Online marketplace development services we offer

Create a platform that will captivate the hearts and minds of everyday consumers and make you a fortune with its sublime quality. With Elogic, the sky’s the limit.


NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplaces are an incredibly complicated technology, but Elogic knows how to connect buyers and sellers of revolutionary non-fungible tokens and allow smooth trading.


Product marketplace

Our custom marketplace development services will allow your users to offer and purchase whatever they want, from physical items to digital artworks and anything in between.


Service marketplace

Connect clients with experts from different industries. Allow users to search, chat, and rate services.

Ready to embrace the digital age? Let’s build your online marketplace together! Contact us now to get started within 24 hours.


Our case studies

Curious to see real-world success stories? Explore our marketplace development services company’s case studies and witness the transformation of businesses just like yours. Dive into the possibilities and get inspired today!

Enzio Manufacturing
Germany , Industrial automation
We helped the industrial manufacturer streamline ecommerce flows, improving UX and reducing costs
TDI Holdings LLC
USA , Apparel & Fashion
Migrating a large multinational business and its subsidiaries to Adobe Commerce Cloud to make personalized merchandising easier for both shoppers and ecommerce teams

Solutions we work with

Elogic only trusts proven solutions for its marketplace platform development services, harnessing the power of these tools to construct and enhance online marketplaces for businesses.


Our process

Elogic’s development process is based on our steadfast commitment to trustworthiness, ensuring transparent communication, reliable timelines, and a dedication to meeting client objectives. Our flexibility is a cornerstone of our approach, allowing us to adapt to the unique requirements of each project, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking custom marketplace solutions.

Pre-development analysis and planning
Elogic initiates the marketplace development process with a thorough pre-development analysis and planning phase, where project objectives and strategies are carefully outlined.
Next, we move on to prototyping, crafting a visual representation of the marketplace's structure and functionality to align with your expectations.
Design development
In the design development stage, we create an engaging and user-friendly interface to enhance the marketplace's appeal and usability.
Store development
Once the design is finalized, we proceed to store development, meticulously building the marketplace's architecture and features to ensure optimal performance.
Quality control
Our quality control phase involves rigorous testing and debugging to guarantee a flawless and reliable marketplace experience.
Project release
Finally, Elogic ensures a seamless project release, with careful deployment and ongoing support, to bring the marketplace to life and into customers' hands.

Why us

500+ marketplaces
Elogic's seasoned professionals have seamlessly launched numerous attractive and innovative marketplace websites, making their creation second nature to us.
On the market since 2009
Elogic has a long-standing track record of assisting online businesses in achieving success. Our client roster boasts industry leaders such as Siemens, HP, Vodafone, and many others.
200+ global ecommerce experts
Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience with a wide array of ecommerce platforms available in the market, allowing them to continuously refine and enhance existing software solutions.

What our clients are saying


If we experience an issue at any time, Elogic Commerce is accessible and quickly handles the problem. Production times are much faster because of the optimization, not only on our website but also in our warehouse.

Ellipse 56
Robin Hansson

CEO, Dampfi


They provide valuable insights, and I feel a synergy with them that our engagements with other vendors lacked. The web store became profitable within three months of its release, and we’ve seen thousands of dollars of growth in our overall sales.

Denis Rogers



Elogic Commerce handled each unexpected obstacle well. They provided exceptional customization: they installed software to support Arabic writing from right to left, put the URLs in Arabic, and installed our payment gateway.

Wayel Al-Wohaibi

Owner, Sulalat Coffee

Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

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    How long does it take to develop a marketplace from scratch?

    The timeline for developing a marketplace from scratch can vary significantly depending on the project’s complexity, features, and specific requirements. Elogic finishes such projects within 6 months on average, but we always conduct a thorough analysis to provide a more precise estimate based on your project’s unique needs.

    What is the cost associated with marketplace development?

    The cost of marketplace development can vary depending on many factors, including the project’s scope, desired features, customization, and contractor’s rates. Elogic offers tailored solutions, and pricing is determined after a comprehensive assessment of your project. We work closely with clients to ensure the budget aligns with their objectives.

    Can I hire Elogic as a marketplace development services provider?

    Absolutely, Elogic specializes in marketplace development services. Whether you’re starting a new marketplace, optimizing an existing one, or seeking custom solutions, we’re here to help. Our experienced team is ready to assist in bringing your marketplace vision to life.

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