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Migrating a Swiss glass producer from WordPress to Magento Commerce Cloud and expanding website functionality

Glassmania wine glasses catalog Glassmania wine glasses catalog

What we did

Replatforming from WooCommerce WordPress to Magento Commerce Cloud

Glassmania’s aim in replatforming its WordPress shop to Magento 2 was to make the glass personalization experience easy and fast by improving shop usability, reducing page loading time, and expanding website functionalities. Not only have we successfully migrated all customer and product data to Magento 2, but also the website got new features and was hosted on AWS cloud servers for optimal performance.

Custom design implementation

Custom design created by Dops.Digital gave a website a fresh coat of paint. Effectiveness and clarity, smart UX design based on the customer journey, added glass configurator — all these website details now reinforce brands values of customer priority and passion for unique drinking glasses.

Magic ERP integration

Integration with Magic ERP posed a great challenge during the migration. Because the software doesn’t accept any external API calls, we helped Glassmania IT department to develop a custom connector to integrate Magic ERP with a new Magento store. We’ve overcome this difficulty, and Glassmania now can deliver a unique brand experience that works seamlessly with their ERP.

Third-party app integrations
  • Metrilo for ecommerce Analytics, CRM & email marketing
  • Profity ecommerce network
  • JustSelling product configurator
  • Instagram & Product feeds to Facebook and Google Merchant center
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) for in-depth Google Analytics
  • SwissPost for shipping
  • SaferPay as a payment gateway
  • Datatrans as a payment gateway for Swissbilling

The backstory

Glassmania is a Switzerland-based glassware brand of the family-owned Univerre Pro Uva SA business. The brand delivers a unique glass experience by allowing the customers to customize any glass product — from wine glasses to carafes. The designs are added using silk screen or digital printing, and the company takes care of secure glass shipping across Europe.


The idea of glass personalization quickly conquered the hearts of European consumers. Glassmania started growing and looking to expand beyond Switzerland. At some point, the team realized that they far outgrew WordPress: the platform couldn’t provide the optimal website speed and flexibility to integrate third-party services required to run an online store. That’s when they realized it was time to migrate to Magento 2.

A woman holding a customized glass

Key technologies

We helped Glassmania replatform to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud with a new web design and functionality

The whole Glassmania migration project can be described in a simple phrase: out with the old, in with the new. In only six months, Glassmania has changed its website look, made the process of glass customization more intuitive, and optimized the store for future growth. In fact, the changes have made the company consider selling B2B and expand internationally. Glassmania operates in eight countries across Europe now!


Magento has also made the store more flexible in terms of inventory management and marketing. The Glassmania team can now adjust pricing and provide quotes thanks to the integrated B2B module. Their marketing campaigns have also leveled up with customer segmentation features. And users can now create their business accounts and request custom pricing based on a shared catalog feature.


The project was released in November, 2020, but the story of Glassmania & Elogic wasn’t over. Elogic still remains a technology and solution partner for Glassmania supporting their website and ensuring their glass is always half full.

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