• Sector: Luxury Goods & Jewelry
  • Location: Austria
Helping Millennium, an offline luxury brand supplier, create an online presence by building a fully-functional online store on Magento 2
Millennium used an online catalog to showcase their luxury brands to customers

Millennium Watches is a supplier of luxury watch and jewelry brands. The first boutique was opened in Innsbruck in 2013. Innsbruck is the homeland of Swarovski crystals, which justifies the company’s exquisite taste for jewelry and watches. In 2017, Millennium Watches opened a new store in Salzburg.
With the expansion of their business, it was time to build an online store. Initially, they used an online catalog with no sales functionality. To reach a broader audience and start selling online, the founders of Millennium decided to develop an online store on Magento 2. They wanted to make it user-friendly, elegant, and appealing.

Millennium wanted to build a fully operational ecommerce website with a custom design to start selling online
  • Building an online presence

    An online store gives ecommerce businesses the possibility to demonstrate and offer services and products to customers worldwide with 24/7/365 availability. Online stores can also be used to provide customer support by answering the most common questions and updating customers about sell-offs, deals, and offers.

  • Magento 2 development

    Millennium came up with an excellent solution to design a fully operational ecommerce store and start selling their luxury products online. We recommended they build a store on Magento 2. Magento 2 was released to solve many of the malfunctions, technical issues, and bugs of Magento 1.

  • Magento Business Solution Partner

    Millennium searched for an experienced, certified, and credible company with a strong knowledge of ecommerce and expertise in Magento 2 development. Elogic is an official Magento Business Solution Partner, so we are always up to date on new developments and trends providing superior Magento 2 development services to our clients. Furthermore, we have Magento 2 Certified developers on staff.

  • Millennium learned about us from our clients for whom we migrated a store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We had everything they were looking for: experience in Magento 2 store development and certified Magento 2 front and backend developers. We started to cooperate, which resulted in a fruitful partnership.

Magento 2 development.
Custom design.
New functionality.

The Millennium website was developed on the latest version of Magento 2. Our work on the project included the following milestones:

– Develop and integrate new functionality on Magento 2
– Implement new design features and custom themes
– Optimize the website for mobile devices

Magento 2 development
Custom design
New functionality
Third-party integrations
01 Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch extension boosts your website’s search results and delivers one of the fastest search features available for Magento 2. We integrated it with the store so the customers could find a particular luxury product in an easy and fast way. The search operates smoothly both on desktop and mobile devices.

02 Mega Menu

The Mega Menu extension for Magento 2 enhances the default main menu. Mega Menu is a great feature making website navigation more engaging, so customers can reach any page from the current page with just one click. This extension provides multiple menu design options, gives access to certain customer groups, allows to place Mega Menu anywhere on the website, and supports responsive menu design.

03 Layered Navigation

This extension provides the store with intuitive navigation allowing customers to search for items applying filters by different product attributes like color, price, star rating, and brand. The extension also offers a number of SEO features, such as short and appealing URLs, product attributes icons, and customized meta tags. Layered navigation makes a user experience easier and more effective.

04 One-step checkout

To decrease shopping cart abandonment we implemented a One-Step Checkout extension for Millennium website. The extension turns the two-step default of Magento 2 checkout into a simplified one page that includes all the necessary information and can be completed in a few clicks. It’s a must-have extension for all online stores.

Custom Functionality
Payment Module

We created a payment module from scratch and integrated it with Santander bank using an API. This method of payment enables customers to purchase a product by installments. When a customer wants to buy a product by installments, this module checks a customer's reliability, the number of existing credits, and debts at the Santander database. A request is sent to the Santander system and if everything is good the bank pays for the purchase and the customers give the money back to the bank later.

Shipping Module

Millennium has two multi-brand stores in Salzburg and Innsbruck. Once a product is purchased, customers can book an appointment at the Millennium boutique store in Salzburg or Innsbruck through the website. We integrated shipping plugin which allows customers to check the availability of products in one of the physical stores and make an appointment to get the order.

Shop by Brand

We expanded the Shop by Brand extension to improve navigation functionality and allow customers to find products easily from their favorite brands. We added a possibility to download logos of brands and their background manually from dashboards.

Custom Templates

Instead of buying readymade themes, Millennium decided to design a custom theme to build a website that is unique and reflects their professional image. We developed all the visual and functional features of the website like color palette, font size, layouts of the web pages, scrolling animation, responsive adaptation, and many other design characteristics specifically for the brand’s business goals and targeted niche.

Custom Forms

Millennium uses a very personalized approach with every customer and offers to apply for membership. To help them deliver excellent client service, we built custom form functionality. Website visitors can fill in all the required fields and get access to exclusive rewards, vouchers, and promotions.

Custom Functionality
5 modules developed.
The latest version of Magento 2 for maximum performance and multiple functionalities

It took us about six months to build an ecommerce website on Magento 2 from scratch. We spent about one month on project planning before starting the actual development. It was an Agile project with constant changes in requirements and enhancements on-the-go. Our development team included six dedicated specialists such as backend and 2 frontend developers, a QA engineer, a project manager, and DevOps.

of work
Website speed
Millennium started an ecommerce store to sell luxury watches online

Developing an ecommerce store allowed Millennium to create an online presence of their ecommerce business. Now they sell fancy watches and jewelry online, attract new customers, and have increased brand awareness. The new Millennium’s website provides great user experience with easy one-step checkout, advanced navigation, and a clean user interface.

Want to build an ecommerce store on Magento 2?
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