Services our Shopify Plus developers provide

We have in-depth knowledge of Shopify Plus peculiarities and will help you take advantage of advanced tools like AR and 3D video and customized checkout. We dive into your business specifics and combine that with strong knowledge of Shopify Plus platform features to build a digital boutique that meets your target audience preferences and desires.

Turnkey digital store development
Having solid experience in building digital shops from scratch and transforming them into bleeding-edge solutions across several platforms, we bring our domain and technical expertise to make your Shopify Plus store really stand out. We drive you through the whole process, think together with you in terms of better solutions, and never leave you halfway — we stay after the development is done to empower your automation, optimization, and conversions.
Migration to Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus platform brings a number of benefits for your company — like trimming down the costs on hosting or infrastructure. Also, it is extremely friendly for re-platforming — it may take up to 6 times less than with some other platforms. Our experienced Shopify Plus developers know the Shopify Plus ins and outs and will help you maximize the benefits the platform offers, take advantage of reduced re-platforming time and advanced optimization tools.
Tailored Shopify Plus design development
It’s rarely possible to communicate your brand message with a theme pre-developed by the platform — some of them are really nice, but not when you need to stand out for your customers. Our Shopify Plus developers create custom design and logo, conduct in-depth research and help you with constant optimization to increase conversions and meet your audience specific requirements.
Consultancy, support, and scaling
Work never stops after the store release — it’s just a milestone, not the destination point. And we support our customers during the whole journey: consult them on tech stack composition and apps, back them up with our maintenance services, work on performance and conversions optimization, help automate routine tasks and save time and money. We are here to help both when the business is about to grow and when it transforms into a durable enterprise.

Cases from our Shopify Plus developers

We strive to help our customers take advantage of every single feature that platforms provide to get more clients, bring a better user experience, and increase conversions. We feel invested in every digital boutique we create, and so we don’t mind going the extra mile to make sure our partners have customers.

And that, we believe, is the only way outstanding e-commerce solutions can be created.

Roller Rabbit
USA , Apparel & Fashion
Global Mother & Kid Marketplace
Middle East , Healthcare

Benefits of hiring Shopify Plus engineers

No e-commerce business can succeed without qualified engineers, and we strive to maximize your benefits from engaging our Shopify Plus experts. We not only empower your project with our tech expertise but bring more:

Save time and resources on hiring in-house Shopify Plus developers
Scale the team up or down rapidly
Bring sharpened development processes
Get the team ready in up to 2 weeks
Take advantage of cross-domain expertise

How to hire our Shopify Plus experts

We pay special attention to finding a perfect match between your project and our team members’ skills and introduce an easy, straightforward process focused on providing you with professionals able to boost your development right away.

Book a meeting with our expert
Get a free consultation focused on your business requirements and get all the information you need to know before getting down to hiring our Shopify Plus experts. We’ll discuss your needs and analyze them.
Discuss details with our Shopify Plus developer
Nobody can understand you better than an engineer with an extensive background across several industries. You’ll meet our tech expert, discuss your needs and identify the most suitable and efficient ways to build or transform your digital boutique.
Get a proposal
Our business analysts will create a document where all the timelines, resources, and milestones are included. After you review it and we make improvements or changes, if they are required, we can sign the contract and start contributing to your project.
Create or transform your digital store
We introduce a well-shaped and standardized workflow — we usually work within Agile sprints, provide timely and clear reporting, and keep our clients informed on everything that’s important.
Support and optimize your solution
We help you not only keep your shop in flawless technical shape but automate routine tasks, set up tools for analysis and get more from your marketing. In a word, we help you before the development starts and after it ends, and care for your business success.

Why choose Elogic experts?

70+ projects executed
We are not a random team — our Shopify Plus experts have worked with dozens of projects in multiple domains, and obtained strong experience in both technology and business. That means, we can understand your business needs and address them in a rapid and convenient manner.
10 years of experience
For more than a decade we’ve been helping our customers to create, design, transform, improve, and implement their digital shops. When we’ve seen no suitable extension or app, we’ve created it. When there was no suitable theme, we’ve designed it. And we are here to do the same for you.
Efficient cooperation models
You can get the help of our Shopify Plus experts in two ways — by hiring a dedicated team or dedicated Shopify Plus developers. You scale the team up or down rapidly and save up the resources instead of hiring an in-house team.

What our clients are saying


If we experience an issue at any time, Elogic Commerce is accessible and quickly handles the problem.

Ellipse 56
Robin Hansson

CEO, Dampfi

They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

Wes Gleeson

Managing Director, Yellowblue

The team’s general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

Elliot Thomas

Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

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Reach out to receive a free consultation and entrust your IT initiative to a company that will help you to manifest your vision and business approach into an evergrowing and adaptable business.


    Frequently asked questions

    What is a Shopify plus developer?

    It’s an engineer with in-depth knowledge of Shopify in general and features that Shopify Plus brings to the table particularly. Our Shopify Plus experts can help you take advantage of both, and not only ensure the flawless technical side of the project but care about your business success.

    Should I hire someone to make my Shopify store?

    It’s not impossible to achieve moderate success without special skills and even without knowledge of programming languages. Though, to set up a well-shaped system that unites optimized user experience, flawless performance, custom theme and integrations along with marketing processes automation and advanced optimization, it’s worth considering engaging Shopify professionals.

    Our Shopify Plus developers focus on aligning your business vision with the possibilities Shopify Plus provides and embodying them into the strong digital boutique that meets your current audience requirements and leaves room for further growth and expansion.

    Is it worth hiring a Shopify expert?

    In terms of return on investments, it’s definitely worth it. Shopify Plus experts with versatile backgrounds have invaluable business and technical knowledge they can transform into a sharp e-commerce solution that allows for advanced conversions optimization, outstanding user experience, and solid potential for scaling.

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