15 January 2016

magento_dev      Magento Design & Development

Our company specializes in Magento platform that is considered to be one of the most frequently used platforms for e-commerce. It offers simple layered navigation, wish lists, advanced search, categorized products, multi currency payment systems and content management system for static pages. In addition, we help our clients adapt their web stores for mobile devices what helps their customers make purchase whenever they want. We offer design, content writing, web programming and development.


curved-arrow_icon-icons.com_54023       Migration to Magento Platform

Changing platform of your web store to Magento is undoubtedly a smart decision since it leads to a range of advantages such as increase of traffic quality and conversion rate. Magento platform offers Washington Capitals game jersey a convenient and customer-oriented interface that allows users easily operate with goods and services of the store. We guarantee a smooth and safe migration without any technical bugs or data damages.


Software-Solutions-Icon-White   Magento Performance Tuning

Speed is one of the well-known Magento’s weaknesses and, therefore, speed optimization is an important part of Magento web development. Redis implementation is one of the tools that is needed to be applied since New York Rangers jersey authentic it improves the speed of your shop dramatically. We will help you to implement Redis in both Magento and your Linux hosting environment without disruption. When Magento is slow, it might be specific code segments causing these problems. With close code inspection our developers will help you to remove these plagues. What is more, if you need help with configuring full page cache, our specialists can assist.


wordpress-logo-of-a-letter-in-a-circle_318-49857    WordPress Web Development

Around 24% of all websites are powered with WordPress what proves its usability and high performance. Due to its friendly environment and availability for users and publishers plus under-the-hood complexity for developers it managed to become one of the most frequently used software nowadays. What is more, WordPress allows modify and extend it in any way what gives you freedom to have a complete control over it.


Cart-Icon   E-Commerce Consulting

We convert visitors in to buyers. We take your business concept and build the foundation of your E-commerce operation. We explore the needs and preferences of your target audience first to deliver engaging experience. We will show you how to transform your idea in to a successful e-commerce business.


puzzle-piece-symbol-inside-of-bald-man-head_318-56699  Custom Web Development

It is widely believed that having a custom web design is too expensive, however, it has a range of substantial advantages. First of all, it is unique design. You will not find anything similar to your website since it was completely built according to your preferences and wishes. Secondly, due to our web designers your website will be coded in such a way so it is search engine friendly what is vital important for your business success. Finally, we will help you to adapt your website to your budget. If you have a list of options that must be implemented in your project but you miss finances at the moment, our team will integrate those that are available immediately and will leave what to accommodate for future.

Igor Iakovliev