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    Stand out from the competition with our BigCommerce experts

    Empower every aspect of your project with our platform development, transformation, and migration knowledge.

    Introduce the all-around expertise across markets, domains, and technologies
    Save time and resources compared to hiring in-house BigCommerce developers
    Achieve an ultimate cost efficiency with rapid team scaling up and down
    Take advantage of direct communication with your dedicated developer
    Meet your BigCommerce development demands with our flexible engagement options
    Reinforce your tech strategy with our expertise in extensions, integrations, migration, and more

    Deliver better results and enhance productivity with dedicated developers from Elogic

    Elogic dedicated
    BigCommerce developers
    In-house developers
    Freelance contributors
    Depends on engagement
    Comprehensive, across
    multiple project types and markets
    Rather limited
    Rather limited
    Guidance/ Consultancy
    Yes, plus project manager
    or tech lead free of charge
    Depends on seniority
    Reasons to choose
    All-around expertise across
    development, migration, and transformation
    Suits complex, long-term projects
    Cost-efficiency when it comes
    to minor tasks and improvements
    High recruitment costs and burn rate
    Undefined expertise, less stability,
    doesn’t suit long-term projects
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    our services

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      Get experts who make a difference

      Igor Kolosenko
      Igor Kolosenko
      Senior BigCommerce developer
      Experience: 6 years

      Igor has been involved in several enterprise-level projects, and has comprehensive expertise in ecommerce platform development, extensions development, and migration.

      Igor Kolosenko
      • Increased the page loading speed by 5 times for a large marketplace with more than 2500 retailers by incorporating code optimization practices
      • Optimized the development process for an industrial automation solutions provider, which led the development time reduction by 2.5 times
      Development methodologies
      • Scrum
      • Kanban
      • Lean
      • XP
      • Bachelor’s degree in IT security
      Major Projects
      • Ecommerce platform performance and security audit, integrations set assessment and platform updates planning
      • B2B ecommerce platform extension with B2C functionalities that include custom PIM development, ERP integration, and performance optimization
      • Large fashion-focused marketplace performance optimization, which included migration to AWS, code audit and refactoring, maintenance costs reduction, and more. As a result, the client experienced a page loading speed improvement of 5 times.
      Hard Skills
      • 6 years of experience as a BigCommerce engineer
      • Strong knowledge of PHP, Laravel framework, and SQL
      • Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
      • 4 years of experience with Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS
      • Deep expertise in integrating payment gateways and performance optimization
      • Experience within enterprise ecommerce platforms and local solutions
      • Experience with composing the extensions and integration sets
      Soft Skills
      • Team leadership, mentorship, and guidance across every aspect of the development
      • Sharp presentation skills both in-person and in video conference framework
      • Clear structuring of the requirements, business goals translation into technical tasks
      • Strong team management and task prioritization skills

      Why choose our BigCommerce experts?

      Being on the market for years, we’ve sharpened our processes to help our clients hire a perfect BigCommerce developer. This is what you get when partnering with Elogic:

      Rapid talent

      Depending on your project specifics, it takes us up to 14 days to find a perfect fit for your development, whether you need a single expert or a team.

      In-house level

      You can either manage our theme developers and communicate with them by yourself or control the process through the dedicated project manager.

      Consultancy and

      Our BigCommerce developers for hire have been through multiple projects and know how to ensure your platform's reliability and technical excellence in a short- and long-term perspective.

      Flexibility and cost-efficiency

      Your project may require more engineering power at the most intensive stages and less after them. For more cost-efficiency, we introduce the ability to scale your team up or down easily.

      How to hire our BigCommerce developers

      Reinforce your development efforts with our experts in up to 14 days — we’ve designed an easy, straightforward process to help you do so.
      STEP 1
      Describe your inquiry
      Share the basic information on your project and needs — do you need to build a solution from scratch or modernize your existing one? How many experts do you need?
      STEP 2
      Interview the developers
      Your time is of the highest value for us. So shortly after your inquiry and our initial call, you will receive CVs of our available BigCommerce specialists with relevant expertise to your project requirements. At this step, you can interview your preferred candidate and send them a test task.
      STEP 3
      Hire BigCommerce web developers
      After the interview and test tasks, you make a decision whether to hire our engineers, how many of them, and who exactly you want to allocate. Keep in mind that you can recruit not only back-end and front-end developers but also QAs, DevOps, or designers, and other non-tech team members.
      STEP 4
      Sign the contract, SLA, and NDA
      We’ll come back shortly after your decision to sign the agreement and legal papers that cover our obligations and non-disclosure agreement, so you can be sure about confidentiality and quality.
      STEP 5
      Start working on the project
      Our team members have all the tools and gear needed to start, so we start generating value right away, with no need of dealing with administrative issues.

      What our clients are saying

      If we experience an issue at any time, Elogic Commerce is accessible and quickly handles the problem.

      Robin Hansson

      CEO, Dampfi

      They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

      Wes Gleeson

      Managing Director, Yellowblue

      The team's general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

      Elliot Thomas

      Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

      What our clients are saying


      Get in touch

      Hire dedicated BigCommerce developers that have expertise relevant to your project — in days, not months.

      Frequently asked questions

      Do you have BigCommerce developers of different skill levels?

      The core of our team consists of middle and senior certified developers able to deliver value to projects of different sizes and technology stacks. When allocating an engineer from Elogic, you can count on the expertise the whole company has, not only the knowledge of the developer you get.

      What time zone are your BigCommerce programmers in?

      We are located in GMT+3, which is especially handy for our clients from the US and Australia — we work when they sleep, so the work on the project runs 16 hours instead of 8. On the other hand, we still have several hours to conduct meetings and demos.

      Do your BigCommerce developers have experience with API integration?

      Yes. Our certified BigCommerce developers have extensive expertise in building from scratch, transformation, migration, API integration, extensions, and more. In a word, we cover everything you may need to do with BigCommerce.

      How quickly can I hire BigCommerce developers through Elogic?

      It takes us up to 14 days after we get an inquiry to provide you with engineers that possess expertise relevant to your project. Typically, within 14 days our clients get and review CVs, conduct interviews, sign papers, and onboard our engineers.

      Is there a trial period of interaction with your BigCommerce expert team?

      We are okay with conducting a short test period so you can make sure our expertise matches your project. Typically, such test periods cover multiple pieces of work that reflect the development specifics.

      What is the hourly rate for BigCommerce developers at your company?

      The hourly rate depends on the seniority of developers you engage. For long-term projects and those involving a large number of engineers, the rate may be negotiable.

      Can I hire a dedicated BigCommerce developers team for my project and manage them by myself?

      Sure. You can either manage the developers by yourself or communicate and control the development via our project manager if you find this option more efficient. At Elogic, you can hire a team, a full-time developer, or a part-time developer, so you get additional flexibility in terms of cooperation.

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