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Replatforming to SFCC, setting up a procurement portal, and integrating a custom ERP to enable digital transformation in pharma with agile and compliant ecommerce flows


What we did

Replatforming to SFCC

All success stories start bitter. When the Client first came to us for an ecommerce consultation, their B2B distribution network seemed like a ball of yarn. Relying heavily on Salesforce CRM, the enterprise was constantly designing and integrating homegrown solutions to meet their business needs. Something that became a major stumbling block on their way to digital transformation in the pharma industry.


Over time, the seemingly “minor” problems with customer experience, product visibility, and compliance had accumulated into a challenge. The tech stack was hardly aligned with business logic; updates were painfully costly; and tech issues sprang up out of nowhere.


Having evaluated the Client’s business needs, Elogic has set out to untie this Gordian knot by suggesting Salesforce Commerce Cloud migration. It seemed like a natural step considering the Client’s prior positive experience with CRM and the heavy focus on sales. 


Hosted in the cloud, SFCC is inherently scalable, which is exactly what the Client has been looking for, allowing the B2B brand to grow in terms of functionality and scope whenever needed.


Elogic helped with system setup and data migration, delivering this project phase in sprints even at night. This way, replatforming was implemented with minimal downtime, which was essential given the fragile nature of pharma products.

B2B procurement portal

Optimizing customer experience (CX) is the north star on all digital transformation roadmaps in pharma manufacturing. For the Client, it was of utmost importance to align CX with the pharma compliance standards.


That’s how Elogic came up with a B2B procurement portal. As any B2B pharmaceuticals distributor, the Client sells both prescription and over-the-counter drugs subject to a number of government regulations and licensing policies. Pharma customers (patients, physicians, pharmacies, etc.) also undergo an intricate process to access the drugs, track batch IDs, and search the catalog.


The new B2B customer portal is login-based, opening registered users to custom prices and restricted catalogs. Drugs are accessible based on user profiles and authorization credentials.

Custom PIM integration

Since the Client was dealing with pharmaceuticals with varying shelf life, it was doubly important to ensure real-time visibility of what products were available at a certain moment and in what amounts. 


The Elogic team integrated their Salesforce CRM with a PIM system, enhancing the product info to facilitate turnover of drugs in stock. We’ve built a custom connector and customized the interface to ensure seamless interaction.

Integration with Einstein Analytics

Accurate analytics can be a real game changer in the pharma industry. Marketing and sales draw insights on consumers profiles, thus enabling more precise targeting. The enterprise may link and analyze data from insurance claims, clinics, labs, and more to generate real-world evidence about a drug’s efficacy.


For the Client, Elogic integrated the AI-based Einstein Analytics to empower the sales team. The siloed data transformed into a new, unified flow informing the enterprise of ‌past purchases and future sales predictions. The Client now leverages business intelligence insights gathered from ERP, CRM, and external sources to obtain a 360-degree view of the market and optimize planning and execution.

The backstory

The Client, a UK-based B2B pharmaceutical brand, has a 22-year history of partnering with healthcare professionals, pharmacies, and manufacturers to safely deliver the necessary products. As many other established companies in the industry, though, they found themselves at the wrong side of digital transformation in pharma industry – a barrier that the industry pioneers generally only started bridging in the 2010s, and the rest, during the COVID lockdowns period.


Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical ecommerce market is projected to reach the size of US$ 273.6 Bn by 2032, with customers (both end consumers and businesses) demonstrating a tendency to prefer online purchasing. Several years ago, simply providing the possibility to purchase online with a simple interface was enough to stay afloat compared to paper catalogs brought to pharmacies by pharma reps. In recent years, just being online has no longer been enough.


Since the Client’s principal mission was to deliver the right pharmaceuticals to the right place at the right time, they recognized the need to foster digital transformation – because the right “place” was now found online, and the right time depended on search, browsing, and visibility. With their systems being too convoluted to sustain the necessary change, they turned to Elogic to replatform. 

Key technologies

We helped the pharma B2B ecommerce brand to untangle their tech ecosystem, replatform, and ramp up their UX to match their mission

The project, being a comprehensive one, yielded more favorable outcomes than projected initially. By replatforming to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the Client has unlocked more possibilities for scaling, as well as more harmonized workflows. 

The first B2B procurement portal was implemented as early as four months into our partnership, allowing the Client to sell and deliver pharmaceuticals at a 1.4x faster rate, as of the initial quarter after implementation. This improvement was especially important for certain categories of drugs with a short shelf-life that would otherwise entail additional costs for disposing.

The increased product visibility that the portal and its ERP integration granted also resulted in improved UX. For B2B flows, user experience is crucial since B2B customers often face time constraints. Providers who guarantee product availability and clear, convenient order placement have a competitive edge. 


The average time for order placement was reduced from 20 minutes to 3 minutes, not only due to better search system on the portal and its integrations, but also ecommerce functionalities that ensure easier re-ordering, special deals, and the like.


As of today, the Client is using a flexible, scalable system of SFCC, CRM, ERP, and portal, that is implemented with data security in mind. This is a prerequisite for future business performance in the pharma ecommerce environment and allows to gain a competitive edge at any point with relative ease. 

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