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Migrating an international publishing brand from Magento 1 to Magento 2, improving the website UI/UX design, and expanding its functionality

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What we did

Magento 2 migration

We have migrated all the user and product data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 so that nothing stops Helvetiq from executing its global sales strategy. The migration was performed with minimum downtimes so as not to disrupt the business operations.

Custom UX design

Visual appeal lies at the heart of the project. The website has seen a new sleek UX design, which has made online shopping easier and more intuitive for the customers worldwide (in 3 languages and 3 different currencies!).

Odoo ERP integration

Magento Odoo ERP integration has been a speed bump in the project execution. Yet, we’ve managed to overcome it with the pre-built Emipro connector making it compatible with the Odoo ERP version of Helvetiq. Unique tax settings, fiscal positions, and financial statuses were set, thus, allowing the brand to comply with all taxation systems of the countries they’re shipping to.

Custom modules development & installation

On the back end, the Helvetiq website has turned into a powerful management tool. Apart from the advanced sales and marketing features, we’ve added promo rules, B2B functionality for wholesale, and secure shipping modules. Now, the website brings even more value to the customers, partners, designers, and authors.

Third-party services integration
  • Mailchimp: newsletter subscription, custom forms, automated email campaigns for product announcements.
  • UPS marketplace shipping: automated order delivery process to streamline operations, boost sales, and boost customer NPS.
  • Datatrans payment gateway: seamless and secure payment flows from digital wallets and a variety of payment methods.

The backstory

Helvetiq is an international publisher of board games and books based in Switzerland. Founded in 2008, the brand has proved to be quite successful in capitalizing a hobby: they currently have 90+ games and 135 books published in 15 languages for 35 countries.


Creatives at hearts, Helvetiq has seen their games travel around and conquer the hearts and minds of the global audience. But now it was time to make technology serve their creativity: migration from the obsolete Magento 1 to the cutting-edge Magento 2 was unavoidable. 


Key technologies

We helped Helvetiq migrate to Magento 2 and enhance their website UX design and ecommerce functionality

It took Helvetiq a few browsing sessions on Clutch.co and several kick-off meetings to entrust Elogic with the project. Started in March 2021, it was delivered in phases, with changing requirements, where we always held up our end of the bargain. 


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In the end, Helvetiq cemented their position as the leader in the European publishing market. Improved UX design should drive customer conversions, and third-party integrations would support easier and faster content management from the admin panel in multiple languages. Secure payment gateways and a shipping module would speed up the order placement and delivery for customers from all around the globe.


Working closely with Hadi Barkat, CEO & Founder at Helvetique, and Barbara Weus, Sales & Marketing Manager, we have received positive feedback about our work. Helvetiq has never been more ready to use their website as “a great tool to develop our sales in Switzerland and abroad.”

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