Boost your enterprise with advanced B2B ecommerce web development solutions.

The worldwide B2B ecommerce market is forecasted to soar to $20.9 trillion by 2027. Our agency specializes in B2B commerce, positioning you to surpass competitors with numerous benefits.


Enhance customer experience

Offer your customers a rapid, safe, and always-available ecommerce website and mobile applications, enhancing your conversion rates significantly.


Enhance your profit margins

Set up account-specific rules to tailor product selections and pricing. Cater to both large and small sales, enable swift one-click repeat orders, and refine your merchandising strategies.


Automate key business operations

Streamline crucial business functions by reducing team workload. Implement automation in your B2B platform, seamlessly integrating with external services for efficient back-office management, order processing, and marketing activities.


Elevate your online sales channel effectiveness

Integrate your online store with physical sales, establish a self-service portal, and enhance product availability, fulfillment, and customization to achieve greater excellence.


Gain total tech stack scalability and flexibility

Eliminate expensive, time-intensive integrations and feature development. Drive tangible business growth with a scalable, API-first architecture.


Comprehend consumer buying behaviors

Obtain precise analytics and reporting on your e-commerce performance, and utilize this data to establish strategic objectives for your business.

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Why partner with Elogic

Proven Expertise and Technology Agnosticism

Elogic boasts over 14 years of experience in developing and implementing successful ecommerce solutions for global brands. Their team of experts possesses deep knowledge of various platforms like Magento, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify. This technology-agnostic approach ensures that Elogic recommends the best solution for your specific needs and budget.

Commitment to Innovation and Personalized Solutions

Elogic stays at the forefront of ecommerce trends, actively embracing emerging technologies like AI, automation, and AR/VR to enhance the customer experience. We go beyond cookie-cutter solutions, crafting personalized strategies tailored to your unique business goals and target audience.


Scalability and Flexibility for Long-Term Growth

Elogic understands the importance of scalability and flexibility in the fast-paced ecommerce environment. We offer solutions that can grow alongside your business, adapting to changing market demands and ensuring your platform remains competitive and efficient.


What are some noteworthy examples of Elogic’s work in enterprise ecommerce development?

Elogic developed a Magento 2 store for SoloTop, a B2B machinery and equipment supplier, significantly increasing sales and user experience.
Elogic transformed Wexon’s online store with custom features, enabling a seamless B2B shopping experience and achieving 94% delivery accuracy.
Elogic implemented AI and gamification for a Canadian wine club, resulting in a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Does Elogic utilize third-party tools and applications in enterprise ecommerce projects? If so, what types of tools are typically integrated?

Yes, Elogic integrates various third-party tools to enhance functionality and provide a seamless user experience. Examples include:
ERP systems for efficient data flow and improved accuracy (SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365)
CRMs for personalized customer experiences and optimized marketing campaigns (Salesforce, HubSpot)
Payment gateways for convenient and secure payment options (PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay)
Shipping solutions for automated processes and real-time tracking information (UPS, FedEx)

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