic’s experience to level up their retail game. You can be one of them!

Our Experts

Elogic’s high-profile CX specialists will forge an e-commerce UI/UX design that echoes financial parameters eloquently.

Natalia Shcherbatiuk

UX/UI Designer, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer with 6+ years of experience in the niche


Ivanka Pop

Business Analyst specializing in CX enhancement and business process optimization

Anastasiia Vyshnevska

Anastasiia Vyshnevska

UX/UI Designer proficient in creating functional and appealing site design

How We Deliver

Implementing an up-to-date UX/UI design is a complex procedure that relies on a detailed customer journey map and close cooperation between the development team (with a business analyst) and a client. Every screen and button comes to life as a mockup which is then expanded by our seasoned UI/UX ecommerce designers.

Identifying goals
To obtain a desirable result, we must know what we are heading for. That is why we begin by coming to grips with client requirements and setting up straightforward objectives to be fulfilled as KPIs.
Here, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the competition in the niche and the target audience our customer aims to cater to. Then, after assessing the client’s priorities and financial benchmarks, we can devise strategies for attracting the relevant audience and leading them down the conversion funnel.
Having a preliminarily outlined customer journey map at our fingertips, we create a website layout scheme that reflects the hierarchy of information on the screen, indicating all elements it will contain.
Then, we build a clickable prototype as an interactive demonstration of the future design that will undergo usability and functionality checkups. If any inadequacies are spotted, they are dealt with at once.
Once the UX of the prototype is approved, we move on to the actual design phase. At this stage, all prototype features are enhanced and upgraded to become full-fledged elements of the ecommerce site.
Testing and analysis
When we have a finished product on our table, we submit it for qualitative (observing user behavior, why do they behave like that) and quantitative (gaining insights from detected trends and patterns) usability testing. Then, all relevant data are collected and analyzed to identify areas for improvement. If these are exposed, we introduce the necessary changes.

Hire qualified and certified ecommerce UI/UX design experts

Build an engaging e-store that will impress its visitors with a delightful customer experience.

Why Partner with Elogic

Today’s UI/UX design market is full of IT vendors that offer their services to potential customers. What makes Elogic Commerce stand out among the rest?

14+ years of presence

14+ years of presence in the ecommerce realm, during which we have delivered over 500 first-rate projects, enabling our clients to increase their clientele and enhance ROI.

A team of 200+ professionals

A team of 200+ certified UI/UX designers, business analysts, and developers who practice a customer-centric approach and can produce flexible solutions with a view to your business growth.

Broad tech stack roster

Our experts are competent in, including such ecommerce platforms as Magento, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

Trusted by World-Leading Businesses

Hanes brands

Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

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    Why is UI/UX design important for ecommerce?

    The ultimate purpose of UI/UX web design is to provide an outstanding customer experience for site visitors. If a UI/UX ecommerce designer has done their job well, you get a visually appealing product that captivates users and ensures the comfortable process of searching, choosing, buying, and paying for the item they need.

    Can you improve the UI/UX design of the existing ecommerce website?

    This is what we excel at! Our seasoned specialists will conduct a thorough assessment of your current e-store, pinpoint UI/UX components that underperform, and redesign the selected pages or the entire site with an eye to enhancing user experience to the maximum.

    What is ecommerce UI/UX design?

    The design of an ecommerce site has two focal points in view. The UI (or User Interface) side deals with its visual part – fonts, color schemes, buttons, lists, etc. The UX (User Experience) component is responsible for the interplay of UI elements and the consistency of user journey.

    What does a typical UI/UX design service roster include?

    A competent ecommerce UX agency offers business analysis, CX audit, and quality assurance of your existing website, devises a customer journey strategy, creates a custom design of an e-store, implements conversion rates optimization measures, and extends support and maintenance to the post-launch period of the online shop’s functioning.

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