6 Best Form Builder Extensions for Magento 2 in 2018

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March 29, 2018
Guides & Advice
6 Best Form Builder Extensions for Magento 2 in 2018

In order to improve your sales rates it is obligatory to know who your customer is. Do you want to know who your customer is? Well, you have to provide a descent customer acquisition services. All those forms and mails are an essential part of your client to customer communication. It also helps your business to become more client-oriented. But what do you do if Magento’s form builder is not enough? Furthermore, it requires technical expertise to use it? We’ll provide you with solution, even 6 of them! Let’s take a look at freshly sorted top 6 form builders for Magento 2!

So here’s the list of best Magento form builder extensions  for your webshop in 2018:

Custom Form by Amasty

Along with Amasty’s development experience the great form builder comes. Custom Form has everything you need to implement effective communication in between you and customer. Amasty’s extension is designed to help creating various Magento web forms. It also easily collects customers’ info. In addition, simple constructor allows to generate multiple forms within seconds. You can also adopt each form for what you need. This form builder is one of the most often used due to it’s simplicity. Analyzed data by this form builder might be used to learn customers’ shopping habits and preferences.
Custom form fly Amasty

Main features:

  • 15 elements available for custom form creation
  • Drag and drop constructor
  • Opportunity to make fields *required
  • Ability to display several forms on one page

Price: $189 for Community edition/$489 for Enterprise edition. 

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Form Builder by NextBits

This extension is an awesome Magento form builder! It is very reliable, user-friendly and easy to install. It also does not overload site’s resources. All in all, the price of this extension is also very appealing. The form builder might be a good alternative to a solution Magento offers for a very reasonable money.

FormBuilder by NextBits

Main features

  • Unlimited forms per store
  • Unlimited fields per form
  • Ability to add custom html to any form
  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices
  • Free upgrades

Price: $39 (WOW!) + $19 fee.
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Ves Form Builder

If you need to create a custom form in Magento 2 you might try using Ves Form builder. This form builder allows to create any kind of Magento custom form at ease. With Visual content creator you can come up with any kind of custom form that meets your needs. Furthermore, this Magento extension allows you to see the results at the same time you make changes. This option is available as all the changes are visually displayed for your better experience.

Ves Form Builder for Magento

Main features

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Multiple input types (text, check box, multiple choice, drop down, Google map, subscription and many more)
  • Responsive design

Price: $99,99 for Single license (1 domain)/$299.99 for Developer’s license (4 domains).

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WebForms Pro by MageMe

The creators of WebForms Pro took care and provided users with the best experience of using form builders in Magento. Furthermore, this module was one of the first released for Magento 2. It is a nice Magento custom form extension. It offers a great variety of functionality. As a result, it deals both with user input and works with results. Being one of the oldest ones available it become one of the most often used. Our engineers also prefer this extension. One more awesome thing about it – it can be faster and easier adopted to whatever the need is, as it is an open-source solution.  

WebForms Pro by MageMe

Main features

  • Conditional logic
  • Advanced email notification
  • Front-end widgets
  • Google reCaptcha v2
  • Export submission to PDF
  • Multi-step forms

WebForms Pro is an open source extension. Consequently it may be changed and improved faster opposing closed source ones. 

Price: $99,99 for Single license (1 domain)/$299.99 for Developer’s license (4 domains).

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Form builder for Magento 2 by LandofCoder

If you look for time-saving and convenient Magento custom form extensions then Form builder for Magento 2 by LandofCoder must be on your list. The extension has very simplified building process. In addition, form builder makes the operation of your website smooth and efficient. It is also one of the top choices of our developers. Being easy to use the extension provides great results for clients, thus makes it easier for us and fulfilling the clients’ needs at the same time.

Form builder for Magento 2

Main features

  • Drag and Drop custom form
  • Visual content creator
  • Fully responsive and 100% AJAX based front-end design
  • Multiple input types and file type
  • Customizable form appearance
  • Design options: Background, Font, Icon and Border
  • Automatic email notification
  • Support 14 pre-made form templates
  • Export data To CSV

Price: $99,99 for Single license (12 month support)/$268.00 for Premium (12 month support).

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Contact Form Magento 2 Extension

If you are a happy Magento 2 web store owner, who needs to create fronted form — just try using form builder extension by Plugin company. It is a very user-friendly and feature-rich extension at the same time. This form builder lets creating as many custom forms as needed. Therefore, without any coding experience required. In conclusion, Custom Contact Forms provide solution for any Magento 2 webshop with a lot of contact requests. Furthermore, admin panel has rich assortment of options to choose from, which results in the form meeting all the special requirements there might be. All in all, the cost is very reasonable too.  

Form builder for Magento by Plugin company

Main features

  • Drag and drop custom form
  • Fully customizable customer & admin notifications
  • 18 beautiful Bootstrap themes and 100s of design options
  • Fully responsive and 100% AJAX-based front-end design
  • Integrated form validation & captcha spam protection
  • Easily create pop-up and slide-out forms using widgets
  • Build multi-page and multi-column contact forms

Price: $155.

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Bonus: FREE Form builder by Ghuwad

Lets’s be honest — this is not the best form builder in terms of documentation and variety of functionality. However, it still gives an option to build efficient and responsive forms. It’s remarkable feature is being free for use. It is also relatively easily to change and adopt as it is and open source solution. To wrap it up, you get a nice product for free. We didn’t really use this extension, however it might an awesome solution at the very beginning of the web store operation. So, it worth a try!

Form builder by Ghuwad

Main features

  • Supports a great variety of field types: radio, checkbox, etc
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Great survey creation tool
  • 3 min to install

Price: free!

Seriously free?

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B. Frances

What an amazing collection you have done! Thanks for sharing.
There is one more free tool – Easy Contact Forum Widget Extension For Magento 2 By Solwin Infotech. It allows you to incorporate a contact/inquiry or website feedback form in your store easily at any place using a widget. That enables users to submit the details of inquiry/feedback in the provided form to the store.

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