Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a powerful cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. It accelerates decision-making by up to 38%.

However, to meet all business needs, it often requires pairing with a content management system like Magento.

Magento Salesforce integration

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In the business world, the saying “four eyes see better than two” underscores the value of collaboration.

Both Salesforce and Magento platforms are formidable on their own, but when brought together, they have the potential to unlock new horizons and lead to remarkable results.

This collaboration elevates customer relationship management and overall business performance to new heights.

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What Business Goals Does It Achieve?

Magento Salesforce CRM integration can be a game-changer for your business.

Here is how.

Customer Profile Management

Create a centralized repository for customer data, allowing sales managers and marketers to optimize email campaigns and refine marketing strategies.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Refine analytical insights, aiding businesses in financial analysis, KPI tracking, and forecasting for improved performance evaluation and predictions.

Enhanced Customer Support

Seamless access to customer data, enhancing customer support and service by providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and history.

Sales Boost

Better control over sales by consolidating passive sales data from e-commerce stores, significantly increasing overall sales potential.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Establish a single source of truth for inventory management, benefiting sales managers, accountants, and financial departments.

Features You Will Be Able to Access With Magento Salesforce Integration

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

Sally Tailor - Fashion Store Owner

“Elogic has left a considerable mark on our business. We’re grateful for the seamless, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience you’ve provided. Thank you!”

Multi-channel Sales Management

Seamlessly manage online and offline sales channels within a single integrated system, expanding your reach and sales opportunities.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Leverage integrated customer data to create and execute highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Unified Reporting and Analytics

Access unified reports and analytics to gain valuable insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and marketing ROI.

Efficient Order Processing

Streamline order management, track order statuses, and enhance order fulfillment efficiency for improved customer satisfaction.

Robust Data Security

Implement robust security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive customer data and financial information.

Enhanced Customer Support

Provide superior customer service with comprehensive customer information at your fingertips, enabling faster issue resolution.

Real-time Inventory Management

Maintain accurate inventory levels across both platforms in real-time, reducing the risk of overstock or stockouts.

Flexible Customization

Tailor the integration to your unique business requirements, allowing for flexibility and scalability as your operations evolve.

Customer Data Synchronization

Seamlessly sync customer profiles, purchase history, and loyalty data between Magento and Salesforce for a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Magento to Salesforce Integration Options

There are three Salesforce CRM Magento integration options. Here is the display of them:

Economical Yet Restrictive

Option 1

Middleware or Integration Platforms

How They Operate: Both Magento Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange offer robust connectors that simplify Magento and Salesforce CRM integration. Additionally, third-party vendors provide automated workflows, making this option suitable for small businesses seeking seamless synchronization.

Benefits: The direct integration method offers a cost-effective solution. However, it’s important to acknowledge potential scalability and flexibility constraints as your retail operations evolve.

Considerations: Choosing direct integration may require significant system adjustments to accommodate changing management systems, impacting long-term adaptability. It’s also important to ensure that the chosen integration can be supported by both of your platforms.

Balanced and Customizable


Option 2

Choose a connector and fine-tune it

How They Operate: Take a versatile approach by combining multiple integration methods, and customizing the solution to match your specific use case. For example, you can utilize API integration for synchronizing customer data and implement a middleware platform for optimizing order processing.

  • Integrate Salesforce and Magento using the most suitable connector.
  • Customize the integration to meet your requirements.

Benefits of Combined Method: Combining connectors with customization offers a cost-effective solution, delivering full functionality tailored to your unique business needs.

Considerations: During the customization process, prioritize compatibility with your existing systems to ensure a seamless and efficient integration experience.

Robust but Expensive

Option 3

Custom Magento Integration

How They Operate: Operating with a Full Custom Magento 2 Integration involves creating a fully personalized integration solution from the ground up, eliminating the need for pre-built connectors. This option is the best for complex or highly customized integration requirements.

Benefits of Custom Integration: Custom Integration offers precise control over design and efficiency, resulting in a personalized solution that seamlessly aligns with your business processes.

Considerations: This involves writing code to establish a direct connection between Salesforce and Magento. Custom development provides complete control but may require more time and resources.

Which Option to Select?

It’s about selecting the optimal ready-made “box” solution and fine-tuning it to match your unique requirements.
Paul Okhrem​

Paul Okhrem​

Founder & CEO

To make an informed decision, initiate the process by conducting a thorough assessment of your integration prerequisites. Consider factors such as the intricacy of data exchange, customization demands, budget limitations, and the availability of technical resources. Furthermore, it’s advisable to seek counsel from Elogic’s integration specialists to identify the most appropriate approach for your specific scenario.

Among the array of available alternatives, customization emerges as a distinct advantage. It empowers you to finely calibrate the integration, ensuring a seamless alignment with your unique requirements and harmonizing effectively with your business processes. This tailored approach not only assures functionality but also optimizes your business’s chances for success.

Expert Customization: Our team possesses the expertise to meticulously craft solutions tailored precisely to your distinctive needs, ensuring a seamless alignment with your business operations.

Official Magento Partnership: Our esteemed status as a trusted Magento partner underscores our practical experience in consistently delivering exceptional integration solutions.

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Your Magento and Salesforce project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

Paul Okhrem

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End-To-End Responsibility

End-To-End Responsibility

An assigned project manager will oversee your project throughout its lifecycle, from gathering requirements and task creation to development, result delivery, and post-integration support. You can monitor progress and make scope adjustments.
Deliver Projects Much Faster

Deliver Projects Much Faster

Our use of a pre-built, stable Import/Export solution for Salesforce CRM Magento 2 integration allows us to deliver projects much faster than competitors. We also have a proven plan to address current business challenges.

Free Post-Release Support

Free Post-Release Support

We offer 2 months of complimentary support following the release. Throughout this timeframe, a dedicated manager will be available to address any inquiries you have about the new functionality and assist you in maximizing its benefits.


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Jacob Jones

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Your Magento and Salesforce CRM project deserves a professional development team. Elogic team is certified by Magento so you know we’ll do it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Expertise in integrations.

Our team boasts vast experience with these solutions, guaranteeing our ability to customize them to meet your precise needs.

Yes, integration allows businesses to leverage purchase history data from Magento within Salesforce CRM to create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with customer preferences.

Yes, integration supports accurate sales forecasting by consolidating sales data from Magento and Salesforce CRM. This data can be used to generate insightful reports and forecasts.

Security measures, such as encryption and access controls, are integral to the integration to protect customer data. Compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR, is maintained to safeguard sensitive information.

Yes, integration supports SSO solutions, allowing customers to access both Magento and Salesforce CRM with a single set of credentials. This enhances the user experience and simplifies access.

Elogic`s Magento Salesforce integration is designed to be extensible, accommodating customizations and extensions to meet unique business needs. This flexibility ensures that the integration aligns with specific workflows and processes.

Certainly, we’ve successfully integrated Salesforce CRM and Magento for various clients:

These integrations delivered tangible benefits, such as increased sales, improved customer retention, and enhanced inventory management.

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