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Address All Your Technical Issues

With a dedicated Magento support team


Get a Magento support package to make sure emergencies never occur
  • Technical problems

    Technical problems cost businesses money. To avoid these problems, Magento online stores need to be maintained continually. Our Magento support team does exactly that.

  • Support package

    With our support package, you will get a fixed number of developer hours per month to improve your store, install the latest security patches, develop new functionality and everything in between.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Different online businesses have different needs. Our Magento support services are molded as per your requirements.

  • We do not only provide bug fixes on your site, but also improve performance, provide audits, integrate required tools and services, and help you decide a course which is best for your business.

What's included in our Magento support package?

in package
New feature development
Systems integration
Troubleshooting bug fixing
Performance optimization
Extension updates
Security patches installation
Website audit
Quality assurance
Server setup

The cost of Magento support and maintenance

Our Magento support packages are tailored for ecommerce businesses of different sizes. Below you can see how much it will cost to support your Magento store.


Check this out to learn more about our Magento support services

If you have other questions which are not included in this list, please contact us. We'll provide you with all the necessary information within one work day.


What if we need more hours than what is included in the package?

Before we start our collaboration we will analyze your scope of work and give you a quote for this scope. If you exceed the number of hours specified in your package, we will increase our scope of work and bill you according to how much extra support time is accumulated.


Is a project manager included in the dedicate Magento support team?

Yes! We offer project management free of charge.


What software do you use for task management?

We can use any task tracking software that you feel comfortable working with. Most often we manage our tasks in Jira or Trello.


Do you provide support services for Magento 1?

Yes, we support Magento 1 and Magento 2 ecommerce platforms.


We are not sure what package is right for us. How do we choose?

We can help with choosing a support package. We'll do a preliminary audit and advise on what services you need to keep your store running.


We already have a software development team. Can we hire your specialists for some additional work?

Yes sure. We often collaborate with development teams on our client's side.


Can we request support without purchasing a support package?

Yes, we accomplish support tasks on demand for all our clients.


Is it possible to roll over the hours that we have not used into the next month?

No. Any unused hours expire at the end of the billing cycle in question.