Specifics that we address for our B2B customers

Navigating the B2B ecommerce comes with а set of challenges. Understanding and overcoming these obstacles drives efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

ecommerce consulting and development
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    Long sales lifecycle that involves a lot of decision-makers, complex deals, bulk orders and specific terms.

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    Self service buying, as in B2B customers not wanting to spend time waiting for consultation, or as in facing a difficult self ordering process.

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    Lack of trust to unknown or previously unencountered suppliers and choosing familiar vendors, regardless of the quality.

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    Security concerns due to the requirement for B2B buyers to share a lot of personal information with the store.

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    Low product awareness and lack of information about products will make buyers less confident in making a purchase.

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    Limited payment options, shipping options, return and refund policies can cause customers to leave your store.

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    High expectations for after sales maintenance, particularly regarding the speed and quality of resolving issues.

B2B eCommerce Development Services

B2B ecommerce consultancy services

Expert guidance to optimize and scale your B2B ecommerce operations, ensuring alignment with business goals and market trends.

B2B replatforming services

Easily migrate your B2B ecommerce to a more advanced platform, enhancing capabilities and user experience.

Digital transformation services

Comprehensive services to modernize your business processes and technology, driving innovation and efficiency.

Scale and growth services

Get a set of strategies and solutions to support and accelerate the growth of your ecommerce business.

Optimization and automation services

Enhance the performance of your ecommerce operations through optimization and automation techniques.

Integration development

Custom integrations to ensure connectivity between your ecommerce platform and adjacent business systems.

Custom ecommerce development

Tailored ecommerce solutions built to align with your unique requirements and deliver a superior user experience.

UI/UX services

Designing user-friendly interfaces and experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and drive conversions.

Performance optimisation

Enhancing the speed and efficiency of your ecommerce platform for better user experience and higher conversions.

Omnichannel strategy

Developing a cohesive strategy to provide a smooth customer experience across all digital and physical channels.

Marketplace implementation

Setting up and managing your presence on leading online marketplaces to expand your reach and sales.

End-to-end B2B ecommerce portal development

End-to-end development of B2B ecommerce portals, from planning and design to implementation and support.

B2B Integration

Why you want your B2B ecommerce integrated

B2B ecommerce integration of your platform and various systems is a prerequisite for proper company functioning. At Elogic, we know how to make power of integrated solutions work for you.


Does B2B ecommerce sounds like something you’d want?

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Opportunities for B2B in ecommerce

Unlock growth with B2B ecommerce. Simplify the operations, enhance customer experience, and expand market reach for success.


Acquire more customers

In the modern world, more customers are willing to buy online rather than through traditional offline channels.


Increase brand awareness.

Transition to online allows B2B to reach bigger audience and set the brand presence across all online channels.


Integrate with multiple tools

B2B ecommerce can be integrated with all needed third party providers such as ERP, CRM, PIM, WMS.


Reach buyers faster

Accelerate your sales cycle by leveraging ecommerce to connect with buyers more quickly.


Enhance your

B2B companies can easily add new products, customers, and new sales channels with the ecommerce tools.


Win in your industry

Depending on your niche, you can use specific strategic ecommerce solutions, positioning your business as a market leader.

Expert approach to B2B ecommerce development

Our experience in B2B ecommerce development services helps us to cut the fluff and offer our clients actionable plans that include proven solutions for their industries.

In-depth discovery and ecommerce portal diagnostic

We research the needs of our clients, their business context, and goals to determine the features and capabilities for the ecommerce B2B platform.

Integration with existing systems

We ensure integration of ecommerce with existing ERP, CRM systems, and other third-party programs to optimize processes and provide a unified database.

Focus on AI-Driven Solutions

Who are we to ignore the trend of the decade that transforms the market and the world as a whole? Integrating AI is no longer an option—use it for data analysis, personalization, and behavior analysis.

Continuous analytics and optimization

We relentlessly collect and analyze data to improve processes and strategies and optimize ecommerce to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer experience improving

Our solutions are focused on convenience and ease of use for clients. We develop intuitive interfaces and functionality that allow users to place orders and manage them easily.

Data security and information protection

We follow high security standards in developing, including data encryption, network security measures, and safeguards against unauthorized access.

How do we Deliver for B2B?

B2B companies come with different and unique requests. Some of them are new to ecommerce, some already have ready solutions, but need assistance with Internationalization, scaling their business, expanding new markets, as well as improving experience for their B2B customers and making the business more efficient. Here you can explore our process of delivering a personalized B2B eCommerce solution tailored to each business’s unique needs.

Interested in a custom B2B solution?

Elogic is a certified partner of multiple ERP, PIM, and CRM systems too. Send us your request and get a project proposal in a few business days.

Why choose Elogic as a B2B ecommerce expert?

13+ years of ecommerce expertise

We know B2B ecommerce like the back of our hand. Whatever challenges you have, whatever opportunities you chase, we know how to get you from point A to point B with the least effort.

We mastered complex integrations

With deep expertise in integrating ERP, CRM, and other essential business systems, we simplify B2B operations and enhance efficiency across the business processes.

Adjustable cooperation models

Our flexible cooperation types offer businesses customizable collaboration options. Pick what you need to achieve your goals, be it project-based work or an ongoing partnership.

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