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Optimizing and Redesigning a Modest Female Swimwear Shopify Marketplace

Reworking the front- and backend of a Shopify-based modest female swimwear retailer, implementing best practices, and highlighting the overarching mission of the Client.

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Making a good website better with refocusing and technical optimization

Modest Maillot is a Belgian B2C manufacturer and vendor of modest female swimwear that focuses on sustainability. They are an established luxury brand with a global market presence. Their mission lies in recycling every single strand of polyamide fabric they can put their hands on.

They came in with two major issues they wanted to address.

First, they wanted to improve their backend optimization. Their biggest pain point were the load times.

Second, they did not want a simple redesign. The Client had a clear objective in mind: to put more emphasis on their core values of sustainability and recycling.

Surprisingly, the biggest challenge was finding the flaws. As it was, the website was already pretty solid—the design was made professionally, and so was the backend. Plus, Shopify is a reliable platform, so looking for flaws was extra challenging.

However, there is always space for improvement.

With the scope and the budget established, our work on Modest Maillot began.

Modesta-two girls

We saw the challenges and settled on our journey

Backend optimization
As we said before, the Client’s website was good to begin with, so searching for optimizable parts was a challenge. But Elogic loves a good challenge. The team took to testing and found critical weaknesses in the website’s structure. We struck immediately, which significantly improved the load times. As the search engines caught wind of the changes, they pushed Modest Maillot higher in the algorithm, leading to a significant traffic influx.
The Client expressed their desire to put more emphasis on their mission of recycling. We conducted a thorough analysis of their page and those of their competitors. There were several advantages to Modest Maillot’s page. However, the first candidate for change was obvious to us: put the sustainability category page in the top menu. This immediately made the Client’s goal clear.

Our impact was nearly instant

With the technical issues out of the way, the Client saw an immediate uptick in traffic to their website. The painfully obvious issue with loading times was no more, allowing the customers to effortlessly browse the wares and finally pick the luxury swimsuit of their dreams.

The project is far from over. So what’s next in store for Modest Maillot?

The long road ahead

We have plenty of work planned for the Client’s Shopify store. The current website attracts plenty of visitors, but it could do better with a few improvements.

First, we wanted to redesign the vast majority of the pages to make them clearer and more attractive. The fonts and text placement could use a bit of work, so that’s what we’ll focus on next.

After that, the Client expressed their desire to add the blog section to allow them to better explain their mission and educate their visitors.

For now, that is all we have planned for Modest Maillot. But there is always something to be improved. So check back later to see how it turned out.

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