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Migrating the online fashion retail store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and expanding the website’s functionality

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carbon-38 carbon-38

What we did

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Replatforming to Magento 2 means migrating all product data and user information. Due to the large scale of Carbon38, the migration was quite meticulous but eventually made the website faster, more secure and user-friendly, and more flexible to customizations.

Custom-made menu & search

We’ve expanded the existing design of Carbon38 with a mega menu so that various apparel choices are displayed in text and as images. The same image thumbnails appear in a search bar: thanks to Magento Algolia integration, a user can see what the product looks like without actually opening the product page.

Personalized recommendations & advanced marketing tools

We’ve customized the user data flow to Google Tag Manager on the website, so that the Carbon38 marketers can receive the most relevant customer information in real time. This same data is also used for personalized recommendations, which appear as a carousel thanks to Certona integration.

Custom checkout & easy payment methods

Several payment methods were integrated for fast and easy checkout: Flow.io, Payeezy, Apple Pay. Afterpay system was also added allowing the customers to purchase in installments. The checkout also involves a system of automatic discounts following the rule “buy more, save more.” A customer is notified of the minimum purchase amount to increase a reward. Thanks to Signifyd integration, the website also validates the payment method and protects both business and customers from frauds.

Easier warehouse & tax management

Carbon38 Magento store has been integrated with the advanced warehouse management system, helping the team and customers check stock availability in real time. Meanwhile, integration with TaxJar has automated tax calculations, which might be particularly challenging given that the brand operates in different states.

Ambassador program

Since Carbon38 collaborates with famous designers and influencers, they needed a platform where they all come together. We’re currently realizing the ambassador Team38 portal on the website where the brand promoters can create their personal page, add their own matching sets and share their stories, and receive promocodes and commission for their work.

The backstory

Carbon38 is a multi-brand activewear retailer based in the US but collaborating with 250+ vendors around the world. The brand embraces the philosophy of style & comfort: the CEO’s focus on the cut, design, thin and durable material of the clothing blurs the line between functional activewear and progressive streetstyle for women.


This philosophy is reflected in the website. Selling luxury apparel of leading sportswear designers and promoting its own branded label, Carbon38’s website gets about 500K+ visitors per month from all over the globe. With such an immense traffic — which grew only bigger along with the ambitious plans of Carbon38 — the brand was concerned with its website performance and user experience.


This huge fashion enterprise was running on Magento Open Source 1 and hosted on Amazon Web Services. As the business scaled, Magento 1 infrastructure became too weak to sustain high-traffic loads, so the sales and website performance started dropping. Elogic came to the rescue and replatformed this huge fashion project to Magento 2 with customized infrastructure.

Key technologies

We helped Carbon38 replatform to Magento 2 and ensured stable functionality of their customized large online store

Because of the extent of the project, it took us a 10-people team and 18 months of work to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and develop custom-made modules to improve website functionality. As a result of our cooperation, Carbon38 pages load much faster (which is impressive given the 18K+ visitors during peak hours!). Custom-made menu and Elasticsearch resolved the VR navigation problem that Carbon38 had previously and allowed the users to see a 360-degree view of an item, its colors and models, and matching sets at ease.

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Third-party system integrations with Google Tag Manager and Certona allow Carbon38 team personalize activewear recommendations and effectively upsell and cross-sell sports pieces. Integration with TaxJar has also made tax management easier, so that the Carbon38 team can see accurate sales tax rates at checkout and report returns to the states where they’re registered. 


The project was surely not a breeze. But it showed that even something as difficult as migrating huge data to Magento 2, customizing every feature of the website up to the last button, and automating back-office operations was possible. Now Carbon38 is more than effective in its business operations and ready to cater to all the customers tastes and whims.

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