Why you need custom ecommerce web design

Your website design can make or break your sales. Templated websites are cheaper and faster to implement, but they don’t always bring desired business results. Custom websites, if done by a professional ecommerce web design agency, do. There are several reasons why you should opt for custom web design.

Higher conversion rates

The average conversion rate of ecommerce websites is only 2.86%. But you can always do better with a fully custom online store web design focused on your audience. We do user research and competitor analysis to design a website optimized for conversions.

Unique look

You probably know that repeat customers are more likely to buy from you again. But to become repeat customers, people need to remember your website. With custom web design you can create a strong brand identity that will help you boost website visits and repeat sales.

Enjoyable customer experience

The main goal of any online store web designer is to create a great user experience. When customers enjoy looking through catalogs, learning about products, and putting them into a shopping cart, they are more likely to buy and come back again.

How Much Does Ecommerce Website Redesign Cost?

We provide ecommerce website design & development services for customers in different industries

What retail store web design are you looking to create? We have built dozens of websites for brands in fashion, luxury, consumer goods, and other industries, and will help you create a custom look that will put your business in the best light.

Consomer goods
Food & Beverages

What Are the Must-have Features of Ecommerce Website Design?

How we create a responsive web design for ecommerce

The process of ecommerce web design and development consists of several steps. 

1. Planning

This is the most important step because here we make design decisions that set the stage for the entire project. This is where we define your goals, research your target audience and competition, and layout the foundation of the site structure.

2. Wireframing

Wireframes show how different elements on the web pages interrelate and how the site’s overall navigation should be structured. There are no actual design elements on the wireframes. The purpose of wireframing is to define content hierarchy on the page.

3. Prototyping

A prototype consists of static images or mockups with all the visual and typographic design details. To help you better evaluate our work, we can turn these prototypes into an interactive demonstration and showcase how the final design will work.

4. Development

Now it’s time to start coding. We slice our final mockups and write the HTML/CSS/JS code to integrate design with your CMS platform. Before releasing your website, we will test it across all devices and browsers to make sure it is responsive and works fast.

Hire us to design your ecommerce website

Elogic is a certified Magento Solutions Partner. We’ve been 10 years on the market helping businesses build and launch ecommerce websites. So far, we’ve built more than 70 websites, and know every detail of this process.

70+ websites built

We’ve implemented more than 70 ecommerce websites.

10+ years of experience

Elogic has been 10 years on the market as a Magento development agency.

Certified agency

Elogic is a certified Magento Solutions Partner.

Do You Need a Magento Solution Architect to Design Your Ecommerce Store?

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They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

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Managing Director, Yellowblue

The team’s general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

Elliot Thomas

Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is Ecommerce Web Design?

    Ecommerce Web Design encompasses the art and science of crafting online shopping destinations that captivate and engage customers. It involves skillfully designing interfaces, organizing products, and streamlining the purchasing journey to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. This specialized design approach focuses on showcasing products effectively, simplifying navigation, and optimizing the checkout process, all with the aim of driving conversions and fostering customer loyalty. In a digital landscape where user experience is paramount, Ecommerce Web Design plays a pivotal role in creating virtual storefronts that resonate with shoppers and contribute to business success.

    How to Design an Ecommerce Website?

    Designing an Ecommerce Website is a strategic process that combines creativity and functionality to construct a compelling online marketplace. This endeavor involves carefully structuring product displays, refining user pathways, and integrating convenient features to ensure a seamless shopping journey. By thoughtfully arranging categories, implementing intuitive search functions, and simplifying the checkout process, you can guide visitors from browsing to purchasing with ease. Balancing aesthetics and usability, Ecommerce Website Design focuses on captivating visuals, responsive layouts, and clear calls-to-action, all aimed at maximizing conversions and delivering a satisfying online shopping experience. The result is an artfully orchestrated digital platform that showcases products, engages customers, and fosters lasting connections.

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