Ecommerce Development Services

Build an ecommerce website

We'll help you choose the best platform for your online store, design your website, and develop all the needed functionality.

Move your B2B business online

We'll move your operations online using the Magento Commerce platform that's easy to customize, scale, and maintain.

Hire a development team

We'll "lend" you our best developers who will fully concentrate on your website getting all your technical needs covered.

Team Extension

Hire BigCommerce developer

Have a BigCommerce website? Hire a developer at Elogic to support it.

Hire Shopify Plus developer

Connect with Shopify experts to upgrade your website and build custom features.

Hire ecommerce developer

Need a developer? We'll connect you with the right expert based on your requirements.

Hire Magento developer

Get certified Magento developers to support and maintain your Magento website.

End to End Development

Magento website development

Build a website using Magento, the most reliable and scalable platform.

Ecommerce website design

Want custom looks? Design your website in a unique and appealing way.

Magento 2 Development

Applying advanced Magento 2 tools, we design high-performant, scalable, and secure e-commerce solutions able to cover any needs your business may have.

Custom Magento development

Having a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and business sides of the building and scaling Magento stores, we bring our custom development expertise to help you stand out.

Ecommerce Replatforming Consultancy

We've assisted multiple brands in migrating their websites to Magento, Shopify Plus, and other platforms, and we'll help you implement your migration from start to finish.

E-commerce web developers for hire

Bring a decade of our developers’ experience to the equation, so your store has everything to launch, grow, and scale successfully.

Magento extension development

Extend your website with custom functionality tailor-made for your needs.

Enterprise ecommerce development

Move your ecommerce business to a scalable platform and grow without limits.

Bigcommerce development

Develop a website using BigCommerce, a great platform for fast growth.

Shopify Plus development

Customize your online storefront to get the most out of Shopify.


Magento performance optimization

Speed up your website so it loads faster and performs better.

Magento support and maintenance

Get a custom support plan to maintain your website continually..

Magento code audit

Have our experts identify and resolve your site's performance bottlenecks.


Magento integration

Integrate your website with any backend system or external software.


Magento 2 migration

Migrate your Magento 1 website to a new, more robust, and performant platform.

WooCommerce to Magento migration

Port your products, customers, and orders from WooCommerce to Magento.

Magento Commerce Cloud development

Upgrade to Magento Commerce Cloud, the best headless platform for online commerce.

What can we do for you?



    Frequently asked questions

    If you have other questions which are not included in this list, please contact us. We'll provide you with all the necessary information within one work day.

    What are your services?

    Elogic is a certified Magento Business Solution Partner providing a wide range of services, including: Magento store development and maintenance Magento migration and third-party system integration UX/UI design and Magento performance optimization Dedicated development team.


    Do you offer Magento design services?

    At Elogic, we can design a user-friendly online storefront based on your requirements and business needs. Our design services include product page design, website navigation, custom checkout and shopping cart, special systems of offers and discounts, among others.


    Can you help us with Magento performance optimization?

    Magento performance optimization and code audit are our value-added services at Elogic. We can test your website speed across devices and browsers, identify any third-party extensions slower than a blink of an eye, and address the issues.


    Do you offer Magento support services?

    We do offer Magento support and maintenance services, including new feature development and/or updates, systems integration, quality control and troubleshooting, bug fixing, and many more patches and setups that will prevent you from technical emergencies.


    Can you help us to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

    Of course! We replatform to Magento 2 from Magento 1 as well as from any other platform like Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, or and even from a custom implementation.


    Can I hire a dedicated team from your company?

    Yes. At Elogic, you can hire a team of professional Magento-certified developers for both short- and long-term ecommerce projects.


    Can I hire one Magento developer from your company?

    Absolutely. You can collaborate with only one Magento developer from Elogic, integrate them in your project team, or add more Elogic developers as your business expands.


    Can you integrate my Magento store with an ERP?

    Your Magento storefront can be integrated with any third-party software, including a backend ERP system. We implement Magento ERP integration from A to Z using both Magento 2 APIs and off-the-shelf extensions; you only need to specify your requirements for us to start working.

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