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Magento Custom Development

Magento is a B2B world’s leader and one of the most frequently used e-commerce platform with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of online stores. It has a range of advantages over other e-commerce platforms, but since you are here – you already know them. So let us take care of a technical side while you invest more time and efforts into your strategy and planning. As a Magento experts company with hundred of stores in our experience pocket we offer the most efficient services for your business.

Custom Extension Development

Extension development is meant to meet the needs of the customer and the functionality of their site. If you already have Magento web store but can’t find an extension to get it work properly, we will help you to solve the problem. Remember, that in this competitive world you need to distinguish yourself and stand out in front of your competitors, and a proper extension can fully provide you you with a remarkable difference.

Technical Support & Performance Optimization

Every online store can bring you profit only staying “alive”. That is why we are here when you need us. Getting ready for a “Black friday”? Tired of inappropriate work of your server? We are here to optimize the process on every stage and secure your business, so that you will experience no falling dawn, or cyber attacks ever again. In the world of changes we keep changing your store to meet the demands and expectations of not only your marketing team, but your customers first of all.

Dedicated Magento teams

We offer a team of professionals to fulfill your aims in development, design and technical support. Our developers are ready to devote themselves to your project: either with our manager, or yours on charge. Hire the best fitting specialists starting from XX$ per hour. Learn more

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Mulondon is an online cosmetics store selling goods with certified organic ingredients in Great Britain. MuLondon brand products are made from pure, natural and, where possible.

Turcom is the official wholesale distributor and an authorized online retail outlet for Turcom™ Electronics. is a web portal that connects customers to the Southern California facility for direct wholesale purchases, dropship fulfillment, and direct retail shopping of the entire Turcom™ consumer electronics product line.



Mount-It! is a family business that was established in 2006 in San Diego, CA. Professional TV and Display mounts retailer. Inc 5000 company in USA.


Online boutique of Italian shoes and accessories

Our team had to take many efforts to create a smart design that would represent the brand of luxurious shoes and accessories. It had to contain the main the functionalities of a standard web store but in the same time it should be an online visit card of the brand.


Latest from Our Blog

7 July 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

Ecommerce platforms' battle. Part 2: Magento vs WooCommerce

Second article in Ecommerce platform battles’ series is finally ready. In today’s edition you will find out the key features of one more popular platform compared to Magento – our leader for now. No doubts there are WordPress supporters who will definitely choose WooCommerce when it comes to a web store, however, Magento is considered […]

29 June 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

How became Amazon's main rival

We have already posted an article about Amazon that is considered to be online retailer number one in the USA. We gave you practical tips on how to change the interface of your web store and what functionality is needed to be excluded and what, on the contrary, is extremely important to implement. In today’s […]

24 June 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 unlashes the power of Marketers and Merchandisers

Behind every great shopping experience stands a team of of innovative marketers and merchandisers. They create a unique website content, merchandise products and apply global marketing campaigns. But what if it became possible to create new shopping experience faster and easier than ever before? Magento Enterprise 2.1 made it real.  Increase Sales and Improve productivity. […]

22 June 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

«8P: Business Online»: 4 conferences in one at the Black sea, 15th of July, Odessa

On July 15th the 5th 8P conference will take place in Odessa. Main focus of the conference is traffic arbitrage, SEO, PPC, e-commerce, SaaS and mobile apps promotion. Participants are such top companies as Microsoft, SimilarWeb, Depositphotos, K50, Alytics, SimilarWeb, OWOX, Ostrovok, iProspect, METRO Cash&Carry, Provectus, Ciklum, Tavria V, Zootovary, On Clinic и др. The […]

16 June 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

Ecommerce clients: confrontation, persuasion and shocking

If you work in ecommerce I bet you  have definitely faced a situation when you were ready to put a bullet in your head after a meeting with your client? In most cases a client is a person with no programming background – someone who requires super cool functionality within unreal timeframes and preferably for […]

7 June 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

Ecommerce platforms' battle: Magento vs Shopify

Usually people find inspiration in their surrounding environment. Being responsible for blog content enables me to look for original ideas everywhere – from marketing blogs and books to  a common daily situation when I grab coffee and every time face with a rich variety of cookies in Starbucks (the complexity of this choice, by the […]

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