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Building a Shopify Website for a B2C Drink Manufacturer

Designing and building a Shopify website with Authorize.net and Smartrr integration for a USA-based B2C drink manufacturer.

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Delivering an Educational and Selling Website for a Grey Area Product

A Client from a rather small niche in the USA approached us, asking to create a website for his product from scratch. They needed an ecommerce shop that allowed them to accept and process payments, as well as subscribe to a monthly supply of their product—a soothing drink.

The client manufactures a drink that contains compounds producing both stimulating and soothing effects, depending on how much you imbibe. Because of that, the product is either illegal in some states or is treated like alcohol in others.

Moreover, the Client had only a general idea of the functionality of his website. They wanted their website to be crystal-clear about the benefits and risks of their drinks, as well as instructions for consumption.

To top it all off, the product itself is not so well known in the Western market, partly due to its legal status.

This presented us with a number of challenges.

Since the company only offers one product, their website layout needed to be quite different from your typical ecommerce store. Instead of having different categories, Elogic had to put as much useful information on a single page.

We had our scope in mind, the budget was agreed upon, and so the work began.

Here is how we handled those challenges.

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Client’s Challenges and Our Solutions

The Client had little idea about the website’s look, so we had to flex our creative muscles. Luckily, those are strong, allowing us to come up with a few ideas for each page and element. Ultimately, we chose a singular design for the main page that inspired the rest of the website’s structure.
The drink is in a bit of a legal Limbo. For that reason, we could not use Shopify’s native payment systems. Instead, we integrated the payment module from authorize.net. At the end of the day, there was little to no difference, both for our Client and their customers.
The Client also asked us to add a subscription integration to allow customers to get a regular supply of their relaxing drink. Easy enough. Smartrr is a pre-made module that effortlessly integrates into any Shopify-powered website. It was an obvious choice, and the functionality fit the Client’s needs perfectly.

The quick release of MVP allowed the Client to quickly launch their marketing campaign

The Client did not have any product on hand when they came to us, so they were not in a massive rush to roll out the website. After a thorough analysis, we concluded the development would take 4 months. We were right.

With the MVP on their hands, the Client was able to launch their marketing campaign and gain a significant number of leads through preorders.

We also offered extensive post-launch support. This included the addition of a few new pages, performance testing, and marketing assistance.

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What’s in store for this drink manufacturer and distributor?

Working with this Client was a unique experience, mostly because of the nature of the drink. However, we delivered a good product that satisfied all the needs of this B2C vendor.

The website was stable and had everything they needed to continue their business on their own. After the scope of work was completed, the Client went on to maintain the website with their own internal team.


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