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Seamlessly Migrate from Shopify to Commercetools

Revolutionize your online business with Shopify to Commercetools switch! Seamlessly transfer your ecommerce data and enjoy enhanced platform capabilities. Perfect businesses with our smooth data transition services. Start your ecommerce transformation today and unlock new possibilities!

Let’s Discuss Requirements
Shopify to CommerceTools migration

Our Migration Process

Elevate your store’s efficiency and boost profits through comprehensive migration services.

Website Evaluation
Our team scrutinizes your current platform to pinpoint potential issues and complexities, providing a thorough project analysis and suggesting improvements in functionality, add-ons, and system integrations.
Migration Planning
We devise a detailed migration plan to align all parties, confirming the process's smooth execution, and establishing clear project timelines, specifications, and a strategic roadmap.
Data Backup
Rest assured about your data's security; we perform a complete backup before initiating the migration, enabling straightforward restoration and adjustment to any changes in requirements.
Theme Transfer
Direct theme migration is often not feasible. Our specialists will create a bespoke theme that meets your needs and is optimized to enhance user experience and conversion rates.
Extension Transfer
Our service includes a hybrid approach to data migration, utilizing both automated and manual transfers, or we can build a new suite of tools from the ground up to maintain your store's functionalities and boost performance on both web and mobile platforms.
Code Upgrade
We provide services to evaluate and refine custom code, ensuring your store leverages the new platform's enhanced performance and speed.
Data Transfer
Our certified experts handle the migration of all customer, order, product, and configuration data, restructure it for compatibility with the new platform, install necessary tools, and finalize your store's transition.
Quality Control
We conduct thorough testing of your updated site, identifying and rectifying any issues, confirming its ability to handle high traffic, ensuring data protection, and preparing it for launch.
Ecommerce Launch
Once live, your site is ready for immediate sales. Continued partnership with us for support and maintenance guarantees a seamless operation without unexpected disruptions.

What Data Can Be Transferred

  • Products
    ✓ Options ( Name, Price ).
    ✓ ID , Name, SKU, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer.
    ✓ Price, Sale Price, Tier Price, MSRP.
    ✓ URL , Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description.
    ✓ Weight.
    ✓ Related Items.
    ✓ Variants ( SKU, Weight, Attributes, Images, Price ).
    ✓ Main Image, Additional Images.
    ✓ Quantity, Stock.
  • Categories
    ✓ Name, Description, Status.
    ✓ Images.
    ✓ URL , Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords.
  • Manufacturers
    ✓ Name.
  • Customers
    ✓ First and last name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, State and Country name, Zip Code, Telephone, and Email addresses.
  • Orders
    ✓ First name, Last name, Company, Order Date, Statuses, Products (with their Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity, Total Price, Shipping Price, and Discounted Price, Tax Price, Additional Comments.
    ✓ Shipping and payment Addresses: First and last name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, State and Country name, Zip Code, Telephone, and Email addresses.
  • Coupons
    ✓ Coupon Name, Code, Date, and Expires.
  • Reviews
    ✓ Ratings, Dates, Status, Customer Name, Items, and Comments.
  • Blogs
    ✓ URL, SEO, Title, and Complete Description.

How Shopify to Commercetools Migration Elevates Your Business

Unlock new growth and efficiency by migrating to Commercetools.


Enhanced Customization

Transition to Commercetools for unparalleled customization, adapting seamlessly to unique business needs and customer preferences.


Scalability and Performance

Migrate to harness Commercetools’ superior scalability, ensuring your platform grows effortlessly with your expanding business demands.


Advanced Integration Capabilities

Leverage Commercetools’ robust API-driven environment to integrate cutting-edge technologies and streamline operations.


Improved User Experience

Converting to Commercetools enhances user experiences with fast, intuitive interfaces and personalized customer journeys.



Shift to Commercetools for a cost-effective platform with lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment.


Time to Market

Migrating to Commercetools accelerates product launches and market entry, driving quicker returns and competitive advantage.

Migration Options

Automated Data

Effortlessly, software shifts your content (words, pictures) to the new platform.
Pros: Quick, easy, and cost-effective.
Cons: Suitable mainly for simple sites, may not transfer all elements flawlessly.
Delivery time: 1 month

Data Migration
Service Package

Specialists assist in moving your site, using both automated and manual processes.
Pros: Versatile, customized to your site’s requirements, ensures precise migration.
Cons: Pricier and slower than automated methods.
Delivery time: up to 3 months

Custom Shopify to Commercetools Migration

Just as you meticulously pack each piece, data is moved piece by piece or via integrations.
Pros: Offers full control and complete preservation of data.
Cons: Expensive, labor-intensive, and needs technical know-how.
Delivery time: up to 5 months

Switch from Shopify to Commercetools Today

Why to Choose Elogic Commerce for Migration


SEO Optimization Mastery

Migration won’t affect your SEO standings; we adjust site architecture, URLs, and links to sustain your online presence.


Zero Data Loss

Rest assured, our meticulous migration method ensures every piece of content, including text, images, videos, and SEO specifics, remains intact.


Seamless Team Adaptation

Offering extensive training and support, we guarantee your team’s swift and efficient transition to the new platform, maintaining productivity.

Custom Solution Migration

Expert in custom solution transitions, we migrate with precision to eliminate unnecessary expenses and redevelopments.

Solve Technical Challenges

Our proficiency in compatibility delivers a smooth migration, preventing issues with plugins and themes that could affect functionality.

Uninterrupted Site Operation

We ensure minimal downtime, keeping your website operational and business activities uninterrupted during the migration process.

What Our Clients are Saying

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Alice Fitch Founder & CEO

“You guys are absolutely part of our team, and each of us takes responsibility for our parts in making the magic happen.”

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Virginie De Andrea Digital Communications Specialist

“We can always be in touch. It’s easy to get in touch with you guys, and I think the projects run smoothly”

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Chris Philbrick Marketing Director

“You guys are always a partner who is willing to work through problems with us, and help us identify those problems and find the best solution for it”

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    How does Elogic ensure a seamless migration from Shopify to Commercetools?

    Elogic ensures a seamless migration by using a structured approach that includes thorough planning, data migration, and system integration. The Shopify to Commercetools seamless migration service by Elogic prioritizes data integrity and system functionality.

    What is involved in a Shopify to Commercetools migration?

    Migrating from Shopify to Commercetools involves transferring data, customizing features, and ensuring system compatibility. Elogic’s service includes a comprehensive Shopify to Commercetools migration plan, ensuring a seamless transition.

    What challenges can I expect during the Shopify to Commercetools platform upgrade?

    Challenges during a Shopify to Commercetools platform upgrade include data compatibility issues and maintaining operational continuity. Elogic’s Shopify to Commercetools platform upgrade service addresses these challenges with expert planning and execution.

    How We Secure Your Data During Migration

    Elogic ensures data security during the Shopify to Commercetools migration by employing rigorous data handling protocols, including encryption, secure transfer channels, and comprehensive data integrity checks to prevent data loss or breaches. This ensures a secure data transfer process.

    How scalable is Shopify compared to Commercetools?

    Shopify is known for its user-friendly interface and is ideal for small to medium businesses due to its ease of setup and use. It offers scalability within its operational limits but may face challenges with very high traffic or complex custom needs. Commercetools, designed for large-scale and complex operations, provides superior scalability and customization through its microservice-based, headless architecture, catering to businesses with evolving, advanced requirements.

    How long does a Shopify to Commercetools data transfer take?

    The duration of a Shopify to Commercetools data transfer depends on the complexity and volume of the data. Elogic provides a Shopify to Commercetools data transfer service that minimizes downtime while ensuring comprehensive data migration.

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