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Saudi Coffee Roasters

Replatforming to Magento 2, building a UI/UX design from scratch, and extending website functionalities with custom modules and third-party integrations


What we did

Magento 2 store development

Before the Client turned to us at Elogic, their website looked as if it could use a cup of coffee itself. It was quite limited when it came to SEO capabilities, product types, and payment methods. After a series of ecommerce consultations, we suggested the brand to replatform from Shopify to Adobe Commerce, which offers more flexibility in terms of building something custom and unique. 


The Elogic team developed the store from scratch, migrated all customer & order info, and added the following functionalities:


→ A wholesale platform: the brand preserved the domain it has for its B2C website but added a B2B portal with returning customer login, different pricing policies, and discount systems, among others.

→ Virtual products: besides physical coffee products, a shopper can purchase offline and online coffee roasting workshops choosing a specific day and time.

→ Reward points: each time a registered user places an order, they earn reward points that can be later spent on future purchases.

→ Customized search: to optimize ecommerce search bar conversions, our Client enabled the autosuggest function which shows relevant products as soon as a user starts typing in a search bar.

→ Saving groups: users can buy products in bundles and pay less.

UI/UX redesign

Having mapped the Client’s user story and analyzed their business model, we came up with a completely new design for all website pages. Product pages now show a full product description, coffee roast level, hexagon flavor definer, and customer reviews. A user can take a quiz to find their perfect coffee, and a one-step checkout allows shoppers to complete purchases fast. Plus, the website was localized in two languages — in Arabic and in English. 

Google Tag Manager & Google Maps integration

The Client also got their marketing powered up. The integrated Google Tag Manager provides advanced ecommerce analytics and valuable insights that the brand uses for their paid ads, email campaigns, and higher SERP rankings. Besides, Google Maps integration at checkout resolved one of the greatest issues in the Middle East: location tracking. The shoppers can make a choice to either enter their address manually, or drop a pin on the map, or allow access to their current location.

Flexible payment methods

The Client had many more payment methods integrated, which reduced their cart abandonment rate and sped up the purchasing process. In addition to credit cards and cash on delivery, Elogic added PayFort (aka Amazon Payment Services), Apple Pay. Now, 90% of all orders the Client receives come from mobile devices. Shoppers can also take advantage of the buy now, pay later (BNPL) model and have all their preferred payment methods at hand.

Market-specific custom functionalities

Final design touches and extended functionalities added extra value to both the business and the customer: 


→ A shopper can unlock free delivery options once they buy a certain number of items. A progress bar appears on the checkout page and increases the average order value (AOV)

→ Integration with Unifonic has enabled registered customers to log in securely with a one-time password (OTP). 

→ Invoices for B2B buyers are also customized and show a QR code that leads to a real physical document. 

→ We also resolved the problem of PDF generation in Arabic. Since native Magento doesn’t read PDF documents written from right to left as it is in the Arabic language, the Elogic team built a custom library specifically for this case.

→ Customer return portal leads to a smooth user experience, and shoppers can go through reviews with advanced filters to get a better idea of the brand products.

Third-party software integrations
  • Omnisend
  • PayFort
  • Odoo ERP

The backstory

Coffee has long been an essential part of Arab culture, a symbol of generosity, and a must-have beverage on the tables of every Arabian household. In fact, the coffee drinking culture is so ingrained that the region has become a key growth market for specialty coffee chains and roasters expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.2% during 2021-2027.


Our Client, the leading coffee roaster in the Middle East, is both cherishing the coffee heritage and seizing the business opportunity. The brand carefully selects coffee farms and establishes direct communication with partners long before the process of harvesting, ensuring their products are of the highest quality. Their commitment to delivering great taste to coffee lovers is unwavering.


However, as the product assortment and business ambitions of the brand grew, our Client was looking to build a more robust and flexible ecommerce solution to sustain all business initiatives. After a series of consultations and a deep discovery phase, our ecommerce development company in Dubai and UAE narrowed down their choices to Adobe Commerce and suggested a complete website redesign. 

Key technologies

We helped the coffee roaster adapt their website to the local Arab market and gear it up to achieve KPIs across all business metrics

The project was a hit. From an average website on a rather limited platform, our Client migrated to a scalable solution with an appealing yet functional design and even more advanced features to cater to their target audience.


The new design brought about the boost in conversion rates. The secret behind it was a clear-cut, detailed user journey map the Elogic team did which guided the choice of colors, placement of images and logos, tone of writing for product pages, etc. Thanks to the added mobile payment methods, especially PayFort and Apple Pay, 90% of all orders are paid from handheld devices. A progress bar for free delivery increased the AOV, and a custom return module improved CX. 

Added Google Maps at checkout was a real breakthrough too. Since people in the Middle East are so used to the map, they may not remember their exact address. We came up with the solution to add a map at the checkout, so a customer can only pin the location and enjoy shopping further. We also met the national requirements by adding the option of the QR invoice code for B2B buyers.


The wholesale portal deserves a separate discussion. We had it added to the existing B2C channel as a new Magento instance. This way, our Client preserved its brand identity across sales channels but introduced new pricing rules and discounts specifically to B2B buyers. Integration with Odoo ERP ensures the accurate product data and the automated order flow.


In as many as 1500 hours, the Client had its store revamped and tailored to the Arab target audience. A cup of coffee turned into a cup of change, and the brand is now harvesting more sales and more customers.

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