Quality policy statement


This Quality Policy Statement was developed by Elogicus Osaühing (here: Elogicus) to summarize in plain language the essential elements of organization’s commitment to design, develop and provide Services that meet the requirements of our clients and other stakeholders.


Elogicus is an e-commerce full circle development company. We work with B2C and B2B retailers, wholesalers, and marketplace owners. At Elogic we provide dedicated development teams to plan, design, develop and successfully launch technically challenging e-commerce websites.

The purpose of Elogicus it to facilitate the transition of retail brands to e-commerce leaders.


Elogicus recognizes and takes account of the rapidly changing environment of e-commerce consulting market. The advancement of technology that influences the development of popular e-commerce platforms demands constant drive for modernization and proactive approach to early adoptance.

Elogicus success largely depends on its team of exceptional developers, designers, testers and other contributors. Therefore, Elogicus monitors the labor market and dedicates its resources to create encouraging working environment to stay competitive and open for opportunities.

Strategic Direction

Elogicus aims to become platform-agnostic e-commerce development company that can satisfy needs of any retailer regardless of its scope.

Quality Objectives

Elogicus has determined the following quality objective in order to fulfill its strategic direction:

  • Rapid adaptation of every major e-commerce platform;
  • Certification of developers in order to adopt the best practices;
  • Gradually shifting to closed cycle of e-commerce development and consulting;
  • Achieving leading position on e-commerce consulting market;
  • Any questions or concerns relating to this policy should be addressed to Elogicus Management board member directly: paul@elogic.co

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