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Seamless WooCommerce to Shopify Plus Migration

Boost your business with a seamless switch from WooCommerce to Shopify! Migrate effortlessly, ensuring smooth data transfer and immediate operational enhancement. Perfect for retailers aiming to elevate their online presence and streamline ecommerce processes.

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WooCommerce to Shopify Plus Migration

Our Migration Process

Enhance your shop’s efficiency and boost earnings with comprehensive migration services.

Site Evaluation
Our specialists conduct a thorough examination of your existing platform to uncover any potential issues, providing a comprehensive project overview and suggesting improved functionality and system enhancements.
Planning Migration
A detailed migration plan is crafted, aligning all involved parties with agreed timelines, specifications, and a strategic approach to ensure a seamless transition.
Data Backup
We prioritize the safety of your store's data, creating comprehensive backups before initiating migration, enabling easy recovery and adjustments to evolving needs.
Theme Transition
Direct theme migration is often impractical; thus, we custom-design themes to meet your specifications, enhancing user experience and boosting conversion rates.
Extension Transfer
Our service includes a blend of automated and manual data transfer, or we can develop a new set of tools tailored to maintain your store's functionality and optimize performance across devices.
Custom Code Transfer
We refine and analyze custom code to leverage the enhanced capabilities and speed of the new platform.
Data Transfer
Our certified experts seamlessly transfer all essential data—customers, orders, products, settings—to the new platform, ensuring compatibility and integrating necessary tools for a complete transition.
Quality Control
We rigorously test the updated site, identifying and rectifying any defects, verifying its performance under significant load, securing data, and preparing for launch.
Launching Your Ecommerce Store
Post-migration, your site is immediately operational for sales. Continued collaboration with Elogic for support and maintenance guarantees a stable, emergency-free operation.

What Data Can Be Transferred

  • Products
    ✓ Names, descriptions, prices, and SKUs.
    ✓ Product images and galleries.
    ✓ Variants, including sizes, colors, and other options.
    ✓ Product categories and tags.
  • Customers
    ✓ Customer profiles, including names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
    ✓ Billing and shipping addresses.
    ✓ Order history and customer notes.
  • Orders
    ✓ Order histories, including order statuses, product details, quantities, and pricing.
    ✓ Shipping details and tracking information.
    ✓ Payment and transaction records.
  • Reviews
    ✓ Customer reviews and ratings for products.
  • Pages
    ✓ Informational page content such as About Us, Contact, and FAQs.
  • Blog Posts
    ✓ Blog content, including titles, bodies, images, and publish dates.
    ✓ Blog comments and author information.
  • Coupons and Discounts
    ✓ Active discount codes and their rules (e.g., percentage off, fixed amount off).
  • SEO Data
    ✓ Meta titles and descriptions for products, categories, and blog posts.
    ✓ URL redirects to maintain SEO rankings.

Reasons WooCommerce Brands Are Switching to Shopify

Explore the key factors driving WooCommerce brands to switch to Shopify.


Elevated Revenue with Migration

Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus elevates top-line revenue, boasting a checkout process that outperforms rivals by up to 36%, ensuring a broader customer reach and enhanced sales channels.


Flexible Commerce with Shopify

Switch from WooCommerce to Shopify to evolve your ecommerce framework, offering unmatched flexibility. Shopify Plus supports both out-of-the-box and custom solutions, enhancing customer experience through diverse apps and API integrations.


Accelerated Innovation via Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus, known for its rapid innovation, allows for faster ecommerce development, reducing the dependency on extensive IT resources and facilitating continuous platform enhancements.


Unified Commerce Experience

Transitioning to Shopify Plus from WooCommerce unifies all commerce aspects, whether B2C, B2B, or in-store, providing a scalable and customizable platform for superior customer experiences.


Cost Efficiency in Migration

Businesses transitioning from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus experience a lower total cost of ownership, with an average of 40% cost reduction, underscoring the financial benefits of migration.


Expanded Market Access

Migrate your store from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus to tap into new markets and customer bases, leveraging Shopify’s extensive network and marketing tools to broaden your market presence and sales.

Migration Options

Automated Data

Effortlessly, the system shifts your content, including text and pictures, to the upgraded platform.
Pros: Quick, easy to use, and economical.
Cons: Best for simple sites, may not transfer all elements accurately.
Delivery time: 1 month.

Data Migration
Service Package

Specialists assist in moving your site, merging automated mechanisms with hand-tuned tweaks.
Pros: Versatile, tailored to your site’s requirements, ensuring precise migration.
Cons: Costlier and more time-consuming compared to automated solutions.
Delivery time: up to 3 months.

Custom WooCommerce to
Shopify Plus Migration

Analogous to meticulously organizing each piece, data moves in chunks or via specific integrations.
Pros: Provides complete control and integrity of data.
Cons: Expensive, demands a lot of time, and necessitates migration know-how.
Delivery time: up to 5 months.

Switch from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus Today

Why to Choose Elogic Commerce for Migration


SEO Optimization Mastery

We safeguard your search engine rankings through the transition, modifying the website structure, URLs, and linkages to retain visitor flow.


Zero Data Loss

Our meticulous approach to data migration ensures every piece of critical content, including texts, images, videos, metadata, and SEO configurations, remains intact.


Seamless Team Adaptation

Offering extensive training and support, we facilitate swift adaptation for your team to the new platform, maintaining operational efficiency.

Custom Solution Migration

Our migration process for custom solutions is designed for efficiency, preserving their functionality to eliminate redundant expenses and redevelopments.

Solve Technical Challenges

With our proficiency in system compatibility, we execute a flawless transition, preempting and resolving any plugin or theme-related discrepancies.

Uninterrupted Site Operation

By strategically minimizing downtime, we guarantee continuous availability of your website, ensuring business activities proceed without disruption during the migration.

What Our Clients are Saying

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Alice Fitch Founder & CEO

“You guys are absolutely part of our team, and each of us takes responsibility for our parts in making the magic happen.”

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Virginie De Andrea Digital Communications Specialist

“We can always be in touch. It’s easy to get in touch with you guys, and I think the projects run smoothly”

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Chris Philbrick Marketing Director

“You guys are always a partner who is willing to work through problems with us, and help us identify those problems and find the best solution for it”

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    What happens to my existing WooCommerce data during the migration?

    All your WooCommerce data, including products, categories, customers, and orders, will be carefully transferred to Shopify, ensuring secure migration and minimal data loss.

    What are the main challenges in migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify?

    Challenges include data compatibility, preserving SEO rankings, redirecting URLs, transferring custom functionalities, and ensuring that the new Shopify Plus environment mirrors the WooCommerce setup accurately.

    How long does a WooCommerce to Shopify migration take?

    The duration of a WooCommerce to Shopify migration depends on the data volume and complexity. Typically, it can take a few days to several weeks to complete the entire process thoroughly and accurately.

    How We Secure Your Data During Migration

    We employ encryption, data masking, and secure channels for data transfer, conduct rigorous testing, and adhere to compliance standards to ensure data integrity and security.

    What happens to existing customer accounts during migration?

    Customer accounts, including their history and details, can be migrated to Shopify Plus, ensuring they retain access with minimal disruption.

    Can we customize the migration process from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus?

    Yes, the migration process can be customized to fit specific business needs, including data mapping, workflow adjustments, and integration with other tools or systems during the transition.

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