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Developing a Magento 2 store for a Finnish-based technical components specialist, integrating Epicor ERP and a custom PIM, and optimizing website speed

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The backstory

Wexon is a Finnish-based B2B technical component specialist operating in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Founded in 1974, the company takes pride in its long-standing expertise and reputation in the field of industrial automation. The company experts sift through the world’s leading manufacturers of tech supplies, like ATEX-approved products for potentially explosive atmospheres and digital fieldbus solutions, to bring the highest-quality products to its B2B customers.


“The components are useless if the right component doesn’t end up in the right place. That’s why we have our experts,” state the company owners on their website. The goal is to provide Wexon customers with a professional and knowledgeable service from the component design to their implementation. For decades, the brand stayed a trusted player on the market and invested in unique customer relationships. Now, it was time to upgrade the game and revamp Wexon website to optimize ecommerce team efficiency and provide even better solutions for their customers.

Key technologies

We helped Wexon build a brand new store on Magento 2 Commerce and integrate it with the world’s leading Epicor ERP system

Wexon & Elogic collaboration marked a new chapter in the story of the B2B company. The brand went from a simple online catalog to an interactive store where the users can register, log in, receive custom prices, and smoothly make purchases as if they were shopping B2C.


Thanks to the Epicor ERP integration, the company has optimized its employee efficiency and delivers an excellent shopping experience. Transparent data flow between an ERP, a custom PIM, and Magento storefront cuts time-to-market because all the product info and attributes are collected and stored in the same place. 

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Customers also get the history of their purchases in the palm of their hand. Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) provides a comprehensive order feed & dashboard for them to view the order history, past payments, number of SKUs, and other stats. B2B shopping with Wexon has never been easier! Even if a customer places an order offline (via the phone or in-store), they still see those orders once they log in to the website. Users also enjoy the added feature of credit limit, allowing them to make a purchase without the actual transaction.


A secure and lightning-fast website now reflects the service of Wexon. The users know they can safely complete financial transactions on the website with no risk of downtimes and credit card frauds. 


As we have delivered the project with 94% accuracy with no overhead costs, Wexon has decided to continue partnering with us for ecommerce support & maintenance. As we measure results, we hope to introduce new innovative features, make shop management even easier, and optimize the B2B customer journey.

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