E-commerce Web Design and Web Development company in Dubai

We embody eCommerce solutions that meet your market specifics and bring technical excellence to the equation.

Ecommerce web development services we provide in Dubai

We have a proper focus not only on flawless technical implementation and meeting market specifics but our customers’ long-term success. We dive deeper into your business, consult, help to choose a suitable platform, and build your digital shop in a way that allows effortless scaling and expansion to new markets. 

Ecommerce web design for Dubai
Custom themes are essential for attracting the target audience, establishing the brand identity, and ensuring your shop looks fresh even in a few years. Our e-commerce web design in Dubai strives to meet audience preferences, cultural specifics, and improve conversions. No matter if the shop runs on Magento, Shopify, or other platforms, we help our clients get the most out of their business with our custom designs.
Full-cycle digital boutique development
By saying ‘e-commerce website development in Dubai’, we mean the fact we’ll drive you through the whole range of activities. Starting with the pre-development discovery and ideation, we build the webshop from the ground up, create custom extensions, do design, and help you stay on top after the release.
Store modernization and re-platforming
Whether you run a shop on an outdated platform or want to take advantage of a more suitable offer that another platform has, our e-commerce development company in Dubai is here to help. We consult you on choosing the best option from a long-term perspective and do the implementation.
Tailored integrations and extensions
Just like in the case of e-commerce website design for Dubai specifics, we bring tailored integrations and extensions to help your business shine. That means, we identify your business's exact requirements, compose the stack that helps you deal with operations and marketing efficiently, and integrate it.

Our eCommerce Development Case Studies

As an e-commerce website development company in Dubai, we strive to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop service — from the very ideation to scaling. Here at Elogic, we bring broad cross-domain expertise and sharp technical skills to embody exactly what your target audience requires and set you up for rapid growth. Check how that worked for our clients.

USA , Apparel & Fashion
We helped the top luxury bridal house go online by creating a fully-functional online store on Magento.
Austria, Luxury Goods & Jewelry
We helped Millennium Watches implement Magento 2 website with a user-friendly and elegant custom design and rich functionality.

The process we bring as an eCommerce Development Company in Dubai

We’ve helped over 70 e-commerce businesses, and know exactly how to ensure smooth shopping experiences, but we also know that it’s crucial to organize the development process in a way that is clear and comfortable for everybody.

Pre-development phase
We dedicate this stage to information gathering as well as creating documentation with scopes and timelines, so the development goes smooth and according to the plan.
At this stage, we build 3 core pages, including the cart and product page, and identify what exactly the business and target audience requires. Prototyping saves up time, allows getting rid of non-important features, and shaping the most essential ones.
Design development
We create an e-commerce website design for the Dubai market to help our clients stand out. Using the info gathered at the pre-development stage, we transform your vision and business needs into a fully-fledged theme that’s tailored for your audience preferences.
Building the shop
The process of our ecommerce development in Dubai is built around transparent, predictable collaboration and clear communication. Our dedicated managers are always there for you, and you have direct access to every team member, so the building process is smooth for everybody.
Composing the integrations set
We help you take advantage of the extensions and integrations that meet your business requirements best. There might occur the case there are no suitable extensions — and we’ll be there to build them for you.
Quality assurance
That’s the last part of the actual building process — we get everything tested and prepared for the
Post-release maintenance
E-commerce web development for the Dubai market doesn’t end after deployment — we help with optimization, maintenance, and scaling, as well as drive your expansion to the new markets.

Benefits of cooperating with our eCommerce website development company in Dubai

We’ve created from the ground up, modernized, and scaled multiple solutions on several markets — and we not only implement digital shops but share the experience obtained with our partners. That’s what businesses get from our partnership:

A one-stop-shop approach that allows you to get everything your business requires with Elogic team
Extensive expertise in pre-development stages that allows for better analysis and planning
Experience not only with e-commerce development in Dubai but multiple industries and markets across the globe
Consultancy services that cover both business and technical sides

Why choose our eCommerce website design company in Dubai?

10+ years of experience
We accumulated a decade of experience with multiple platforms and technologies, markets and industries. Based on such a piece of knowledge, we bring advanced solutions that suit your business.
70+ projects
With dozens of projects delivered, we’ve sharpened our development and collaboration processes to ensure your webshop will be implemented flawlessly.
Flexible cooperation
High-end e-commerce website development in UAE means not only flawless technical implementation but cooperation everyone is comfortable with. We introduce several models to choose from.

What Our Clients Say


They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

Wes Gleeson

Managing Director, Yellowblue


Their combination of technical expertise and communication skills were valuable. They are wizards in developing Magento platforms. Their skillset made the project successful for us.

Kyle Dason

VP of E-Commerce, Fashion Marketplace

Instant eCare

The team’s general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

Elliot Thomas

Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

What can we do for you?

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions about our Magento development services, please contact us. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information within one workday.

Is e-commerce profitable in UAE?

As the e-commerce industry reached almost 4 billion dollars in UAE and only grows, for many non-digital businesses it’s worth starting to look for an e-commerce development company in UAE.

What is the most important thing in e-commerce for Dubai?

Successful e-commerce website development for the UAE market includes several crucial points. Besides meeting the target audience preferences, one must take into account the flawless technical implementation of the digital shop, and pay special attention to design. E-commerce web design for the UAE market must meet the cultural specifics of the UAE audience and establish your brand identity. Also, the choice of payment provider is vital, especially if you plan to expand to new markets.

Which technology is best for eCommerce website development?

There’s no single champion but there exists a list of requirements for the technology. It must allow for advanced security and easy scaling, be easily maintainable, and be flexible enough so you can introduce features easily. Also, when talking about platforms, you should consider the ones that provide the best offers for your business type.

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