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Migrate BigCommerce to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Automate your online store for success! Enhance efficiency and productivity with seamless automation of inventory management, orders, finances, and customer management. Discover seamless BigCommerce to Salesforce transition with Elogic ecommerce platform migration services.

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Our Migration Process

Boost your store’s performance and increase revenue with our comprehensive migration services.

Website assessment
Our specialists examine your current store to uncover hidden risks and challenges, gain a clear grasp of the project's scope, and suggest improved solutions for features, extensions, and integrations.
Migration strategy formulation
To ensure a seamless migration process, align on specifics, and keep all stakeholders on track, we devise a precise strategy encompassing project timelines, specifications, and a roadmap.
Store data backup
Rest assured about your store data's safety — prior to commencing migration, we perform a complete store backup, enabling you to restore any detail and adapt easily to requirements changes.
Theme transition
Direct migration of most themes isn't feasible. Our experts can craft a tailored one tailored to your needs and optimize it for enhanced user experience and boosted conversions.
Extension transfer
We provide a comprehensive data migration through a mix of automated and custom transfer methods, or we can build your toolset from scratch, ensuring your store's functionality and performance across both web and mobile platforms remain top-notch.
Custom code migration
Our upgrade services include in-depth analysis and refinement of custom code, leveraging platform performance and speed advantages for your store.
Data transfer
Our certified professionals migrate customer data, orders, products, and shop configurations, ensuring compatibility with the new platform, installing necessary tools, and seamlessly transitioning your store.
Quality assurance
We rigorously test every aspect of your updated website, identify and rectify any issues, guaranteeing optimal performance under heavy loads and ensuring data security, preparing your store for a successful launch.
Ecommerce store deployment
Your website goes live, allowing you to begin selling immediately. Consider partnering with Elogic for ongoing support and maintenance services to prevent any unforeseen issues.

What Data Can Be Transferred

  • Product Data
    ✓ Product names.
    ✓ SKU numbers.
    ✓ Product descriptions.
    ✓ Pricing details.
    ✓ Product images.
    ✓ Categories and subcategories.
    ✓ Product variants and options.
    ✓ Inventory levels.
    ✓ Weight and dimensions.
  • Customer Data
    ✓ Customer names.
    ✓ Email addresses.
    ✓ Shipping and billing addresses.
    ✓ Order history.
    ✓ Customer groups.
    ✓ Account balances.
    ✓ Customer preferences.
  • Order Data
    ✓ Order numbers.
    ✓ Order statuses.
    ✓ Product quantities and details.
    ✓ Payment information.
    ✓ Shipping details.
    ✓ Taxes and discounts.
    ✓ Order notes and history.
  • Content
    ✓ Blog posts.
    ✓ Webpage content.
    ✓ Navigation structure.
    ✓ FAQs and help articles.
  • Marketing and SEO
    ✓ Campaign data.
    ✓ SEO tags and metadata.
    ✓ Customer reviews and ratings.
  • Custom Fields and Data
    ✓ Custom product attributes.
    ✓ Custom customer fields.
    ✓ Custom order attributes.
  • Financial Data
    ✓ Sales data.
    ✓ Payment transactions.
    ✓ Invoices and receipts.
  • Integrations and Apps Data
    ✓ Connected app settings and data.
    ✓ Third-party integration configurations.
  • Analytics and Reports
    ✓ Sales reports.
    ✓ Customer behavior analytics.
    ✓ Product performance data.

Reasons Salesforce Commerce Cloud Is Over BigCommerce

SFCC is designed to support businesses in scaling, understanding their customers better, and providing a personalized and integrated shopping experience across various platforms and devices.


Unified Customer Data and CRM Integration

SFCC integrates seamlessly with Salesforce’s CRM platform, offering a holistic view of customer data across all touchpoints. This integration allows for informed decision-making in product development, marketing strategies, and customer service initiatives .


Omni channel

SFCC offers a unified shopping experience across all digital and physical channels, enhancing the customer journey by integrating various touchpoints.


Global Reach and

SFCC allows businesses to manage multiple global storefronts from a single back-end platform and is built on a multitenant cloud architecture that ensures all users benefit from continuous updates and shared infrastructure.



SFCC employs Einstein AI to provide predictive intelligence, enabling businesses to automate processes, offer personalized product recommendations, and improve customer engagement.



SFCC can handle high traffic volumes, large transaction volumes, and mass inventory efficiently, ensuring the business can scale up as needed without compromising performance.



With a significant portion of online traffic coming from mobile devices, SFCC provides optimized mobile commerce features, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all devices.

Migration Options

Automated Data

Experience the wonder as software seamlessly migrates your content (text, images) to the new platform.
Advantages: Swift, user-friendly, and cost-effective.
Disadvantages: Suited for basic websites; may not capture every detail perfectly.
Timeframe: Completed within 1 month.

Data Migration
Service Package

Our team of experts ensures a smooth website transfer, utilizing a blend of automated tools and manual adjustments.
Advantages: Flexible, tailored to your website’s requirements, and guarantees precise transfer.
Disadvantages: More costly and time-intensive compared to automated methods.
Timeframe: Takes up to 3 months for completion.

Custom BigCommerce to
Salesforce Commerce Migration

Experience a meticulous data transfer akin to packing each item individually, ensuring data integrity through sections or integrations.
Advantages: Offers complete control and preserves all aspects of your website.
Disadvantages: Expensive, time-consuming, and requires specialized expertise.
Timeframe: Completion can take up to 5 months.

Switch from BigCommerce to Salesforce Commerce Cloud Today

Why to Choose Elogic Commerce for Migration


SEO Mastery

Preserving your SEO rankings is our priority during migration by adjusting site structure, URLs, and internal links to sustain traffic flow.


Zero Data Loss

Our meticulous data migration process guarantees the preservation of crucial content, encompassing texts, images, videos, metadata, and SEO configurations.


Seamless Team Integration

We offer comprehensive training and support to facilitate your team’s swift adaptation to the new system, maintaining productivity seamlessly.

Custom Solution Migration

Our expertise lies in efficiently migrating custom solutions, understanding their purpose to prevent unnecessary expenses and revisions.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

We excel in compatibility, ensuring a seamless transition devoid of errors or functionality issues related to plugins and themes.

Continuous Site Functionality

We minimize downtime, ensuring uninterrupted site accessibility for users and uninterrupted business operations throughout the migration.

What Our Clients are Saying

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Alice Fitch Founder & CEO

“You guys are absolutely part of our team, and each of us takes responsibility for our parts in making the magic happen.”

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Virginie De Andrea Digital Communications Specialist

“We can always be in touch. It’s easy to get in touch with you guys, and I think the projects run smoothly”

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Chris Philbrick Marketing Director

“You guys are always a partner who is willing to work through problems with us, and help us identify those problems and find the best solution for it”

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    What challenges are commonly faced during custom data migration?

    Common challenges include data mapping complexities, ensuring data security and privacy, handling large volumes of data, maintaining data quality, and minimizing downtime.

    What strategies do you use to minimize the risk of data loss during migration?

    We create comprehensive backup plans, implement data recovery mechanisms, perform data validation before and after migration, conduct pilot testing, and ensure data accuracy at every stage of the migration process.

    How does data migration benefit my business during migration to Salesforce?

    Data migration to Salesforce streamlines your processes, enhances data accuracy, improves decision-making, and boosts overall productivity, leading to increased business efficiency and growth.

    How We Secure Your Data During Migration

    We implement robust encryption protocols, access controls, regular audits, data masking techniques, secure data transfer methods, and compliance with data protection regulations to secure your data during migration.

    Can you migrate historical data along with current data during the migration process?

    Yes, we can migrate historical data seamlessly along with current data, ensuring continuity of information and preserving valuable historical records for your business operations.

    How do you ensure minimal disruption to business operations during migration?

    We conduct thorough planning, perform testing in a controlled environment, execute the migration in stages, provide backup and rollback options, offer user training, and provide ongoing support to minimize disruptions.

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