Watches of Mayfair

  • Sector: Luxury Goods & Jewelry
  • Location: Great Britain
Shaping Better Customer Experience for a Luxury Watches Supplier
Improving the quality of customer experience is a priority for Watches of Mayfair, a luxury brands supplier.

Watches of Mayfair is an international supplier of luxury brands based in Great Britain. Their online store sells Swiss watches, jewelry pieces, gifts, and other products from over 85 high-end brands. The company ships products to 170 countries all over the world. They employ a multilingual customer service team who helps buyers choose the desired product and sources it for them at the best price and with suitable delivery terms. Watches of Mayfair has a boutique in London and collection points in Hong Kong and Geneva.

Watches of Mayfair is a modern brand that stays abreast of the best practices in their industry as well as ecommerce as a whole. They offer a great service highly praised by their customers and constantly improve interactions at every touchpoint.

To increase the quality of user experience, the founders of Watches of Mayfair decided to redesign their current website. They wanted to make it more user-friendly, elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Increase the quality of customer experience
  • Customer experience is everything

    Customer experience encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering—the quality of customer care, of course, but also advertising, packaging, service features, ease of use, and website functionality.

  • Technology partner in Ukraine

    The founders of Watches of Mayfair looked for a technology partner in Ukraine who could implement the redesign of their current website, and bring to life custom functionality that makes the user experience better.

  • Magento 2 migration

    The company also needed to transfer the data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as migration was just a reasonable thing to do after the website redesign.

  • Watches of Mayfair found eLogic on LinkedIn. We had everything they were looking for: large experience in ecommerce development, expertize in Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, and we were based in Ukraine.

    We started a fruitful collaboration which resulted in a strong ongoing partnership.
Custom design.
New functionality.
Magento 2 migration.

The Watches of Mayfair website was built with Magento 1.9. It had 65 extensions and about 200 product attributes. Our work on the project included the following milestones:

– Select a design partner for UI/UX design implementation
– Implement new design features and custom layout
– Develop and integrate new functionality with Magento 2
– Perform data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Custom design
New functionality
Magento 2 migration
Third-party integrations
01 Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is one of the best search engines available for Magento 2 ecommerce websites. We integrated it with the website so the customers could find a specific luxury product f

02 Mega menu

Mega menu is a great feature that simplifies website navigation allowing customers to quickly access different pages across the website. It combines text, links and graphic elements.

03 Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom Plus is a helpful plugin that lets users enlarge an image to view the details. This feature increases the sales of ecommerce stores.

04 Instagram feed

We integrated Instagram feed to the website home page via an API. It's a customized grid that pulls the images from Instagram.

05 World Pay

To increase the number of possible payment options, we integrated the website with World Pay, a payment processing system. It allows to pay via credit card, wire transfer, check money order, and more.

Custom Functionality
Shop by Brand extension

We implemented the Shop by Brand feature to extend the navigation functionality allowing customers to find products from their favorite brands.


On the previous website version, Watches of Mayfair had a default product catalog customized to their needs. We completely recreated it adding more functionality that gives visitors more information about the products.

Configurable products

Magento offers some degree of product configuration. For example, you can specify the color and size of your product. But this amount of support for customization wasn't sufficient for Watches of Mayfair. We constructed a custom configurator that allows store managers to specify various types of categories, each with a specific set of attributes and a set of permissible values for those attributes to each product.

Currency rates

Because Watches of Mayfair is an international brand, the website needed to make it possible for customers to pay for products in their currency. We integrated the store with Fixer, an API for foreign exchange rates and currency conversion.

Custom contact forms

Watches of Mayfair uses a very personalized approach with every customer. To help them provide excellent client service, we built custom form functionality. Website visitors can get in touch with store managers by pushing an Enquire button on the product page, sending an email, or using a live chat. Once a product is purchased, customers can book an appointment at the Watches of Mayfair boutique store in London or Hong Kong through the website.

Trustpilot reviews

To increase credibility and provide social proof, we implemented custom widgets from the Trustpilot consumer review website. Store visitors can read what other clients say about the Watches of Mayfair services. You can review widgets on the home page and on product pages on the website

Call for price

Some products on the Watches of Mayfair's website don't have a fixed price. Because the company partners with different suppliers, their prices can change. We built a "call for price" feature to let customers inquire about the price of such products.

Custom Functionality
7 modules developed.
Watches of Mayfair
We worked side-by-side with the Watches of Mayfair founders

We spent about one month on project planning before getting down to the actual development. The development process lasted for about five months and involved one front-end and one backend developer, a QA specialist, and a project manager. It was a very Agile project with frequent changes in requirements and improvements on-the-go.

of work
Data migration
from Magento 1
to Magento 2
API integration
UX design
Better usability, more sales

After launching the Watches of Mayfair website, the company had a significant increase in sales. This was due to two reasons. For one, the website became more visible. We didn’t lose any URLs during the migration thus preventing the loss in traffic. For two, the store became much more user-friendly and converted better than the previous version. Also, it became much easier for store managers to import and export products, and manage the store operations.

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