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B2B Website Digitization for the UAE’s Top Pet Care Retailer

PetHQ is the go-to destination for pet needs all across Dubai and other areas of the UAE. We helped the company initiate a smooth shift from a strong B2C online presence to leading positions in the B2B segment.

pethq pethq
pethq pethq
PetHQ B2B Website Product card PetHQ B2B Website Product card
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PetHQ B2B Website Checkout PetHQ B2B Website Checkout

What we did


At the kick-off of our collaboration, PetHQ’s online software foundation was already pretty well adapted to serving extensive B2C market needs. The brand needed to complete the picture with an equally strong B2B sector coverage. Previously, they had only managed B2B sales manually, sacrificing tons of time, costs, and expansion potential. This called for the development of a separate B2B-ready website.

Equipped with the capacities of Shopify Plus, we set out to eliminate the drawbacks of the brand’s manual B2B segment management, with the goal of establishing PetHQ as a full-on leader in the region’s pet retail. This took quite a lot of work, which included:

Designing new B2B business logic from scratch

We started with a thorough discovery phase, where all major aspects of new native B2B functionality to be implemented were defined, analyzed, and planned. We ended up using the native B2B toolset provided by Shopify Plus, optimizing certain features (like registration and order management) with our own suggestions.

Overcoming B2B limitations

Realizing the limitations of the inherent B2B functionality (as opposed to the B2C, where sales tools do not need to be focused on big business deals), we had to look for ways to cover other business-specific tasks and functions outside of Shopify’s capacities. Custom-tailored features gave us the freedom to improve upon Shopify’s native designs. Here’s what we have recalibrated:

  • Order quotation flow
  • Custom registration flow
  • Quick Order functionality
Setting up communications and briefings

One of the main client requirements was a rehaul of certain user flows that Shopify designs provided by default in order to achieve more intuitive user interactions and smooth out a sales funnel. Regular call-ups allowed us to investigate deeper into the client’s needs, suggest efficient options, and complete our raw project plan with comprehensive tasks.

Doing demos and guides

We were lucky to establish a very open-ended collaboration, where all details, big and small, were discussed, brainstormed, and agreed upon. Every finished piece of functionality was supplemented with a mini-demo for the client. Once everything was finished and integrated, we sealed the project with a big demo and dedicated guidelines describing how the new website works page-by-page and outlining all implemented changes.

The backstory

PetHQ is the biggest retailer of pet products in the UAE. Being a “one-stop-shop” for all pet care needs, it is especially favored by pet owners based in Dubai. 


The client approached us with a very active online business presence in the local B2C pet retail sector. However, PetHQ’s B2B segment focus was weak due to a purely manual take on its B2B sales management. 


The client had trouble deciding how exactly the existing offline workflow should be automated, as well as which integrations and features should be used to power it online. After some in-depth discussions, we settled on a new website development project, with Shopify Plus picked as a framework of choice.


Key technologies

The outcomes

It took us only 2.5 months to fully implement the vision of the new B2B PetHQ web store. Now, other businesses and entrepreneurs can find the full scope of all pet care services and products imaginable in one place


To achieve that, we provided a full website development cycle with all major phases planned out and worked through, including the discovery, design, development, quality assurance, project management, and support phases.


We also directly supported the finished website post-release for a month, managing the performance, traffic load, etc., and adding minor improvements along the way.

To sum up, the specific outcomes of this project include:


+ A fully functional, optimized, and supported online store developed from scratch using Shopify powers that features intuitive user flows and is visually superior to the client’s B2C website.


+ All of PetHQ’s existing offline B2B suppliers were quickly onboarded and are now successfully managed online via the website, saving plenty of time and resources for the client.


+ PetHQ is actively expanding onto the UAE’s B2B market audience with a brand-new, inherently versatile, and individually tailored website.


The project is live and running like a clock – we are making sure of that personally from time to time.


Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

Ready to chat?

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