Magento 2 WorldPay Integration

Worldpay is a global payment processing platform that enables businesses to securely accept and manage payments from customers worldwide.

Worldpay’s global reach also allows businesses to expand their customer base and enter new markets with confidence.

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Smooth and Secure Checkout Experience

Worldpay Magento 2 integration seamlessly combines the powerful e-commerce capabilities of Magento with the secure and versatile payment processing solutions of Worldpay.

This Magento payment gateway integration ensures a smooth and convenient payment experience for customers, supporting various payment methods.

It also enhances security, enabling businesses to expand their reach and grow confidently in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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What Business Goals Does It Achieve?

Magento Worldpay integration can be a game-changer for your business.

Here is how.

Enhanced Payment Experience

Achieve a seamless and secure payment process for customers, boosting satisfaction and trust.

Global Expansion

Expand your market reach confidently with Worldpay’s international payment solutions.

Efficient Transaction Management

Streamline payment processing and financial operations for improved efficiency.

Data Security

Safeguard sensitive financial data, ensuring compliance and customer confidence.

Business Growth

Drive growth by optimizing the payment experience and expanding into new markets with ease.

Features You Will Be Able to Access With Magento 2 Worldpay Integration

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

“Elogic has left a considerable mark on our business. We’re grateful for the seamless, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience you’ve provided. Thank you!”

Multi-Payment Support

Seamlessly accept various payment methods, providing customers with flexibility and convenience.

Real-time Payment Updates

Keep payment information up-to-date with automatic synchronization, reducing manual effort.

Fraud Prevention

Benefit from robust fraud prevention measures, safeguarding against fraudulent transactions.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Offer a reliable and secure payment experience, building trust and boosting customer loyalty.

International Expansion

Access Worldpay’s global payment solutions, facilitating expansion into new markets.

Secure Payment Processing

Ensure top-level security for financial transactions, protecting both businesses and customers.

Magento Worldpay Integration Options

There are three Worldpay Magento integration options. Here is the display of them:

Economical Yet Restrictive

Option 1

Point-to-Point Integration

How They Operate: The integration method involves utilizing a connector available on the Magento Marketplace. This process requires downloading Composer and manually installing it on your machine.

Benefits of Point-to-Point Method: This approach offers a cost-effective integration solution, giving users direct control for customization according to their specific needs.

Considerations: It’s essential to note that this method demands manual work, including the installation and configuration of components. Depending on the user’s technical expertise, this process can vary in complexity and may require time and effort.

Balanced and Customizable


Option 2

Choose a connector and fine-tune it

How They Operate:

  • Commence by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the available connectors, pinpointing the one that best suits your unique needs.
  • Proceed by tailoring the selected connector to precisely align with your distinct requirements and specifications.

Benefits of Combined Method: The combination of connectors and customization provides access to a cost-effective solution that is not only fully functional but also tailored to your specific business requirements.

Considerations: During the customization phase, it’s imperative to prioritize compatibility with your existing systems to guarantee a seamless integration experience.

Robust but Expensive

Option 3

Pre-built Connectors

How They Operate: Opt for a ready-made connector explicitly crafted for Magento, featuring predefined features and configurations.

Benefits of Pre-built Connectors: Save time and cut costs by utilizing off-the-shelf solutions, equipped with user-friendly interfaces and established functionality.

Considerations: It’s essential to remember that pre-built connectors may have limited customization options and necessitate compatibility checks with your existing systems. Additionally, these connectors are typically offered by third-party vendors and may entail additional costs.

Which Option to Select?

It’s about selecting the optimal ready-made “box” solution and fine-tuning it to match your unique requirements.
Paul Okhrem​

Paul Okhrem​

Founder & CEO

Consider factors such as the complexity of data exchange, customization needs, budget constraints, and the availability of technical resources. Additionally, it’s advisable to seek guidance from Elogic integration experts to identify the most suitable approach for your specific circumstances.

Among the available options, customization stands out as a compelling advantage. It enables you to finely tune the integration to seamlessly align with your precise requirements, ensuring a harmonious fit with your business operations. This tailored approach not only ensures functionality but also optimizes your business for success.

Expert Customization: Our team possesses the expertise to create solutions tailored precisely to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless alignment with your business operations.

Official Magento Partnership: Our esteemed status as a trusted Magento partner reflects our practical experience in consistently delivering exceptional integration solutions.

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Your Magento and Worldpay project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

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End-To-End Responsibility

End-To-End Responsibility

An assigned project manager will oversee your project throughout its lifecycle, from gathering requirements and task creation to development, result delivery, and post-integration support. You can monitor progress and make scope adjustments.
Deliver Projects Much Faster

Deliver Projects Much Faster

Our use of a pre-built, stable Import/Export solution for Worldpay Magento 2 integration allows us to deliver projects much faster than competitors. We also have a proven plan to address current business challenges.

Free Post-Release Support

Free Post-Release Support

We offer 2 months of complimentary support following the release. Throughout this timeframe, a dedicated manager will be available to address any inquiries you have about the new functionality and assist you in maximizing its benefits.


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Jacob Jones

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Your Magento and Worldpay project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Expertise in integrations.

Our team boasts vast experience with these solutions, guaranteeing our ability to customize them to meet your precise needs.

Yes, Worldpay is a secure choice for online payments. It adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and employs encryption and security measures to protect customer data during transactions. It’s crucial for businesses to implement security best practices to maintain a secure payment environment.

Worldpay integration streamlines the checkout process, offering customers a choice of payment methods and ensuring a smooth and secure payment experience.

Worldpay can automatically handle currency conversion, allowing international customers to view and pay in their preferred currency.

Yes, customization options are available to tailor the checkout process and payment options to align with specific business requirements and branding.

The integration facilitates the management of refunds and helps businesses efficiently handle chargeback requests while adhering to payment industry regulations.

Yes, Worldpay integration can support 3D Secure authentication for an additional layer of security during online transactions.

Yes, we have had successful integrations with Worldpay in the past.

One notable integration was with Mayfair, where we integrated their website with Worldpay to increase the number of payment options available to customers, including credit card, wire transfer, check, money order, and more.

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