Magento 2 Extension Development Services


Need a custom functionality for your Magento store? Build an entirely new module or upgrade your existing extensions – we provide Magento extension development services to help you improve your site performance and business metrics.


Magento 2 extension development: what you get with us

We know how it feels to spend hours searching for a readily available extension for Magento only to see it doesn’t fit. Instead of wasting your time, you can hire professionals who can build a custom module for you.

Custom implementation

With Magento custom extension development you get functionality compatible with your version of the platform. Your module will connect to your third-party software and internal systems without causing any technical problems. We’ve built custom modules for payment gateways, CRM, and shipping solutions, and can develop any functionality you require.

Technical documentation

Our Magento 2 extension development services include writing comprehensive technical documentation. Using this documentation, any developer working on your website will understand the architecture of the developed functionality. We write installation and usage guides so you could easily maintain the extension internally.

40 hours of free support

After we release the extension, you will get 40 hours of free support services to ensure everything works well when your customers start interacting with it. If there occur any technical or usage issues, we will fix them immediately. We guarantee that the new functionality perfectly integrates with your Magento ecommerce website.


Featured case studies

The majority of our Magento projects include custom extension development or upgrading existing modules.

Case study | USA | Consumer electronics

Custom Magento 2 extension development for conversion optimization

Case study | Switzerland | Vape

Building a multi-source inventory module for streamlining stock management in multiple locations

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What custom functionality we can build for you

Below you can see some common functionality that we implemented for ecommerce stores powered by Magento. You can take advantage of these features to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and make your online business more successful.


Login with Facebook

Make it possible for users to register on your website with one click.


Custom payment system

If your local bank or payment service has an API, we can connect it to Magento.


SMS gateway

Use SMS services for registration and login confirmation, notifications, and shipment tracking.


Customers reviews

Import reviews from Amazon or Trustpilot to your website or product page and earn customer trust.


Advanced search

Build search suggestions with synonyms to help users find relevant search results.


Customer support

Add call back and live chat features to address customer queries.


Payment methods

Add credit, wire transfer, check, pay after delivery, and other payment methods.


Customer relationship management

Integrate your CRM to manage customer data and resolve queries in a timely manner.


Instagram feed

Add Instagram feed to inspire your store visitors and increase sales.


Warehouse management

Keep your inventory up-to-date and track what products are selling the most.


Enterprise resource planning

Improve efficiency by adding all facets of your business operations to Magento.


Product information management

Centralize all your product data in one place.


POS terminal

Connect the POS terminal to sync online and offline sales.


"If you find cheaper, we'll give you a discount"

Increase conversions by adding this simple marketing trick.


Appointment booking

Let your customers book appointments through your website.


Custom mega-menu

Add multi-column drop-down menus to navigation to increase engagement.

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Why choose our Magento extension development company?

Elogic is a certified Magento Solutions Partner. We’ve been 10 years on the market helping businesses build and launch ecommerce websites. So far, we’ve built more than 70 websites, and know every detail of this process.

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Elogic is a certified Magento Solutions Partner.

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