Mobile commerce development services we provide

M-commerce is becoming the next big thing among retailers, with mobile commerce sales tipping to reach 42.9% of all ecommerce by 2024. We’re here to help you hop on this trend and stay ahead of your competitors using our extensive 10-year expertise in mobile commerce development

App development from scratch
We provide end-to-end development of mcommerce solutions in line with your business requirements and current commerce strategy. Built on user-friendly dynamic platforms, like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify, your m-commerce app will have all the major features (social login, easy checkout, mobile payment methods) to provide comfort and convenience for your mobile customers.
Marketplace development
Looking to become the Alibaba of your generation? We can make your wish come true in a snap of a finger. Multiple product categories, product comparisons, wish lists, push notifications, intuitive checkout — these and more functionalities will be integrated into your m-commerce solution to facilitate your B2B transactions.
M-commerce shopping cart customization
If you feel like you’re not ready for an m-commerce app yet but still want to benefit from the mobile user traffic (and conversions!), keep Elogic in mind. Not only will your website be optimized for mobile, but also we will integrate and customize your shopping cart on handheld devices. Payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay are guaranteed!
M-commerce design and theme development
They say mobile screen size presents serious limitations to app UX. We turn limitations into opportunities. Our mobile commerce development agency will wireframe and prototype an intuitive design for your mobile store and ensure your theme is both attractive and functional on handheld devices.
Mobile commerce maintenance and support
Launching an app isn’t enough. You’ll have to continuously improve it, fix bugs, update its features, and install the latest security patches. This job might be quite tedious for a busy merchant, and that’s where our mobile commerce development services come useful. Request ongoing support for your m-commerce product at Elogic and save your time for more important business tasks.

Our case studies

Delivering top-notch results keeping in mind our clients’ requirements is our #1 priority. And we have lived up to those expectations over the past 10+ years. See the success stories of our clients who have used Elogic services.

Switzerland , Publishing
We’ve helped the international publishing company migrate their website to Magento 2; integrated it with powerful Odoo ERP, shipping, and marketing tools; and improved the website UI/UX and speed for optimal shopping experiences.
Headless PWA Development for a Beauty Marketplace
Saudi Arabia , Health & Beauty
Building a Salesforce PWA with SFCC backend and CRM, enhanced with AR try-on feature, for a Saudi-based B2C luxury marketplace

Our mobile commerce development process

No guesswork. No surprises. Only crystal clear deliverables and mobile commerce development methodology. Here’s what you can expect from us as soon as you click that contact us button.

Research and discovery
During a kick-off call with you, we take a deep dive into your business, analyze your target audience, and gather your project requirements. Once all the info is collected, you’ll receive the defined scope of work and approximate timelines for your project execution.
Prototyping and wireframing
We prepare the low-fidelity mockup of your m-commerce solution, presenting the structure and layout of your pages as well as the fundamental design elements for you to see the overall direction of the user interface.
Design development
Based on the initial prototype, we work on your product’s design — be it custom or pre-built — and ensure it both differentiates your brand and is intuitive for your target customers.
Mobile commerce development
We proceed to the hardcore part — coding. New features are developed, components are added, modules are installed all in line with the initial scope of work. We work in sprints, so you’ll be able to see your project’s progress every two weeks.
Quality control
Once your m-commerce solution is ready, we test your product, fix bugs, and address tech issues that might occur. We also ensure your product’s minimum loading speed and top-notch performance.
App launch and post-release support
Your mobile commerce solution is done and released to the market! You may still sign up for Elogic ongoing support services and continuously improve your product to the joy of your customers.

Benefits of mobile commerce development

Mobile commerce development not only opens your services to digital natives and baby boomers alike but also gives you more sales opportunities. Here are only a few reasons why you should enter the mobile arena.

Extra storefront for your headless commerce efforts
Increased user engagement and an additional source of revenue
Accelerated buyer’s journey from product discovery to the final purchase
Wider customer reach and accessibility thanks to push notifications
Enhanced online visibility of your brand
Valuable customer data that brings more opportunities for personalization

Why choose our mobile commerce development services?

10+ years of experience
We know the ins and outs of all ecommerce platforms. So if you plan to add a mobile storefront to your existing webshop or move to m-commerce overall, count on us.
Transparent project management
You stay in the know of your project’s progress at all times. Our team sends you deliverables every two weeks during the execution phase, and you can change the scope of work if needed.
Flexible partnership models
You can choose your preferred engagement model with Elogic: time & material (pay per hour of work) or hybrid (pay a fixed price per project / phase if no changes to the initial scope of work are expected).

What our clients are saying


If we experience an issue at any time, Elogic Commerce is accessible and quickly handles the problem.

Ellipse 56
Robin Hansson

CEO, Dampfi

They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

Wes Gleeson

Managing Director, Yellowblue

The team’s general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

Elliot Thomas

Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

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Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Can I develop a mobile app for my online store?

    Sure! Partnering with Elogic, you’ll be able to develop a cross-platform solution or a Progressive Mobile Application (PWA) for your existing Magento, BigCommerce, or Shopify store. You might also go the other way around and build a mobile app before the actual ecommerce website (this approach is called mobile-first).

    Can I develop my mobile solution while my e-commerce website is still live?

    Absolutely. Elogic designs and develops web and app solutions in line with your existing brand identity and current functional requirements. The mobile solution will then be integrated with your live ecommerce website, so expect no downtimes or disruptions to your commerce operations.

    Is mobile commerce growing?

    Mobile commerce is surely growing more popular, in particular thanks to the ubiquity of handheld devices and the technological advances that open more sales and marketing opportunities to online retailers. In fact, Insider Intelligence predicts that by 2024, global m-commerce sales shall reach over $620 billion, or 42% of ecommerce. Develop your mobile solution and beat your competition!

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