4 Key Points on Why to Invest in a Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

Customer experience strategy consulting empowers business leaders to enhance customer relationships in four compelling ways.

Improving RОІ

A well-developed CX strategy removes bottlenecks, enabling higher conversion rates and a better return on investment (ROI). As a seasoned customer experience company, we streamline the funnel to boost sales and reduce customer acquisition costs.


Increasing Profitability

Prioritizing customer experience directly benefits a company’s bottom line. Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and are less sensitive to price changes, allowing businesses to enhance profitability through increased sales and the opportunity to set premium prices.

Boosting long-term business growth

A robust customer experience strategy attracts new customers and nurtures existing relationships, creating a loyal customer base that supports expansion. This loyalty leads to a stable revenue stream and opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, contributing to sustained growth.

Building customer loyalty

Any customer strategy consultant knows that a positive customer experience fosters increased loyalty. Loyal customers are more forgiving of mistakes, resistant to competitors’ offers, and likely to recommend your business, enhancing your company’s reputation and attracting new customers organically.

Ecommerce CX Strategy Services We Offer

Enhance the buying journey for your customers.

Share your ideas, and let our CX consulting specialists handle everything from impeccable design to seamless processing.

Buyer Persona Analysis

We create detailed buyer personas via research, interviews and focus groups, called to discover audience’s insights, needs and wants.

Value Proposition Development

We develop compelling value propositions that clearly communicate the benefits of your offerings to attract and retain customers.

A/B Testing

We conduct controlled experiments to compare different customer experience hypotheses, finding data-driven ways to optimize your services.

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Our Process

Digital customer experience consulting begins with a CX audit. Elogic specialists evaluate your store or system, devise a plan, and guide the project through all stages. A CX strategist outlines the overarching strategy while expert teams manage design revisions and data collection.

Research and Discovery of Your Business
Expect a look deep into your business to understand the existing digital landscape, interactions, and market positioning. Insights from value proposition workshops, stakeholder interviews, and website analysis identify areas for CX enhancement. It lays the groundwork for a tailored CX strategy, pinpointing areas for improvement within the digital customer experience framework.
Customer Experience Strategizing
To serve your customers best, we need to understand exactly what your brand does for people, and for what kind of people. This step involves defining buyer personas, creating lean canvases, and analyzing competitors. From here, we develop a detailed strategy with actionable steps for enhancing digital interactions.
A strategic CX plan serves as a roadmap for enhancing digital interactions. It sets clear CX goals, timelines, and metrics to guide the business toward an improved customer experience.
Mapping Out the Customer Journey
Mapping the customer journey helps visualize the customer experience from start to finish. This part of CX consulting services involves detailing mind maps and touchpoints from interest to purchase. By looking at customers’ emotions and decision triggers, we identify the areas for positive intervention and improvement.
This mapping artifact guides efforts to boost customer satisfaction and engagement at every stage.
Design and Development
Here, the strategic plan translates into reality. Our customer experience agency provides execution of UI/UX enhancements, such as adding or removing steps to purchase, streamlining the processes and elements, and even fixing details like fonts, designs, and button placements.
We integrate customer-centric features and implement security measures to create a seamless and personalized digital journey.
A/B Testing and Delivery
Through rigorous hypothesis testing, the CX consultant helps ensure the enhancements meet customer needs effectively, leading to a digital solution that attracts, retains, and delights customers. We put a priority on this step compared to other customer experience consulting companies.
After analyzing the results, we finalize the best-performing features to enhance business performance.

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Why partner with Elogic

Comprehensive CX
Design Services

Elogic is one of the few CX consulting firms offering a full suite of CX design services, including UX/UI design, CX audits, and conversion rate optimization, aimed at boosting engagement, sales, and overall customer satisfaction.

A Firm with a
Proven Track Record

In 14+ years, Elogic has served over 500 clients, providing customer experience management consulting services to big names in ecommerce. The team of 200+ experts brings skills to each customer strategy consulting project. Among other customer experience firms, Elogic can handle challenges and deliver results.


Diverse Range of
Ecommerce Services

Elogic is not just a CX consulting company — we offer all ecommerce development services, including mobile commerce development, marketplaces, online store development, booking solutions, auction and bidding platforms, and more. This wide array of services makes Elogic a versatile partner for all your ecommerce needs.


What is CX strategy

A Customer Experience (CX) Strategy is a plan businesses implement to manage and improve how customers interact with the company across all touchpoints. If you don’t have a CX strategist in-house, you can hire customer experience consulting firm to create your strategy.

How to build a CX strategy

Developing a CX strategy involves auditing your customer journey to find improvement areas, mapping out solutions, and implementing them with the help of analytics, CX strategists, UX/UI designers, and developers. You can also outsource your CX strategy development to a customer experience consulting company.

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