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Optimizing Magento 2 website performance, developing custom features & portals, and providing expert ecommerce consultations for an Arabian luxury goods marketplace


What we did

Digital solution consultations

You know that feeling when you’ve spent thousands on a new website and it’s still not working? That was the case with CLÉ. Elogic picked up the work of their previous contractors, who struggled to deliver the project in 10 months, and brought developers with versatile skills in Magento and Unirgy to revamp the marketplace. After a number of consultations, we’ve built a roadmap with all tech solutions designed to achieve the clients’ business KPIs and objectives.

Seller account coded from scratch

The marketplace Seller account was far from perfect. Brands had difficulties accessing their accounts, let alone managing sales or responding to customers’ inquiries. Having considered the ecommerce architecture of CLÉ, we have decided to rewrite the page into a progressive web application (PWA) and connect it to a custom React front-end. The result? A fully-functional Seller account with all tools and resources to list the products and manage orders.

Custom return portal

As a way to instill confidence in their customers, CLÉ has developed a custom return portal from scratch. Now, shoppers can return, exchange, or request a refund for a purchased item as long as it remains inside the original brand packaging and without damages. No need to call customer support; all a customer has to do is to log into their personal account and initiate a return request from the “Orders & Returns” section.

SEO & speed optimization

To help CLÉ rank higher on SERP, Elogic has optimized the website in line with the best Magento SEO practices. We have also updated all Magento logs, product and category pages, as well as teasers to make the marketplace more intuitive for both new and returning customers. The whole codebase was refined and refactored. As a result, CLÉ saw an decrease in page loading speed by 3.5x on desktops and by 2x on mobile devices.

Email template design & configuration

Newsletters are the most powerful digital marketing tool, and CLÉ surely knows how to use them well. Having created the first digital magazine in Saudi Arabia dedicated to luxury, the brand asked us to implement their design and configuration of email templates. CLÉ has maximized the smooth customer experience, so now the shoppers can easily sign up to unlock exclusive items and new arrivals.

The backstory

CLÉ is a Saudi-based luxury goods marketplace that connects local communities with global brands. Founded in 2013 by a young entrepreneur Yasmeen AlShathry, the company started as a luxury consultancy service for trendsetters and collectors. Having nurtured relationships with leading jewelry brands, she expanded the company into a robust network of independent brands selling both mainstream jewels and the world’s most limited-edition timepieces. 


The company clearly challenges the world of luxury retail by fostering creative collectiveness yet praising individuality. We stay humble in everything we achieve, big or small. We remind ourselves that we are the artists and the students of our ecosystem — our consumers, partners, and environment),” says Yasmeen.


Everything CLÉ does comes from passion yet must be backed by data. “Wish granted,” we respond at Elogic, ready to revamp the CLÉ website, optimize its speed, and make it more user-friendly than ever.

Saudi-based luxury goods

Key technologies

We helped CLÉ speed up their marketplace by 3.5x on desktops and win more customers with a better shopping experience

When CLÉ first turned to Elogic, their marketplace seemed like it was about to fall apart. Their slow-running website was hardly living up to customers’ expectations, and the marketplace sellers had a hard time accessing their accounts, let alone showcasing the long-standing beauty of their jewelry.


At Elogic, we eagerly took the challenge to make things right. First, we have rewritten the Seller account into a PWA separating it from the rest of the platform coded as a custom React app. Working with a large variety of tools and technologies (i.e. Magento + Unirgy + React), Elogic experts really pushed forward to make it easy for both big powerhouse names and independent brands to register on the platform, fulfill orders, and present their unique collections to the shoppers.

Visit CLÉ arrow black

Second, CLÉ saw an update of all their website pages, including logs, product & category pages, and teasers among others. The store has become more intuitive for both users and admins who can now see the latest changes to the products and act on them. Besides, all changes were introduced keeping the loading speed in mind: the Elogic specialists optimized the website speed by 3.5x on desktops and by 2x on mobile devices.


Last but not least, the CLÉ customers can now access a brand new return portal in case they wish to exchange an item or request a refund. Meanwhile, the CLÉ marketers can work more effectively on their email templates & campaigns which we have configured for them in line with the company’s initial design.


The CLÉ & Elogic partnership hasn’t ended there as the company signed up for our 100-hour ongoing support plan. Thanks to the tight, fruitful collaboration we’ve established so far, we can complete more ambitious projects, such as personalized search and even better user experience, to help CLÉ become the next-gen platform for new age luxury.


Let’s talk

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