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Increase revenue and boost your store performance with Magento 2 capabilities

Magento 1 support ended on June 30, 2020 — there are no security patches, performance optimization is limited, and the choice of extensions and integrations is anything but exhaustive. Migrate to Magento 2 to give your business a power-up.


faster page loading time


themes out of the box

Up to 70%

faster add-to-cart time

Regular security

patch releases


more orders with the same resources


one-step checkout

Why migrate to Magento 2 with Elogic?

Whether you engage our Magento 1 to 2 migration services or replatform from Shopify, BigCommerce, or SFCC, we follow a comprehensive transparent process to code your Adobe Commerce store into perfection.

13+ years in the market

Access our versatile experience across e-commerce platforms and migrate your store data, theme, and extensions to Magento 2 with zero downtime.

100+ Magento-certified developers

Delegate the job to certified Magento migration experts to get your store up and running in the shortest time — no matter how complex it is.

Cost-efficient hosting with minimum downtime

Engage our Magento upgrade services to ensure you pick a hosting option that suits your long-term business strategy and enables the best cost efficiency.

Transparent reporting and communication

Get comprehensive reporting and communication with the team via a dedicated project manager that is included in the price of our services.

Our Magento 2 migration process

Reinforce your store performance and increase revenue with our all-around Magento migration services.

Step 1

Website analysis

Our experts analyze your existing store to identify hidden risks and pitfalls, get a clear understanding of the project scope, and propose better solutions on features, extensions, and integrations.

Step 2

Migration strategy development

To ensure a smooth migration process, agree on details, and keep all the stakeholders on the same page, we build a clear strategy that includes project timelines, specifications, and a roadmap.

Step 3

Store backup

You don’t have to worry about your store data safety — before getting down to the migration process, we make a full store backup which allows you to restore any detail and adapt to requirements changes easily.

Step 4

Theme migration

Most themes cannot be migrated directly. Our experts can design a custom one in line with your requirements and optimize it to improve your user experience and increase conversions.

Step 5

Extension migration

While Magento 1, Shopify, and other platforms’ extensions are not compatible with Magento 2, we compose your toolset from scratch and provide your store with the same functionalities and enhanced performance across the web and mobile.

Step 6

Custom code migration

Our Magento upgrade services from M1 to M2 include custom code analysis and refinement, which allows your store to take advantage of the platform performance and speed.

Step 7

Data migration

Certified professionals migrate all the customers, orders, products, and shop configuration data, make its structure compatible with the new platform, install tools, and complete your transition to Magento 2.

Step 8

Quality assurance

We test every functionality of your refreshed website, detect and fix bugs, ensure high performance under heavy loads and data security, and prepare your Magento 2 store for going live.

Step 9

Magento 2 store launch

Your website goes live, and you can start selling immediately. You can further partner with Elogic for ongoing support & maintenance services to ensure no Magento emergencies ever occur to you.

Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

Ready to chat?

Reach out to receive a free consultation and entrust your IT initiative to a company that will help you to manifest your vision and business approach into an evergrowing and adaptable business.


    Frequently asked questions

    How long does it take to implement your Magento 1 to 2 migration services?

    The timeline of your replatforming project depends on the complexity of your storefront, the amount of data to be migrated, and the custom features. After you contact a professional development agency and share your specific requirements, you will be able to get a more precise timeline and budget estimates.

    What is your experience in Magento 1 to 2 migration?

    Elogic is a certified Magento development agency with 13+ years of experience on the market. We’ve performed dozens of migrations, including for such big commerce players as Carbon38, Joie, and Mount-It!, among others. With our extensive background in setting up, optimizing and migrating stores, you have nothing to worry about.

    How to do a Magento 2 migration?

    The whole process is performed in five stages: data, theme, and extension migration, customization, and quality assurance. Eventually, all the product categories, customers, wish lists, ratings, and store configurations and settings present in the first version will appear in your upgraded store.

    Will you migrate my orders, products, customers, and other data?

    Sure, it is the first and most important stage of the replatforming process. We’ll migrate all your products, categories, orders, customers, wish lists, ratings, and store configurations and settings from the database of Magento 1 to the database of Magento 2 using the Data Migration Tool.

    What does your process look like?

    In the process of replatforming, all the data, themes, and extensions from your store are transferred to a new Magento 2 platform. Our process is transparent and time-shaped — it consists of five main stages and concludes with customization and quality control of a new storefront.

    Is Magento 2 suitable for small-scale sellers?

    Small-scale businesses may benefit from Magento Open-source — it’s totally free, there are a lot of affordable themes and extensions to choose from, and you can benefit from some free extensions. So yes, Magento 2 suits small businesses well.

    Will my SEO ranking suffer due to migration to Magento 2?

    Our Magento 2 migration company services include consultancy on SEO to make your replatforming safe — we provide recommendations on 301 redirects mapping, inbound and outbound links management, and pick the right time migration to eliminate risks of losing traffic.

    How safe will my data be during migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

    As a Magento migration company, we guarantee you data safety — before getting to replatforming, we make a complete store backup and conduct comprehensive security testing of your Magento 2 store to make sure no leaks will happen.

    How do I hire your experts for Magento 2 migration?

    Drop us a line and describe your project briefly — our sales team will reach you back in up to 48 hours and schedule a call. We’ll compose a team in up to 14 days, and, after signing the NDA and SLA, start working on your store replatforming.

    What if I don’t want to migrate to Magento 2, is there any other alternative?

    You can replatform to another platform like BigCommerce, Shopify, or Salesforce — our experts will help you pick the one that suits your business best.

    If you are not ready to migrate at all, we can help you with your store optimization to get the maximum out of the website you have now: from reducing the page load time to increasing conversions at the checkout.

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