Magento 2 Migration & third-party integrations

8 months of work

Consumer Electronics


Replatforming to Magento Commerce Cloud and expanding the website’s functionality for a leading distributor of professional audio equipment

What we did
Migration from Frigg to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud

Changing a platform means migration of all the data: products, inventory, customers and companies, orders, partially content. Due to the big amount of data, migration included receiving essential data from the ERP and enriching it with the data from the Frigg platform at the same time.

Integration with Visma Business ERP

Visma is a leading ERP system in the Nordics that has its own integration method. Unlike other open-source systems, Visma works only with its registered partners who have all certifications to build connectors. At Elogic, we have used the existing connector by Vitari to fulfill the client’s needs. Visma is a master for this project ecosystem. Integration also meant customizing a few functions on the Magento 2 side to sync the data.

Custom design

We created a design for Benum from scratch based on mockups provided by the company’s Marketing director. It was important to follow the B2B only approach and still make the customer journey seamless. Some of the details were born in long discussions, but the result is great. It has never been so easy for a B2B to shop on mobile!

Custom module development
  • Contact Person: assigns a separate sales representative to each product using product attributes. The module also functions on each Product page in a separate CMS block.
  • Shipping configuration module: allows a customer to choose how they want their goods to be shipped: separate or fully gathered, which is important for the B2B segment.
  • Company module: customizes an entity in Magento following the ERP logic. Now the shipping addresses and order info are shared between all company users, and a merchant can create multiple companies using the same email address.
  • Search engine customization: improves search result relevance, increases its result appearance (categories, products and blog posts), and boosts the speed of the search process.
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    Pricing customization

    A separate custom Price Matrix module was developed to adjust pricing to the logic of the B2B market. Information about customer groups, product attributes, tier pricing, and shared catalogs are stored in separate tables in Magento. Visma ERP accesses this data, parses it, and converts into catalog price rules, tier pricing, or unique pricing for special B2B customers. As a result, a merchant has separate pricing rules for registered and guest users on catalog, product pages, and cart.

    Checkout customization

    Checkout steps are usual, but the shipping addresses shared between all company users required a special UI approach. We’ve also implemented a final summary table and various payment methods.

    Modules used for the project:
  • Amasty shop by brand
  • Ves Megamenu
  • Magefun Blog
  • Smile Elastic Suit
  • Mageplaza: GDPR
  • Better sorting
  • SMTP
  • Social Login
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Mageworx SEO
  • Trollweb Bring
  • The backstory

    Benum is a leading distributor of professional audio equipment. The brand operates mainly in the Nordic region and is based in Oslo, Norway. They ship orders daily to customers all over the country and provide technical assistance for all repairs and maintenance by appointment.

    The philosophy of the company is tightly connected to their culture. Benum cares about their customers and takes a problem-solving approach in business. Serving mainly a B2B sector, Benum aims to make the B2B sales as easy as possible.

    Yet, the outdated and limited old platform didn’t allow a merchant to scale and increase sales on the eCommerce side of business. Benum chose us as their solution partner to develop a super customized, flexible platform that would be integrated with Visma ERP and streamline all eCommerce operations.

    Key technologies
    We helped Benum replatform to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud and implemented Visma ERP integration for a seamless B2B customer journey

    It took us almost 8 months of work for a team of 5 developers, a designer, a QA and a PM from our side and Operations officer and Marketing director on the side of Benum to bring to life.

    We are honored to continue our partnership with Benum Norway and Benum Sweden to bring more valuable features to the platform and make Benum’s customers happier.

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