• Sector: Consumer electronics
  • Location: USA
Creating a Fully Equipped Magento 2 Website to Drive Sales for Inc5000 Fastest Growing Company
Mount-It was quickly expanding their business internationally.

Founded in 2006 in San Diego, Mount-It! is a large retailer of mounting solutions. They sell wall brackets, monitor desk mounts, and office equipment. The company sources over 500 different products directly from highly qualified manufacturers and offers them to the government, military agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, and other companies as well as individuals. Their clients include Sony and Dell.

Mount-It! has been featured on the Inc5000 Fastest Growing Company list according to the percentage revenue growth from 2014 to 2017. They also got into top 30 for San Diego’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

To support Mount-It!’s growth, its founders needed to migrate their current Magento 1 ecommerce store to Magento 2. This migration along with custom development, redesign, and migration to Amazon Web Services, would make their website faster, more secure, and more convenient for international customers.

More Than a TV Mount Company
Migration to Magento 2 is a perfect way to boost sales
  • Superior user and store operator experience

    Ecommerce store owners may get a 50% growth in revenue and a 40% increase in conversions after migrating their store to Magento 2. This happens because websites created with a new version of Magento deliver a better experience for site visitors as well as for store operators. Mount-It planned to significantly increase sales by migrating their website to Magento 2.

  • Performance optimization

    Site speed affects every metric an ecommerce owner cares about. Slow websites have a high bounce rate, low conversions and a small amount of traffic. Together with store migration, Mount-It needed to improve the performance of their website.

  • A secure environment

    The Mount-It website has been hacked before, so security was one of the biggest priorities for the company. Without proper security measures, they risked damaging their reputation, losing merchandise, and receiving lawsuits. The second version of Magento has improved security, but it doesn't eliminate all possible risks. For a fully secure environment, Mount-It needed to implement proper security measures.

  • Mount-It is another project from one of our loyal clients. A few months ago we worked with them on the development of TurcomUSA, an ecommerce website that sells consumer electronics products.

    After we successfully implemented the migration to Magento 2 for Turcom, our client decided to continue working with us on the development of Mount-It, a far more complex project.
Migrating to Amazon Web Services.
Site load speed optimization.
Mount Finder module.

To migrate Mount-It to Magento 2 platform we needed to import all the data including sales statistics for each product and all information about users. Besides, we moved the website to Amazon web servers and implemented a great number of custom features.

– Migrate all data from Magento 1 to Magento 2
– Move to AWS
– Optimize website speed
– Develop custom modules

Migrating to Amazon Web Services
Site load speed optimization
Mount Finder module
Third-party integrations
01 MailChimp integration

For email marketing, we integrated Mount-It with MailChimp, added a subscription form to the footer, and transferred all existing subscribers to the MailChimp list.

02 WisePops integration

WisePops is a great tool for creating pop-ups that help store owners capture customer emails, announce new products, advertise special offers and so on. We integrated WisePops for enabling announcements such as "Sign Up For Discounts", and "Get Advance Notice of Sales and Special Offers." These pop-ups reduce cart-abandonment and maximize sales.

03 Sign up with social networks

We integrated Mount-It with Facebook API and Twitter API to let users register and log in on the website with one click.

04 LiveChat integration

Customer service is the backbone of any business. By integrating LiveChat API we created a possibility to improve client support services on the Mount-It website. This integration allows store operators to communicate with customers via chat.

05 Pay With Amazon

We implemented Pay With Amazon button on the checkout page to let customers make a payment from their Amazon account.

Custom Functionality
Migrating to Amazon Web Services

AWS allows companies to effortlessly expand into new markets. This was just what Mount-It needed. We helped the company migrate to Amazon servers and implemented all necessary security measures to protect the website from possible attacks.

Amazon-like reviews

To build trust with online shoppers, we implemented a custom module that allows customers to leave product rating and reviews the same way it works on Amazon.

Reply to review

With "reply to review" store managers can address possible inquiries in customer reviews. We also added an option for customers to evaluate the usefulness of the reply with yes or no.

Site load speed optimization

To improve user experience and search engine rankings, we optimized the website performance on both server-side and frontend. The actions we took to speed up the site load speed included concatenating and minifying CSS and JS code, proper resource caching, and enabling image compression.

"Notify me when in stock"

For products that aren't currently available, we implemented a "notify me when in stock" feature. This feature lets users leave an email and receive a notification once the product is available.

Product comparison

The Mount-It visitors can add products to compare from different categories. This custom feature allows them to make a more informed decision before buying.

Mount Finder module

Finding a wall mount online is pretty hard. You never know if the mount in the picture will be compatible with your TV or monitor. To fix this problem, we needed to create a custom Mount Finder functionality that will take the guesswork out of finding compatible mounts. We developed three types of Mount Finders: quick mount finder which is accessible from the home page on desktop only, monitor mount finder, and TV mount finder. With these modules, customers can choose the brand and model of their device and the website will display a list of compatible mounts available. Customers can also try the advanced search where they can specify the width, height, weight of their device to find a fitting mount.

Custom Functionality
7 modules developed.
It was a pleasure working with our old client again

The Mount-It project continued for almost five months. Our team included four dedicated specialists such as frontend and backend developers, a project manager and a quality assurance specialist. The same team worked on TurcomUSA, another project we completed with the same client. We had hour-long meetings every week to give updates and feedback to our client’s team. Our sessions definitely improved the end product.

of work
Migration to
Magento 1 to
Magento 2
data migration
Adaptive UX
design implementation
Website speed
Custom module
API integration
Doubled conversions

We delivered a fully equipped sales instrument for a very specific type of products. Even though wall mounts are not comfortable buying online, with the custom Mount Finder module, advanced search functionality, and “Compare” feature, we created a great tool that makes it easy for people to choose a needed wall mount fast and easily. The website started working like clockwork, selling twice as much as before.

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