Why invest in enterprise ecommerce development, expansion, or optimization?

To tackle the growing demands of tech-savvy customers who are more eager to shop online than ever, attract business partners organically, and keep up with the times, you need versatile, up-to-date software – both already available and built for your objectives. We automate routine interactions and help your business through:


Scalability potential

We build custom digital stores and integrate the industry’s best-tried eCommerce tools to power your enterprise’s growth and scale it easily through customization, automation, and globalization.


Automation & sales growth

Our specialists help digitize your business efficiently by connecting ERP/CRM solutions and increasing software capacities to automate routine tasks, boost productivity and sales.



You can personalize services by integrating customer data or marketing automation platforms like Klaviyo, which gathers and stores business information, delivering rich insights.


We design and build a unique store or help integrate the existing one with a range of business management automation tools that save tons of time and costs, from digitized data entry to analytics and more.

Higher flexibility

We help increase software versatility and speed by breaking monolithic architectures into microservices or building feature-rich solutions from scratch, equipping your store with everything you need.

Broader customer reach

You can reach customer segments unbound by any specific location. Sell any product or service while employing discounts, providing a range of shipping and payment options, regardless of language or currency.

Ecommerce platforms Elogic works with

Adobe Commerce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


SAP Commerce Cloud

BigCommerce Enterprise

Shopify Plus

Adobe Commerce


One of the most flexible B2B ecommerce solutions, Adobe Commerce is an open-source platform with a comprehensive B2B feature set, AI product recommendations, and site search tools. The platform delivers best-in-class buying experiences via the PWA studio and allows you to connect your B2B storefront to a B2C one.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) will be a perfect fit for those B2B enterprises already anchored on Salesforce CRM and looking for an extensive out-of-the-box feature set. SFCC allows you to manage pricing based on the buyer’s roles and permissions, automate reordering with AI tools, and build more intelligent B2B apps.


Designed with MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) approach, commercetools is the first disruptive headless platform for suppliers and manufacturers. Thanks to its decoupled architecture, the solution promises seamless scalability and smooth integration with third-party systems.

SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is a cloud-hosted solution that offers B2B ecommerce integration even with B2C stores. Its main strengths lie in sales and service rep tooling, price management, and product catalog management. SAP will be the best fit for complex B2B enterprises that rely extensively on SAP CRM and ERP.

BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce B2B Edition supports brands at all stages of their growth providing native capability for low-complexity business models. Proud of its extensibility and flexible APIs, BigCommerce will fit manufacturers experimenting with DTC digital channels who don’t want to replatform as their business scales.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a SaaS platform with the basic features to start selling and shipping your products online to other businesses. It offers a streamlined checkout and self-service portal and should meet the requirements of low-complexity B2B, wholesale, and DTC businesses who are upgrading from other Shopify plans.

How we deliver

We deliver results based on our battle-hardened enterprise ecommerce development framework:

Defining goals
Setting up interviews with stakeholders to outline the project’s goals for a sturdy workflow foundation, including:
Project scope – features, required tools, and target audience research.
Development roadmap – defining deliverables, milestones, and timelines.
Gathering relevant market information and obtaining competitive insights through:
Market research – a thorough analysis of the market trends and dynamics.
User personas – building detailed user personas based on individual preferences, behaviors, and pain points.
Creating wireframes to visually represent the project’s structure and plan things out early on with the help of:
Conceptualizing and sketching – generating basic concepts and digital store layout ideas with rough UI/UX outlines.
Interactive wireframing – early prototypes that include navigation flows and user journeys.
Developing functional prototypes for preliminary testing and preparation for development stages through:
Iterative prototypes – gathering feedback with functional prototypes to validate design ideas.
Minimum Viable Product – a functional provisional version packed with essential features.
Implementing the solution with a dedicated focus on quality:
Hardcoding and integration – assembling the architecture of necessary functionalities and integrating third-party components for a perfectly digitized store that meets your needs.
Iterative development – continuously improving your solution through cyclic feedback analysis, bug fixing, and adding new features on the go.
Testing and analysis
Testing software and continuously analyzing it for improvement with the help of:
Complex testing – testing the app across various digital environments and devices, reinforcing it with stress tests.
Persistent QA – polishing with user trials to collect feedback for filling the gaps and addressing potential user issues.

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Why Elogic?

What partnering with Elogic brings to the table:

Expertise with relevant platforms

We have years of ecommerce migration experience as well as a well-formed platform-agnostic approach.

Over 14 years of experience

You can safely rely on the knowledge and skills our specialists have accumulated in over a decade.

Full-on ecommerce dedication

We are a 100% ecommerce-focused agency with specialists excelling in all industry aspects ready to jump in and handle your software needs.

Trusted by World-Leading Businesses

Hanes brands

Elogic Development Portfolio

Over 500 happy clients have already leveraged the Elogic’s experience to level up their retail game. You can be one of them!

Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

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    Why should I invest in enterprise ecommerce development now?

    The digital market is as competitive as ever, so investing now ensures you stay on top of the game. Elogic specializes in creating websites that help scale your business and offer other strategic benefits.

    Which ecommerce platforms does Elogic use?

    Elogic is an official partner of Magento, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Our expertise spans across a range of both legacy and new relevant platforms to guarantee flexibility and compatibility with your business requirements.

    Why partner with Elogic for enterprise ecommerce development?

    Partnering with Elogic powers your enterprise expansion with over 14 years of experience, deep expertise, and a dedicated team of business analysts, UI/UX designers, and developers. Our solutions are designed to grow alongside your business, adapting to changing market demands.

    What is enterprise ecommerce development?

    Enterprise ecommerce development covers the implementation and customization of sophisticated online commerce platforms tailored for large-scale businesses. This includes crafting robust, scalable solutions that can efficiently digitize and automate many crucial aspects of large businesses while meeting the unique demands of enterprise-level operations.

    What services does Elogic offer in terms of enterprise ecommerce development?

    Elogic provides a full range of related services, including business analysis, CX consulting, replatforming, marketplace development, system integration, and continuous feature development. Our micro-services cater to every aspect of enterprise-level ecommerce.

    How does Elogic deliver?

    Our delivery process involves careful definition of goals, in-depth business and market research, wireframing, prototyping, development, and thorough testing and analysis of a final product. This meticulous approach enables us to deliver results that meet the highest industry standards and client expectations.

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