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Subscription-Based Ecommerce for a Canadian Wine Club

Developing a subscription platform for the B2C store, optimizing checkout and product page UI/UX, integrating Adyen Payments, and gamifying CX

subscription-based ecommerce platform development - wine club subscription-based ecommerce platform development - wine club

What we did

Ecommerce subscription platform development

It’s quite difficult to impress true wine enthusiasts. But our Client has certainly found a way to conquer their hearts by offering wine subscription services. After a comprehensive discovery phase and a detailed customer journey mapping, the Elogic team has built a subscription-based ecommerce portal from scratch and added it to the Client’s B2C store.


Any customer can now sign up to join the wine club and get exclusive access to a curated selection of wines. A registered user may choose what blend type they wish to receive, how many bottles they want, and how often it should be shipped. They can pause, cancel, or change the subscription anytime, as well as choose automatic recurring billing if needed.


The subscription ecommerce platform has been a huge step forward for the Client, who got a new, more stable revenue stream to propel their growth.

Adyen Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

Our Client needed a one-in-all solution to support multiple payment methods for their customers’ convenience. To apply these changes, we suggested Adyen Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration which supports various payment methods: credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, iDeal, Amazon Payments, and cash on delivery.


Integrating Adyen with the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud required creating a test account, building the integration based on the type of payments needed, and applying for a live account.


Once the live account application was approved, the Elogic team configured their account to go live. That included creating additional merchant accounts, setting up payment methods, verifying 3D Secure support, setting up APIs and webhooks, and testing the payment lifecycle end-to-end.

Checkout optimization

There’s nothing worse than a slow checkout in ecommerce. After all, a customer might change their minds if they’re kept waiting for too long. 


Elogic takes this issue very seriously, so we went the extra mile to audit the store performance and optimize the code, thus, making the store checkout transitions smooth and the cart data update in real time.


Our work also resolved an issue with assigning discounts to specific billing models for subscription products (for example, 15% off for a 90-day subscription). Now, customers can find the discounted price under the total price during checkout.

CX gamification

Our Client takes it as a critical mission not only to sell wine but also to educate its customers on the wine culture. Elogic got swooned with the idea and suggested adding a quiz for novice wine drinkers to turn them into sommeliers. 


Consumers answer questions about their favorite food pairings, their expertise level, budget, and the setting in which they love sipping a glass of red or white, among others and get their unique wine tasting profile at the end of the quiz. The store later suggests a selection of wines that will match the user, and – on a side note – our Client achieves the desired boost in conversion rates.

Product page UI/UX optimization

The Client’s product pages needed improvements in UI/UX, and we gladly took to work. In particular, the Client’s customers had access to the indispensable extra information they needed to make their shopping decisions more easily. These additional descriptions included the following: 


  • Wine aroma wheel
  • Discount notifications
  • Perfect food combinations
  • Flavor definer

The backstory

Our Client, a Canadian wine club, has built its reputation as a prime destination for Masters of Wine, sommeliers, and regional experts looking to pick the finest wines for their boutique. The brand stores wine varieties from around the world and has earned an excellent reputation having become a certified partner of MICHELIN®.


The company prides itself on offering a vast selection of exquisite wines and fostering excellent long-term customer relationships. The Client’s focus on customer experience won over their clientele’s hearts and turned them into loyal customers.


As a growing B2C business, our Client wanted to expand their offerings by introducing subscription box services. Several issues impeded their growth though: a suboptimal store checkout speed, the inability to assign discounts to specific billing models, and the lack of diverse payment methods.


To propel their growth, the Client sought out Elogic expertise to remove those barriers. After carefully examining the Client’s needs and goals during the discovery phase, we zeroed in on the desired subscription-based ecommerce website look and functionality. We also suggested integrating Adyen Payments App with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and several improvements to UX and CX.

Key technologies

We helped the Canadian wine club build a subscription-based ecommerce platform and improve conversion rates by 20% with CX gamification and product page UI/UX optimization

Our collaboration allowed the Client to fulfill its mission to deliver an outstanding customer experience to its clientele while removing barriers to growth and adding a new source of revenue to their operations. 


The subscription-based ecommerce platform was a success. Our solutions not only helped the company diversify its product line – it became a favorite among its long-time customers.


Our efforts in the checkout, UI/UX optimization, and CX gamification also were fruitful. Thanks to the implemented quiz, product page expansion, and faster checkout, our Client saw a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Adyen Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration diversified payment methods for the Client and allowed them to accept Apple Pay and PayPal on top of the most popular card payments like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It also strengthened fraud detection workflows, so consumers can be sure in the safety of their recurring payments.


As the Canadian wine club continues scaling, they plan to enrich the geography of their wine selection and keep innovating customer experiences. And we at Elogic will continue supporting all their business endeavors – at least on the tech side.

subscription-based wine shop development

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