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Global Mother & Kid Marketplace

The biggest online mother and child marketplace in the Middle East hires dedicated Magento PWA developers and extends their team of software engineers

Dedicated development team for a mother and child marketplace Dedicated development team for a mother and child marketplace

Why dedicated development team from Elogic

Fast turnaround time

Ecommerce success might often depend on the season. Today you’re generating millions in sales during the holiday season, while tomorrow you might come to a standstill and need to cut down on marketplace development tasks. Elogic has mitigated these risks by offering flexible team scale-ups. 


The Client has been using this opportunity to meet their staffing needs by requesting more Magento ecommerce marketplace developers for a certain period of time or reducing their number. Besides, they got an extra advantage scaling the team up and down without any emotional or financial attachments when it was time to change an employee.

Time- and cost-efficient hiring

As a rule of thumb, businesses spend 1.25 to 1.4 times more on hiring in-house than a real employee’s salary. That’s because hiring in-house comes with a wide range of expenses and tax obligations. It also takes up to 8 months to find Magento marketplace developers and reach their full productivity in a new role.


Luckily, Elogic has addressed this pain point for the Client. We sift through the online marketplace developers, match them with the project, and take care of the onboarding. This way, the Client saves time on hiring and can get straight to development tasks. The business also has less responsibility covering the expenses associated with hiring: Elogic takes care of all the equipment costs, insurance, sick leaves, and vacations among others.

Enterprise-level talent

It was important for the Client to uphold their reputation for having deep expertise in technologies and the industries they serve. Outstaffing at Elogic, they acquired more than just marketplace website developers; they took over the expertise of the whole company.


Because our engineers have worked with a variety of projects, ecommerce niches, and business models, they can give a fresh perspective on the development tasks of the Client. What’s more, the Elogic marketplace developers take a proactive approach to problem-solving ensuring the website never runs into unforeseen tech issues.

Customer success manager included in price

The last convincing factor for the Client was a free customer success / account manager who coordinated all communication between developers and the business stakeholders. The Client appreciated keeping their fingers on the pulse of the project development and instant response to their feedbacks from our side. Effective management and transparency of communication have always remained the key to our partnership.

The backstory

As a mother, you must have a lot on your plate having to but endless lists of items in a limited, almost non-existent time. Our Client, a leading mother and child marketplace in the Middle East, is there to take the stress off your shoulders. 


Instead of scattered online stores and crowded malls, the marketplace brings together a wide range of tested and trusted brands selling everything a mother might need — from wardrobe essentials and self-care staples to trendy tots and home nursery. 


This one-stop-shop allows its customers to search, compare, and buy everything from the comfort of their home, so it was important to make the marketplace fast and intuitive. The Client has an in-house development team that required some reinforcement. Having found Elogic on LinkedIn, the Client was looking to hire PWA developers quickly for short-term development tasks.


Our partnership started in a casual LinkedIn chat back in 2021 and still continues‌! Having hired Magento PWA developers, the Client later extended the team with more front- and back-end engineers to achieve stellar results.

Key technologies

We helped the mom & child marketplace speed up their development processes and respond to market needs more efficiently

In more than 2 years, the Client has doubled the time of development and has reduced the cost of hiring by one third. They can try out new ideas without increasing ‌fixed costs in the form of new full-time employees. The dedicated team itself varies in expertise and in its number, reaching the maximum of 20 outstaffed engineers, including marketplace app developers, QA engineers and tech leads.

Elogic takes an active part in consulting the Client on their team structure and reacts to their change in workload by providing more/less certified engineers. Even though this success story has started with a few short-term tasks, our partnership continues long into the future.

Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

Ready to chat?

Reach out to receive a free consultation and entrust your IT initiative to a company that will help you to manifest your vision and business approach into an evergrowing and adaptable business.


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