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We’ve built stores from the ground up, migrated them, implemented new features, and even designed custom extensions multiple times. And we are here to empower your business with this expertise.

Magento consulting services we provide

Whether you start the online business and need to enter the market efficiently or your store requires replatforming and optimization, we are here to help. Our clients get not only our engineering power but the experience in building, improving, and maintaining Magento stores.
We focus our efforts on both technical and business performance, aiming at improving speed, security, and increasing revenue with advanced optimization services.

Magento store development
For 10 years on the market, we’ve created various stores for businesses in industries from luxury and fashion to consumer electronics. We apply this experience to identify and implement the most efficient ways to create a strategy that meets your goals and vision, build your Magento store, and choose the right extensions stack.
Migration to Magento 2
We know well the peculiarities of both replatforming to Magento 2 from WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other services, and upgrading from Magento 1. We analyze what exact advantages your business obtains with migration and help maximize the profits, make calculations, and ensure that your store performance is not affected during migration.
Extensions development
The extensions set is extremely important for the store performance, and there’s no silver bullet combination. We’ve helped multiple businesses, and know what to consider when composing extensions set, but we also understand there might not exist the extension your store needs. In such case, we will create it by ourselves, so you take advantage of a tailored one.
Ensuring high security
Our approach implies security enhancement — we assess vulnerabilities, do advanced analysis and tests, and develop a security strategy based on the results. When creating Magento stores by ourselves, we strive to ensure the highest security standards from the very pre-development stage.

We guide and empower our customers to build well-performing online businesses

We obtained a broad experience for 10 years we help and consult our clients, but it’s not possible to know everything. So we rely on our sharpened approach and team of professionals even more, than on experience. And it works just fine for our clients’ businesses.

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Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Benefits of engaging Magento consultants

New businesses may take advantage of the broad experience and sharp processes that consultancy companies bring to the table. The established ones save time and money. Instead of creating an internal team to identify issues, mitigate risks, and optimize performance, such companies get the job done faster by professionals. How exactly?

  • Strategy and all stages of store development, from initial analysis to conquering new markets are covered
  • All-round store performance analysis from a team with deep cross-domain expertise
  • Tailored services that focus on both technical and business performance improvement
  • Monitoring, analysis, and optimization processes implementation

How to Get Magento Consulting

We strive to help you right away, that’s why our process is fast and easy.

Drop us a line
Describe your project and what needs you want to cover — you can do this via email or our contact form
Discuss the project and choose a consultant
We’ll reach you and talk about your project in detail, then you’ll get resumes of our experts and choose the ones you want to help your project.
Start cooperation
After scopes and timelines are agreed upon, we sign the contract and start cooperation immediately.

Why choose our Magento eCommerce consulting?

At Elogic, we focus on expanding the technical and non-technical capabilities of our clients’ businesses and bring a transparent cooperation process.

A decade on the market
We’ve not only seen Magento evolving, ecommerce growth and how businesses ride the wave — we were part of it. And we bring the expertise to help you build solutions for tomorrow.
Cross-domain expertise
We’ve created, optimized, migrated, and improved 70+ digital stores, and know how to mitigate risks and improve the performance of any business.
Comprehensive approach
We are ecommerce engineers who build stores from scratch, migrate and transform existing ones, and even create custom extensions. We can cover everything you might need.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions which are not included in this list, please contact us. We'll provide you with all the necessary information within one work day.

Why should I choose your Magento consultants?

We are experts with 10 years of experience in building, optimizing, and migration Magento solutions and more than 70 projects accomplished. Thus, we can bring your business to another level.


How can I hire Magento Consultants?

We have a straightforward process — contact us and describe your project idea. We’ll reach you as soon as possible to talk about it more precisely, then we’ll provide you resumes of our professionals. After signing a contract, we’ll start working on your project.


How can my business benefit from your Magento consulting services?

We are experienced in creating stores from scratch, migration, extensions development, maintenance, and others. Our efforts are focused on enhancing security, performance optimization, and unveiling new opportunities.

What can we do for you?

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