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Hire a dedicated Magento developer to scale your existing team or outsource the whole development team to deliver complex projects and speed up your time to market.
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    Magento Commerce Developer
    Adobe Certified Professional
    Magento Commerce Developer
    Magento Commerce Developer
    Adobe Certified Expert-Magento
    Magento Commerce Developer
    Commerce Business Practitioner
    Adobe Certified Expert-Magento
    Commerce Business Practitioner
    Commerce Front-end Developer
    Adobe Certified Expert-Magento
    Commerce Front-end Developer

    Scale your team with dedicated Magento developers

    As a trusted Adobe Commerce partner, Elogic has a large pool of certified Magento specialists and provides enterprise-level dedicated teams for leading agencies, consulting companies, and retailers. Hire dedicated Magento programmers at every stage of your project development and:

    Speed up the hiring process
    Get access to tech expertise and consulting
    Hire either short-term or long-term
    Communicate with your Magento developers directly
    Scale your team up and down based on your needs
    Trim down the costs of administration and management

    Use our flexible engagement models for your new hires

    Pay for value, not just for hours. Find as many certified Magento developers as you need and use any engagement model that is convenient for you.
    Dedicated team
    Magento developer
    Part-time freelancer
    Workload per week
    Depending on the project
    Best for
    Any kind of Magento service
    Your existing team upgrade
    Support or minor tasks within a bigger project
    Project manager / tech lead free of charge
    Available of any level of seniority for both tech and non-tech positions (UI/UX designer, QA, DevOps, etc.)

    Get only A-players on your team

    Stuck with development, project management, design, or analytics? At Elogic, you can hire Magento developers of all levels and specializations. Check out one of our engineer’s CVs and contact us to get more.

    Arthur Ahratina
    Arthur Ahratina
    Senior Certified Magento Commerce Developer/PHP Developer
    Experience: 8 years

    Arthur worked on one of the world’s-first Magento Enterprise builds and obtained exceptional expertise in Magento 2 code migrations and complex integrations.

    Arthur Ahratina
    Adobe Certified Expert-Magento
    Commerce Front-end Developer
    • Implemented Magento integration with Flow.io for a US fashion brand working with massive data sets and customizing such features as age verification and CRM automation
    • Boosted performance x5 for a Fortune 500 retailer optimizing the code and using modern caching technologies.
    Development methodologies
    • Agile methodologies — Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP)
    • Bachelor’s degree in IT security
    • AD0-E700 Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner
    • Zend Certified PHP Engineer
    Major Projects
    • Magento 2 performance and security audit, ERP and PIM integrations, and custom GraphQl APIs development for a network of 30+ online stores across Europe.
    • Product data import and export, external checkout and payment services integration, and price calculations automation for multiple currencies for a large international retailer.
    • Consulting for a major sportswear brand as a Magento 2 tech lead advising on the best server environment and custom integrations to meet clients’ business needs.
    • Collaboration on all stages of project development lifecycle which increased site stability x2 and solved long-standing tech issues of a DTC brand.
    Hard Skills
    • Experience as a Magento and PHP developer — 8 years
    • Programming languages: PHP and JavaScript
    • Extensive experience within both Magento 1 and Magento 2
    • Solid knowledge of PHP frameworks: Symphony2, Yii, Zend
    • Expert knowledge of WordPress, PhoneGap, MySQL, and REST API
    • Strong command of KnockoutJS and Zend Framework
    • Experience in conduction security and performance audits
    • Strong background in developing complex custom solutions and within large projects
    • Expertise in valid and cross-browser coding using CSS3/HTML5
    • Experience with jQuery (both web and mobile), AJAX, and LAMP environment
    Soft Skills
    • Brings expert knowledge in a structured, easy-to-understand manner
    • Has sharp presentation skills and knows well how to translate tech terms into business language
    • Focuses on business value rather than engineering, and brings them together
    • May take the senior engineer or leadership role and provide mentoring
    • Brings extensive experience in tasks prioritization and works well within a multitasking environment

    Why hire Magento 2 developers at Elogic?

    Our Magento developers can join you at any stage of your project development lifecycle, but that’s not the only benefit of hiring at Elogic. You’ll also get:

    Talent quality

    Elogic onboards only certified, enterprise-level talent. As you hire a Magento programmer, you can rest assured that they will know all the ins and outs of the platform.

    Free customer success management

    A dedicated tech lead will take care of the onboarding and the resource management, so our Magento developers can get down to work ASAP.

    Fast access to talent

    Enjoy the flexibility while partnering with Elogic — hire Magento support teams or dedicated developers, pay monthly or hourly, and hire in <14 days to meet your staffing needs.

    Certified Magento development partner

    Elogic is a certified Adobe Solutions Partner with 100+ professional developers in-house having verified skills to work on the most complicated, ambitious projects.

    Flexible team structure

    You can hire one Adobe Commerce expert. Or the whole outsource unit. Or a few engineers to reinforce your in-house team. We’ll meet your hiring needs whatever they are.

    Cost savings of up to 30%

    You don’t have to worry about taxes, sick leaves, or refresher course costs. Elogic takes care of all the admin expenses and helps you save a pretty penny on hiring Magento 2 experts.

    Our cooperation process

    At Elogic, you can hire a Magento developer in a few simple steps.
    STEP 1
    Share your requirements or job description
    As soon as you reach out to us, you’ll get an invitation for a kick-off call with the Elogic manager. We’ll gather your business requirements and analyze your needs to ensure we find the right fit for your project.
    STEP 2
    Get Magento 2 developer CVs
    Shortly after the call, you’ll receive a list of CVs based on your request. Remember that you can hire expert Magento web developers of any level of seniority as well as tech leads, QAs, project managers, and designers for your project.
    STEP 3
    Interview the shortlisted candidates
    Our Magento ecommerce experts are ready for any tech challenge, but you can further discuss your requirements with a chosen developer and send them a test task if needed.
    STEP 4
    Hire a certified Magento developer
    Once satisfied with the interview, you can immediately hire a Magento programmer. We’ll take care of the onboarding for you.
    STEP 5
    Sign the legal papers
    We’ll sign the service level agreement (SLA) to secure our commitment to your project and the number of hours the dedicated Magento developer will work for you. We’ll also prepare the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure your confidentiality on all accounts.
    STEP 6
    Start the project
    The Magento developer is ready to start working on your project! All our employees are fully-equipped, so you won’t need to hassle over onboarding and administration.
    STEP 7
    Scale your team up and down
    Need to move from 1 to 10 developers? Consider it done at Elogic. Whenever you feel like a single expert Adobe Commerce (Magento) developer isn’t enough, you can source more talent from our pool and create your own dedicated Magento team.

    What our clients are saying

    If we experience an issue at any time, Elogic Commerce is accessible and quickly handles the problem.

    Robin Hansson

    CEO, Dampfi

    They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

    Wes Gleeson

    Managing Director, Yellowblue

    The team's general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

    Elliot Thomas

    Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

    What our clients are saying


    Get in touch

    Ready to nail your Magento store development project? Send us your project requirements and get the CVs of our most qualified Magento experts for hire immediately.

      Frequently asked questions

      Do you have certified Magento developers for hire in your team?

      Of course! Being a certified Adobe Solutions Partner, we take pride in our Magento-certified professionals of all levels (front-end and back-end developers, tech leads, and strategists). Check our certifications and qualifications above.

      What is your Magento eCommerce development expertise?

      We’ve built, migrated, and optimized Magento stores for 13+ years and helped 200+ retailers in niches from fashion to healthcare. Our Magento developers surely bring extensive cross-domain Adobe Commerce expertise from the initial stages of development and post-release maintenance.

      How much does it cost to hire a Magento ecommerce developer?

      The hourly rate for a Magento developer for hire can range anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour depending on the developer’s expertise, company’s location, and the project timeline.

      At Elogic, Magento developer rates are much more affordable as compared to our US-based competitors. Request a quote about a specific developer’s hourly rates.

      What is the hourly rate at your company?

      The hourly rates of our developers range from $40 to $70 depending on their seniority, role, and ‌project complexity. You can also source non-technical roles, such as UI/UX designers, DevOps, and BAs, among others. In the case of hiring an entire dedicated team, a project manager comes free of charge.

      Request a quote to discuss your project in more detail and get more specific information on the hourly rate.

      What are the benefits of hiring dedicated Magento developers?

      Besides the versatile expertise and sharp skills, you can take advantage of higher flexibility and cost-efficiency (scale the team up or down rapidly when it’s needed). It’s also wise to hire Magento developers from a company that has proven expertise in delivering projects in your niche.

      How can I hire a Magento-certified developer from your company?

      After sending a request to hire Magento programmers, you’ll get the CVs of our available developers that have relevant experience and might meet your staffing needs.

      You can either accept the candidate right away or review their resume and send your test assignment. The hiring process ends once you approve the candidate based on the results of the test task.

      How long does the hiring process take?

      On average, it takes less than 14 days to hire a Magento developer at our company. However, if you contact us, schedule a call for today, and get the CV of available certified Magento developers, you can hire in less than 48 hours.

      How can I choose Magento developers?

      When you hire Magento ecommerce programmers from Elogic, you get a list of candidates with relevant expertise in your niche as well as tech stack. We pay special attention to identifying your needs to match you with the right candidate. You can conduct as many technical screenings and interviews to choose Magento programmers that will empower your project in the most efficient manner.

      What time zone are you located in?

      We work in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone, which is quite comfortable for project management.

      When helping our clients, let’s say, from the USA, we can run the work on the store 24/7 — our expert works full-time in the EST time zone, and you have enough time to review the work and provide feedback if there’s a need.

      Who pays for sick leaves, days off, and holidays?

      Usually, we divide the responsibilities: Elogic pays for sick leaves and vacations, while the customer compensates for the developer’s days off and national holidays.

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