How We Build and Improve Your B2C Ecommerce Experience

B2C is the most demand-rich ecommerce sector. Elogic is a specialized B2C ecommerce agency that helps tap into this demand with B2C-tailored CX designs created through:


Shaping value proposition and message

We help emphasize your brand value through a tailored business message focused on your target consumers’ pressing needs.


Developing a go-to-market and delivery strategy

We strategize a reliable product launch plan and help deliver your storefront to the market, making sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.


Crafting content and customer journey mapping

To find ways to really engage customers, our B2C ecommerce development specialists jump into the user’s shoes and map every point of navigation and interaction.


Covering key marketing channels

We study, connect, and leverage promotion opportunities of social media, email, search engines, and other digital channels at early project stages for guaranteed outreach.


Focusing on user-friendly ecommerce features

To grant B2C-optimized functionality, we prioritize shopping-focused features that help drive sales and stimulate buying decisions, e.g., loyalty programs, price calculators, etc.


Continuously testing, analyzing, and optimizing

During the post-launch phase, we provide regular performance metrics tracking, A/B testing, and polishing of strategies to improve conversions and RoI on the go.

Elogic Development Portfolio

Over 500 happy clients have already leveraged the Elogic’s experience to level up their retail game. You can be one of them!

Our Experts

Elogic has been providing an extensive range of B2C ecommerce development services for over fourteen years with the help of a 200-strong team crafting digital storefronts that hit the spot. Here are some of them:

Natalia Shcherbatiuk

UX/UI Designer, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator with more than six years of experience.


Ivanka Pop

Business Analyst specializing in business process and CX optimization.

Leshchyshyn Volodymyr

Tech Lead

A dedicated Tech Lead directs the technical side of the project, picking and integrating the best practices and coding standards.

Yakovenko Oleksandra

PM Team

Project Manager oversees all details of the B2C ecommerce development workflow, syncing up timelines, allocating resources, and adjusting communication.


QA Team

The Quality Assurance team tests a B2C store project via a range of tools and methods to achieve the smoothest experience from the user’s perspective.

Dev team

Dev Team

The development team brings together skilled professionals for frontend and backend development, UI/UX design, database management, and more.

How We Deliver

We provide both dedicated development of B2C ecommerce and outsourcing of services — either a whole package (to build and set up a store from scratch) or any of the following services separately.

Define goals
We start off a project workflow by discovering your vision (via an interview, analysis of existing store assets or requirements, etc.) and setting goals.
To set up a sturdy, well-planned development foundation and pick the best-fitting B2C ecommerce platform, we do market, competitive, and USP research.
We build a basic visual representation of the future store’s navigation, mapping out user experience early on to achieve a polished-up, intuitive UI/UX.
We then expand the wireframe design into an interactive prototype that has a minimum of functional features to help validate the pre-development design.
Time to set schemes and blueprints in motion — this is where we hardcode and integrate essential backend/frontend functionalities for your B2C store.
Testing and analysis
The finished B2C store is thoroughly tested before the public launch, polished further through quality assurance to fix post-launch issues, and analyzed for operational metrics.

Ready to build your next big store?

Let Elogic’s handpicked designers and developers join forces to create a UI/CX that is intuitive to the eye and responsive to the touch.

Why Elogic?

What partnering with Elogic brings to the table:

Hands-on expertise with B2C platforms

We have been building and migrating B2C stores of all scopes, meeting the demands of customers across all niches.

Over 14 years of experience

Rest assured that your ecommerce is designed, built, and supported by seasoned specialists.

Full-on ecommerce dedication

We are a 100% ecommerce-focused agency with specialists excelling in all industry aspects ready to jump in and handle your software needs.

Ecommerce Platforms Elogic Works With

Adobe Commerce

Shopify Plus

BigCommerce Enterprise

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


SAP Hybris

Adobe Commerce


One of the most flexible B2B ecommerce solutions, Adobe Commerce is an open-source platform with a comprehensive B2B feature set, AI product recommendations, and site search tools. The platform delivers best-in-class buying experiences via the PWA studio and allows you to connect your B2B storefront to a B2C one.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a SaaS platform with the basic features to start selling and shipping your products online to other businesses. It offers a streamlined checkout and self-service portal and should meet the requirements of low-complexity B2B, wholesale, and DTC businesses who are upgrading from other Shopify plans.

BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce B2B Edition supports brands at all stages of their growth providing native capability for low-complexity business models. Proud of its extensibility and flexible APIs, BigCommerce will fit manufacturers experimenting with DTC digital channels who don’t want to replatform as their business scales.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) will be a perfect fit for those B2B enterprises already anchored on Salesforce CRM and looking for an extensive out-of-the-box feature set. SFCC allows you to manage pricing based on the buyer’s roles and permissions, automate reordering with AI tools, and build more intelligent B2B apps.


Designed with MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) approach, commercetools is the first disruptive headless platform for suppliers and manufacturers. Thanks to its decoupled architecture, the solution promises seamless scalability and smooth integration with third-party systems.

SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is a cloud-hosted solution that offers B2B ecommerce integration even with B2C stores. Its main strengths lie in sales and service rep tooling, price management, and product catalog management. SAP will be the best fit for complex B2B enterprises that rely extensively on SAP CRM and ERP.

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    Why is B2C ecommerce important for businesses?

    B2C ecommerce is the most active segment of today’s digital economy, offering businesses an opportunity to reach a huge online audience and establish a presence on the web. By leveraging B2C ecommerce platforms, businesses can establish direct relationships with customers, personalize shopping experiences, and drive revenue growth.

    How does B2C ecommerce differ from B2B ecommerce?

    While both B2C and B2B ecommerce are tied to online transactions, they focus on different target audiences with distinct purchasing behaviors. B2C ecommerce sells products/ services at a retail price directly to individual consumers, whereas B2B ecommerce sells exclusive or specialized items to other businesses or organizations. B2C transactions are typically based on smaller orders and shorter sales cycles than B2B transactions.

    How can I get started with B2C ecommerce development for my business?

    To get started with B2C ecommerce development for your business, consider partnering with a well-tried B2C ecommerce agency that specializes in delivering tailored solutions. Begin by outlining your business goals and objectives, conducting market research to understand your target audience and competitors, and developing a clear ecommerce strategy. From there, collaborate with your chosen agency to design, develop, launch, and optimize your ecommerce website.

    What is B2C ecommerce?

    Short for business-to-consumer ecommerce, B2C ecommerce is when you sell goods and/or services online directly to individual consumers. Payment transactions are conducted right between a business and a buyer, with the goal of satisfying the needs and preferences of individual shoppers.

    What services does a B2C ecommerce agency offer?

    A B2C ecommerce agency specializes in providing a range of services to help businesses launch operations online via a newly built online storefront or optimize the existing store. These services may include ecommerce consulting, UI/UX design, performance optimization, replatforming, conversion rate optimization (CRO), omnichannel strategy development, marketplace development, systems integration, and scale & growth solutions.

    What are the key factors for successful B2C ecommerce development?

    Successful B2C ecommerce development requires a strategic approach and careful planning. One must bring a certain value proposition to the market, meet shopper demands and requirements, target the right customer segment, promote, and keep users satisfied. All this calls for lots of research — competitive and business, content- and customer journey-focused, marketing and UX-directed.

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